Left? Right?

Left? Right?

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So what?

And bringing this up now has nothing to do with the changes Chapek is making!

honestly they should have paid Mark Millar a billion dollars since basically the entire "cinematic" universe is ripped off of his ultimate comics.

Muttoid /pol/tards will still claim Disney is 'leftist' if that's what you're asking

Obsessed and retardpilled

Marvel has always been notorious about bad royalties while DC pays out huge checks to basically anyone who touched a character. Ethan Van Sciver gets 5-6 figure checks from DC all the time.

>noooo you cant be "left" if you are obviously evil

history says thats actually the expected behavior of leftists.

The Hulk didn't eat anyone, so no deposits Mark.

comic writers are terrible

they deserve nothing. im sure someone will post some of the nuMarvel comic screencaps where somehow 98% of every character is a tranny/gay and thats their only character trait

That's awful comic book writers are really talen.....oh wait no fuck them.

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Good western comics are awful.

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Disney are one of the most evil organizations on Earth. They're up there with the Catholic Church.

Oh no!

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Jean is so powerful, she retroactively made Iceman in the movie gay by affecting real life.

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Yea Forums doesn't understand how royalties work in hollywood. Hollywood tends to overpay for "rights", particularly from little guys, just because 1. it's easier than having to deal with shit. 2. Most of the little guys are Jews, and 3. it gives the lawyers something to do.

Everyone has an angle, but the guys with deep pockets are far more afraid of an Ambulance chaser than little guys with nothing are afraid of top legal teams.

>Guy doesn't immediately jump in the sack with me on the vaguest hint in the era of "rape culture"
>Must be gay
Women were a mistake.

I'm Toyota doesn't pay the guy who designed the gear knob I a car that sells millions royalties. So why should these people get anything extra.

Comics don't make money

how much disney should pay them then?

Deservedly so. Current Phase 4 is based on the run to by all metrics killed Marvel Comics. You go from selling 130k issues to selling 7000, red cancellation line used to be 20k before the commie invasion.
Captain Marvel book was cancelled 8 times in 5 years, but go on and tell me it's just about the money.

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Holy shit this page is so FUCKING lazy. Diversity hire shit.


These people dont even know what the terms they invented themselves mean anymore.

Being leftist means that your subjects live in abject poverty, yes. Open a history book, tranny.

Because that's where new ideas come from. Anyone can design a gear knob, and the guy that did it was probably employed by Toyota for that very purpose, but original stories that can be adapted into studio productions, those are valuable because they're rare.

Most of the boomers who talk shit about lazy millenials got their start in creative writing and art competitions with cash prizes, which their teachers and school administrators encouraged them to pursue at every opportunity.

These days those only exist for blacks and women while school teachers encourage their students to sit down and shut up. And we wonder why hollywood only does reboots and wokeshit.

The goyim is but an animal in human flesh.

They should be getting less.

Kek, this is like a meta parody of our reaction every time they gender bend or make a character gay (like this panel is actually depicting).

>Yea Forums: "What's happening."
>Twitter: "Yea Forums...James Bond is black."

t. Disney CEO

nothing new in the comic book world

Disney should charge them for writing this shit.

True but the movie "writers" sure deserved less credit than the ones they took their scripts and characters from.

Somehow i suspect they got paid a lot more though.

>anybody can design a gear knob

You can’t and you never have or will

This panel was never really explained, so people correctly assumed Jean actually brainwashed him here and made him into faggot, considering his decades long history of womanizing.

They don't even deserve 500

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So why sell for 5k if it's too low?

Only really, really pathetic people read these.

Sure I can, it wouldn't be very good because I'm not trained for it, but it's not complicated.
The guy who designed Toyota's gear knob can't write an original comic book that people will actually enjoy with any amount of training.

What the fuck are you basing these statements on? Nobody who ever designed a gear knob for Toyota could ever write an enjoyable story, with ANY amount of training? How do you know the guy who made the gear knob didn't get published later in life and wrote a best selling novel? How old are you?

Comic books are the rarirty where the movie version actually improves the source material unlike say books or video games.

Pic related no one gave a single fuck about this comic ever before the movie and now the comic rips the aesthetics of the movie.

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that's assault. he may have done a crime, but she should be arrested as well.

Fuck Bendis man, fucking kill him

They should have thought about it twice before signing a contract that said marvel kept all rights to their characters

At least he is ruining Superman now, or at least last time I cared about comic books that was what was happening. I genuinely don't care anymore, and thank God for that.

Not anymore, but he fucked up that real good. Fuck DC too, they ruined Jon and the Superfamily by letting Bendis do whatever he wanted

It's fine when japan does it

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Retarded fucking argument. How else are they supposed to get their characters out there?

>How do you know the guy who made the gear knob didn't get published later in life and wrote a best selling novel?
It's possible, but that's got nothing AT ALL to do with Toyota paying him royalties for his gear knob does it?
You dumb faggot.

>what the hell, that there fictional character done a crime

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In japan the mangaka remains the sole owner of the rights to their characters

Not really. Things like GotG sre outliers. The best arcs in comics absolutely shit all over even the "good" films.
However, there have been so many shit writers as of recent years, the comics have gone down dramatically in quality.

Writing good stories and characters so people actually buy comics again?

>Only really, really pathetic people read these
And yet that's gonna be upcoming Thor movie.
I have flashbacks to 2015 where people were asking how can she be Thor when Thor is his birthname and leftoids were just shrieking bigot at them.

Not. My. Problem.

I'm not the same guy who was talking about royalties. Don't be mad that I called you out on completely illogical statements.

Image Comics has a model like that. Good luck actually being competent enough to make it big though.
Twice as hard for new characters and stories to get traction.

their argument goes as follows:
>liberals/progressive/leftwing believe in X
>corporations see an opportunity to promote themselves and whitewash bad behavior by claiming they are all for X
>while continuing to, you know, still do bad things
>rightwing retards on /pol/ and Yea Forums then facetiously argue "corporation says they believe in X just like you so they're leftwing and you're corporatists!"
>meanwhile they have not changed their position taxcuts for the rich and deregulation they have brainwashed to uncritically regurgitate

Learning to code should be the way to go for retarded western writers.

Actually reading the article the complain is that Disney DOES pay massive royalties to character creators in exchange for a contract (the guy complaining didn't create any of the characters he's complaining about), but that the creators have to ask to sign the contract and rather than doing that this dickhead decided to get interviewed by The Guardian.

Did you see the trailer? I'm not just saying this, I have seen almost all the Marvel movies, but Love and Thunder trailer was boring. Looks like Thor is just walking around brooding for the whole movie. No thanks.

Then (in addition to beginning with NTA you fucking newfag) maybe you should have read the post I was replying to so you'd have some fucking context you dumb fuck.

There was nothing illogical about my statement in context, you're just a fucking newfaggot retard dumb fuck cunt.

I used to go to the comic store near my school as a kid to read spiderman and stuff I ended up picking up this pic related manga for some reason and said.

>Wow this is way better than the crap I've been reading!

And never looked back.

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This is true, but only because this is how leftists always end up. It's not that the faulty behaviour pointed to is not characteristic of leftism, it's that leftism is characterised by the faulty behaviour being pointed to.

Why do you need your character to get "out there?" I mean, I do understand the want for recognition, but if you want to write, then just do it. The satisfaction of telling a story should satisfy you. Even the thought that someone might read it one day should be enough. You write mostly for yourself, like most things you enjoy.

So the guy is getting hired to draw a character owned by someone else and created by a 3rd party and is complaining that if a movie made by another team unrelated to them about the character they're being paid to draw make it big they'll be paid too little in royalties?

Damn, I really triggered this guy. It's hard losing arguments, though.

Just post it on twitter dude

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More like
>Corporations are exclusively run by leftwingers
>They're so unbelievably hypocritical that anyone supporting them needs their fucking head examined
>Why the fuck do you cunts keep sucking Twitter/Apple/Warner dick?

Are you following the current shenanigans at Disney at all? Disney is trying to go politically neutral, while all the activists Iger hired are trying to tear the company down from within.

>Are you following the current shenanigans at Disney at all?
Why on Earth would a sane person do that?

Why would shamelessly greedy, billion dollar corporations push leftism onto the people? Think long and hard about it

You accused me of something of which I was not guilty in the midst of your fit of retardation which only proved that you do not have the right to speak to me as an equal you fucking idiot.
And this is me explaining that to you in appropriate language you dumb fuck.

In what fucking universe do you jump into someone else's conversation, pick up on only the last thing said, insert your retarded fucking opinion, get immediately chewed out for it, not immediately appologize for being a dumb fuck, and think that's "winning the argument."

When I tell you to fuck off, that's not fucking banter, fuck off.


Fuck off already.

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You could have just said no so we'd all know you've got no idea what you're talking about.
Don't accuse others of being brainwashed when your entire idea of "what /pol/ believes" was spoonfed to you by some corporate "journalist".

You win the argument when the other side starts using so many expletives that their point almost completely loses coherence. That's pretty much where we are at. Calm down, dude. It's not the end of the world, you just were saying some dumb shit.

If those "comics creators" are such hot shit, why don't they self-publish or beg for donations?

>Getting called a dumb fuck for being a dumb fuck means you win
Sounds like something a dumb fuck would believe you dumb fuck.

Because then you would not spout complete horseshit like 'Corporations are not leftwing'.

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Damn dude, everyone in this thread is trigger happy. I wasn't the guy you were talking to before.

>winning on Yea Forums
Fuck off back to red dit please.


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So you've been called a dumb fuck twice in two unrelated incidents, while still not using NTA, and you think everyone else is the problem.

I would never say that.

Am I remembering wrong or did they jar Hulk's poop to try to study the alien nazi?

Plz help.