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>public schools
>countries with a high density of non-whites

Imagine life without them.

You're a Nigger, Harry!

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Burgeria or Caliphate of Bongistan?

Bongistan is an Emirate you dumb dumbass

The Khazar Union of Niggerica

>Khazar Union

I'm gonna say bongistan by the uniforms.

Do any of you fags know why they are called “britbongs” and “bongs”?

def bongistan. what part of the US you would have a private/catholic school with this many blacks in the same grade?

google "bong o clock" zoomzoom

You sure? Looks more like Nogwarts to me

another reason to hate gryffindor

Oh. I’m 32 I just never gave it much thought. Thanks for the meme lesson. I’m more culturally enriched now.

Big Ben. When they hear it they count out the bongs on their fingers and say it's 7 Bong. Only downside is they can only count up to 10 on their fingers


I went to a private Catholic high school in a major city, and blacks made up less than 1%. Felt gud.

Something about Big Ben going bong bong when it rings and every single Brit in the vicinity stops everything they're doing and count out the bongs in unison. Something like that.

Heh only 10

those mutants have 12 fingers


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you don't even know what you're saying lol

Bing bong ching Chong?

>he's not a zoomzoom
>he's actually a boomboom
holy fuck you're way too old to be here.

more like nigwarts

there's a generation between zoomers and boomers nigger

>Although there is no particular description in the UK editions of the book, in the US edition it is mentioned that he(Dean Thomas) is a black Londoner.

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There are actually two
You just confirmed that you're a zoomzoom.

underrated post

>mounting the teacher

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unfunny /pol/int/his/ meme

>seething millennialoid on the verge of 30 desperately tries to stay relevant by attacking younger people
oh nonono

>not Nogwarts

You can take the ... out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the ...

How do I reach these KEEEEEDS

but instead of for rich snotty upper class sheltered fags in the countryside it's a sussex public school full of pajeets, mbokos and ngubus. the most powerful black magicks are practiced there. the crime rate is completely bonkers because arming inner city teenage boys with magic will do that. the roadmen become more powerful than local government, mudbloods live in perpetual fear (based, 'ate them fuckin mudbloods)

>simply identifying your age
aww projecting insecurities zoomzoom?


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I thought nogs were meant to be ok at fighting

god save the queen

Uh yea you are annoying and retarded so I’ll just laugh and not take you seriously

thought black people were an american problem
are they like this everywhere?

What in the fuck does that gay teacher do?

the public education system seems to be doing it's job of detoothing them


sure thing zoomzoom haha

I imagine he's laughing at your misfortune.

nogs fight by swinging wildly until one of their nigger friends get behind you and sucker punch you in the back of the head

shit, them economic factors

No they just gather in packs of 10+ and mob you, same as ayyrabs
Even in school we knew they were full of hot air when their favourite insult is "I'll bring my cousins"

That's a private school.

That's Britain
>t. British

>unfunny /pol/int/his/ meme

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surprised it took this long for someone to say it lol

it's bri'ish

The joke here folks is Americans sound smart

My mom traveled around all the time when growing up and had to go to different schools all the time and the only time she ever experienced bullying, much less real physical violence, was when she was at a school with mostly blacks.
Black people really are way dumber and they're extremely insecure about how they look and how they act and they hate you. do not listen to what people say. being a racist is the right thing to do

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that teacher move like a fag lol

somehow this is exactly how I imagined nigwarts would be