Who was the target audience?

Who was the target audience?

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30 year old men such as myself

i watched it

White sex tourists.

if only i knew dora looked like that when i were a kid

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quints of h*rny


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Heterosexual men

little girls

me homie, it's actually enjoyable and I hope they make a sequel or trilogy


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Why'd they make Dora hot?

Wtf, I didn't know Maisie was making a new movie?

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they all ran a train on her didn't they

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Blind idiot

megasatan quints

Why do people crush the bottle when trying to down it? Don't they know it goes down faster if you let air reach the back of the container negating the vacuum instead of creating one and fucking everything up?

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what's this from?

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She's a rare 10.

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what's it like having face blindness?

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is it me or did they try to be unflattering with the haircut and makeup emphasizing her eyebrows? It didn't work but they tried

Isabela is....

She isn't



More like an 11.

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for hard anal

it's not gonna catch on, no one likes Maisie, Yea Forums loves Moner


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White boys with patrician taste.

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my wife


She is never satisfied

Moner boner?

fucktoys never are

Kiernan shipka is the ugliest brat in film. Boggy bogged.

What's she in?


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That one movie critic lmao

Jesus Christ


Amazed at the longevity Moner has had, Yea Forums is still super into her several years on

Transformers, Sicario 2, Dora the Explorer, and some netflix crap.

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Pedo thread


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I wonder what her cunny tastes like

Adult woman

>What's she in?
Some producer’s bedroom

If she was, she would have a bigger career

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Ask Anthony Hopkins, he knows all about it

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_______ _____ ________

I can definitely see that South American native in her here.


With childcoded body and face

can you though?

Made up words don't mean anything

Yes, she's got the profile of some kind of ancient Incan princess or something

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>goes feminist
>forgoes her father's last name
>instantly forgotten by the world
nice, fuck her (in a non sexual way)

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She's very attractive and not particularly popular anywhere else, she's not in many movies or tv shows so Yea Forums has no reason to hate her out of contrarianism.
So she remains as the Yea Forums favorite, and probably will until the day she becomes actually famous and popular with normies. Then this shit board will do a complete 180 on her and pretend they hated her all along.

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lol retard

Nipples protuding, very disrespectful

Something like that
She's just hot, that's the fact

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Straight white males?

Mexican Maisie Williams