Actor looks completely different

>Actor looks completely different
>Never addressed in the film at all
>Not even an off-hand comment

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What makes you think Hollywood still gives a shit about the integrity of the shit they churn out? People eat it up anyway

>every single relationship is interracial or lgbt
>completely against all odds
>never addressed once

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He already transformed in the first one so who cares

Jim Carry mental health has deteriorated ever since Trump as elected, he had to be replaced.

I dropped that shit immediately when Rick fucked Michonne. Ruined 2 perfectly fine characters.

Why would they bring it up? He's not meant to look different, the casting change (rightly or wrongly) came about for reasons external to the narrative.
At best they could lampshade it which runs the risk of coming off campy and you would be sulking about how (((they))) were rubbing it in.

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i havent seen any of this shit but did they really kick johnny depp just because of some accusations(that were exposed as being bullshit) by a mentally ill gold digging whore?

Depp lost the court case.

is this the first shitty movie that MADS has been in?

Rogue one was shit

Rogue One and Doctor Strange completely wasted him in nothing roles. Fuck Disney.

Polar was trash too.

uhm this is how he ALWAYS looked chud
and we've ALWAYS been at war with eurasia

Isn't he like a shapeshifter anyway?
In the first film he was that true detective/the lobster dude then converted to depp.
Now he's the druk guy, I guess normies have enough common sense without needing extra introduction why he's looking different

Meh. It had its moments.

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he's already been in shit wars and capeshit movies.

It's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit.
They never directly address Voldemort changing from regular looking Tom Marvolo Riddle to snek deh man

I guess you could say they really shit the bed.

Woking Dead.

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why is Mads in such pleb trash as anything related to the Potter franchise?

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> his only white son dies
> raises another mans child
> has a nigglet too

TWD is pretty much "Jews: The 2000 Soap Opera"

Star Wars is so fucking dumb. Why can't Vader just crush them all with the force in one go? Why do force users need swords? Just wave your hand and snap everyone's necks.

is he the new grindlefag? what happened to depp?

the Force is not Harry Potter magic

Wow, really? They have the damn spell in the lore.

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because it's cool you autist

They should make this the joke, each movie should have a different disguised Grindlewald.

He's so pretty. ;_;

No he didnt. He lost a libel case against a newspaper.

Pusher was dogshit

I wanted to say that he shouldve been grindelwald in the first place instead of being the replacement, but then I realized this franchise is utter dogshit and shouldnt even exist at all

it had kino tits though so it wasn't a total loss

he had it on cooldown

They could have atleast shown a backshot of the Depp appearance walking slowly and morphing into this look. Retard movie people.

Vader likes to show off. No, really.

So the newspaper was telling the truth about him being a wife beater.

Why did they can Depp anyways? It's been proven in court that the one who was abused was him, not the other way around.

Yeah they should have totally done an epic marvel style reference to poke fun at a big continuinty flaw. Ironically poking fun at yourself and ruining immersion is way better than pretending everything is fine and hoping the viewer can look past the flaw. Wowsers!

the studio probably decided he was a liability and wanted to avoid negative publicity. plus i bet Mads is cheaper

That's not what the judge ruled.

Holy shit is this real KEK

Lost his trial anyway and apparently the studio was like "if you lose you're out."

That "newspaper" was The Sun published here in the UK, and it's a tabloid rag just about useful enough to wipe your arse on if you haven't got any toilet paper. Because libel laws are so fucked here, seeing as he didn't lose any monetary or other opportunites in the UK (because he is based in America) the requirements for violating libel laws were not met, so he lost the case on a technicality.

Yes. It even forgets to mention the singular WMWF relationship that didn't end because a character died for no reason was an abusive white male who was a worthless piece of shit ordering the women around to do labor while he got drunk all day.

I even like Mads Mikkelsen but this is some bullshit.

They kicked him long before the trials started. It was a knee jerk thing, because no one is willing to risk the blue checkmarks on Tw*tter getting angry.

They still paid Depp his full salary even though he wasn’t in the movie

Imagine my shock

That was him removing a disguise; Colin Farrel was a real American wizard that he murdered and was pretending to be, Johnny Depp is what he really looked like. It was like when Doctor Who was pretending to be Mad Eye Moody in Goblet of Fire.

That was addressed in the books, every time he made a horcrux it distorted his appearance a little bit, by the time he'd made 6 he looked like a snake man. This is how he was described when he applied for the Defense Against the Dark Arts job around 1970:

>Harry let out a hastily stifled gasp. Voldemort had entered the room. His features were not those Harry had seen emerge from the great stone cauldron almost two years ago: They were not as snake-like, the eyes were not yet scarlet, the face not yet masklike, and yet he was no longer handsome Tom Riddle. It was as though his features had been burned and blurred; they were waxy and oddly distorted, and the whites of the eyes now had a permanently bloody look, though the pupils were not yet the slits that Harry knew they would become. He was wearing a long black cloak, and his face was as pale as the snow glistening on his shoulders.

>Farrell was that true detective/the lobster dude fr

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Hollywood producers can and will ignore blue checkmarks. They only appease them when it fits the agenda. In this case
>man BAD, woman GOOD

Is this meant to be Johnny Depp?
Why did they replace him? Did he not want to do it?
Don't tell me it was the publicity surrounding the thing he was proven not to have done. That would be such a fucking coward move from Warner Bros.

>Don't tell me it was the publicity surrounding the thing he was proven not to have done.
Fine then I won't tell ya.

Is that Le Chiffre?

Not telling is telling me.
Thanks, you fuck.

I'm glad they kept him clean-shaven, I like the contrast with Jude's beard desu.

because men could never be the victim in an abusive relationship, all women are innocent and they're the victims!!!!

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Why do people keep saying that he was abused? He lost the court case. The judge ruled that he was the abuser.

This image is so stupid, that panini and drink probably cost at least $10.