Netflix? Never heard of it

Netflix? Never heard of it.

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nigger stop trying to act cool and just torrent

not him but i can't believe i used to deal with that bullshit


Poorfags are fucking hilarious lol

Try bringing a girl over to your place and telling her "baby just wait until I find Now you see me 2 for free, but first I have to find the right server, and then we have to wait for it to buffer, and then I have to close out of the 10 windows that open up when I try to hit play or pause or increase the volume, and then I need to find the HDMI cable, and then I have to disconnect my PS4, and then we'll finally be able to watch"

i use to watch putlocker on my ipod touch. fun

why would I waste the disk space when an HD stream of literally anything is instantly available a yandex search away

>me: this movie sounds good i'll watch it
>you after paying: let me see "what they have" because if i look up a movie elsewhere and it sounds good, they won't have that

10/10 every time.

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Missing out. Millie is real cute in enola holmes.

>He pays for streaming services

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my gf loves that I can find any movie she's ever wanted to watch in less than 30 seconds

you will never be rich

Same here. The money we save we burn on pricey booze though.

Takes mere seconds if you have a functioning brain

Any one try a wireless HDMI connection? Would btfo of all the anti date arguements.

this faggot got filtered harder than the ads caught by my 4 adblockers.
sucks to suck

Fmovies chads check in.

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What sites do people use to torrent? I used to use idope but it's shit now. Any suggestions

rarbg, tpb

>in 2022
go to bed boomer and chads reporting for duty sir (these are the two sites that host the movies those other sites like fmovies and 123movies actually embed into their pages byw)

Cheers neegro!
watchserieshd chad here

Why do you guys watch movies with your girlfriends? Don't they annoy you while you're trying to watch stuff?

Not enough fornite and tiktok for ya zoomie?

For any anons here, lemme compile a list of useful piracy sites. I hope it will benefit you. Enjoy :D

note: replace $ (dollar sign) with a . (period)
Anime Streaming:

Anime Torrent:

(check `fmovies$name` for other list of domains)

Movies Torrent:

Games Torrent:

Games OST:

>those others embed

they dont have alot of stuff

actually I am 46 yo xoomer bud but I am also a computer scientist and know how outdated dinosaur torrents are.

1. Why would you download something when you can just stream it? (which is watching it while it "downloads"

2. Why would you risk dmca and all that stupid shit when you can just download the move privately from ninjashare or mega or w/e other file hosting site you want to use (which sites like 123movies provide the links for if you prefer to download it rather than stream it).

go to bed boomer

?? you have a stroke and forget to finish your post there bud?

Based mofo.

They have just about everything; what're you on about?

I'll try to watch a movie sometimes with mine and she'll jump on top of me and straddle me and demand that i give her the cum, so fucking annoying

No you just lack the cognizance to understand clearly

saw this when I wanted to watch Friday the 13th Part 4

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>Friday the 13th Part 4
It's like most of these sites. You have to use their search function wisely.

Femanon here

I don't date guys who don't have netflix

ah thanks for the tip, turns out I was actually just using a different F movies site

No you are just an idiot. It is abundantly clear you have no idea what you are even talking about regardless of what point you are trying to make. I will be more than happy to clown you however if you want to elaborate as to what your problem is in understanding what I posted. or I could just nip in the bud by explaining it to a drooler such as yourself.

"embed" is an html tag. Using the embed tag triggers a "get" in the html code which means you can put an embed tag in any page and when the page load, the information int he "embed" tag will be pulled from a different web address. Movie "hosting " sites like 123movies and fmovies etc are hosting the movies, they are just html pages that have an embed tage in them that "get" (this is an IP protocol function, you can only "get" or "put" send/receive) the movie you are streaming from those two sites I posted just like news websites have youtube vieos embeed in them or tweets. They arent hosting the tweet or the youtube video, they are simply using an embed tag that will get the data in that tag from those sites to compile all at once when the page renders to deliver the content to you all once. Savvy mouth breather or is this too complex for you to process?

No movie on earth is worth watching twice.

user here
no one cares about how many cocks you've rode

Post hands

Yes, that's the one issue with it. There are a million fmovies and most of them are bad. The best was but I think that's gone now. Nowadays is the best one.

>shit audio
>shit video
Thanks 123movies!

Didn't read that wall of text but the point was the sites which you purported to not embed is actually called '2embed'
Nice sperg out though

>sites like 123movies and fmovies etc are hosting the movies,
*arent hosting the movies.

They simply created their website to generate ad revenue and stream the movie from one of the two sites I listed through the embed tag

What about minions 2

how do i fix this?

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Damn you really did not take being called stupid well did you

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Yah I said that moron. Yep I figured you were legit retarded from jump but just wanted to make sure

nta, but that was a smidge brutal even if we are measuring with teacups.


A 10
V 10
Thanks Yify

Do you have a complex about your intelligence?

I have a pet peeve about mouth breathers wasting my time with idiotic posts

>This message paid for by Netflix

There was a time where everything was concentrated on just Netflix and Hulu, and that made the whole thing worth getting out of convenience.
Now they're spreading out the content over a bunch of platforms, often exclusive to on company, and pulling media from Hulu and Netflix to do it. The shit I wanna watch literally isn't on most of the pay platforms, in fact I find it on Tubi more often than not.

just delete them you fucking retard

Holding kino is not wasting disk space.

Also, maybe someone missed the dozens of threads we've had over just the past few days of edits of movies becoming the official versions and etc?

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or I'll just stream the exact same file you're downloading with no downsides

>123Movies and not F2Movies
holy fucking bitchmade

You can stream directly off a torrent

god I love this piracy community.

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>exact same
Nice dodge, midwit.

he said 123movies and fmovies embed their videos from 2embed you fucking idiot, learn some reading comprehension

yes literally the exact same file

the amount of stream fags on this board is sickening