How do we defeat the centrist threat?

How do we defeat the centrist threat?

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I wonder if centrists are centrist about centrism?

By burning the fence

By making America more mentally ill.

Why are Americans so childish what happened?


The trajectory can be expanded to include the entire lower left corner.

I'm a centrist. First because I see good arguments on all sides and I think they some of the times they just can't go together, but some other times they do. I also think there are horrible aspects to each side, some historic more than theoric, others more on the principles than its history, and that if you pick any one of them sides to take it to heart, you'll sell your soul trying to justify some of these issues, while I don't think we should have any commitment to mistakes of the past. I think if you say something generic like "a good society is made with good education", then everyone can agree with and the debate could start on from there, we leave what it means to have a good education, or how to pay for it and deliver it for later. This debate can be developped in a frank manner, slowly and steady. But I also think the center is not just the midpoint between two extreme ideas or the center of that graph, not necessarily, we can have strong firm ideological positions that some would consider to be left or right depending on their point of view, I don't think we have single flag to fight for a territory, but several ones depending on the subject and they have various degrees of importance, some are background principles, that could make you call yourself center-left or center-right for example, but others are more subtle and don't fall anywhere. I also don't think that is my sole personal case or choice, I think most people of all places don't know much about the subjects they talk to and we have to be humble about our real knowledge of politics and economics, and I'd bet that it's just a very tiny fraction of a minority would actually settle for any of the extremes if they sit and study the problems throughly. They do like to call themselves this and that because it's easier to discuss, to point the other as "the" problem and to address other people from one's own heterogeneous group who disagree as people who didn't get the pure version of the label you set for yourself. Count me out of that. I'm not afraid of brain control or indoctrination, we can we should read things we disagree and make an effort to agree and see their point, regardless if we retain or change our ideas in the end, usually either way they come out better then if you were to set camp early on and it's always too early if you want to learn more about the world.

Definitely by voting for Bernie cock smoking Sanders.
I don't think anyone could have predicted you all of people would answer that. Nuts!

political violence in all shapes and forms, no matter where it comes from. man's true nature is the only argument you need against the effete centrist liboid.

oh whats that? you support incrementalist "rational" policy making? lets see how far your weak ass representative democracy and electoralism will take you when i smash your head open like a fruit

Imagine not being centrist. What a fucking whimsical cuck you’d be to follow an extreme ideology just be part of a club.

Okay, but there are certain factors that are determinant of your political allegiance. Many people have scattered opinions if examined in high resolution. Yet, there are potential decisions that require commitment, ultimately you are either for the status quo or a change, to a direction that can not contain every possible angle.

Imagine not following an extremist ideology and calling those that do cucks

>I'm a centrist
stopped reading lol

Centrism can decide on policies no problemo.

Not being a centrist is very alienating and lonely actually.

Yeah, cucks you are. Fapping to your YouTube idols. I know you do, gayboy. With your sweaty Dorito fingers.

Lie of the century. Go to pol, that’s the majority trendy opinion. Centrists are the victims of mobbing by compulsive YouTube wankers.

More like how do we genocide all non-centrist so we can finally have a world of peace and happiness for all?

Okay but ultimately you still have to decide if power is centralized or decentralized, what range of freedoms is granted to the subject, etc. Making a decision on principle policies is automatically taking a side.

bernie COCK SMOKING sanders woohoo! socialism woohoo!

Sometimes we just find ourselves in the wrong crowd. Centrists are just coping, going with the flow, taking the path of least resistance, etc.
Intellectually lazy


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And I agree, that's what I meant by what makes one center-left or center-right for example. But it's funny if you say you're either, people will hear only the "left/right" part and pretend centrism is just a trick to conceal one's true extreme ideological position.

>Intellectually lazy
>t. ideologue that gives single word answers of 'capitalism' regarding anything he disagrees with

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Centrism doesn't refer to the ideological center. It's about not challenging the status quo centers of power.

That guy is a massive faggot. I hate him.

>tfw feel when voting Biden just to dab on bernie cock smoking sanders paypigs

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Agree but I don’t see the contradiction

Bitch, isn't your praxis like two hundred fucking years old?

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You are not true centrists, just moderate agents of ideology.

>I'm a centrist
yeah, we can tell immediately by that unreadable wall of text. Centrists have zero sense of aesthetics

Fuck centrist "aesthetics"

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By reading Critque of pure reason

I don't watch a lot of youtube. Mostly music and history videos. Centrism is by definition mainstream and thus npc

Single word, but it can be traced back to the system that turns out such people. Don’t give me that “human nature” bs.


>Single word, but it can be traced back to
required reading of every educated person to have lived and died in the last 150 years. The intellectual laziness is definitely them and certainly not you.
Weren't you saying like a week ago that Bernie was going to win?

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Fuck centrists. They think they're above everything just because they're fence sitters.
>but all sides have some good/bad parts
True but you still need to pick one. I have more respect for fucking commie fags then centrist pussies

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>go into bathroom
>lock the door
>turn the lights off
>spin in circles
>repeat for 1.0 hour
+2 IQ


You have to beat memers with a meme ideology like accelerationism.

Based. Fucking up your future for the keks.

The ones I know personally aren't that bad, they just afraid to look beyond what's sold to them on the surface.

>Based. Fucking up your future for the keks
Are you gonna cry about it?