This photo caused a freakout and cancellation of a storyboarder some time ago

>this photo caused a freakout and cancellation of a storyboarder some time ago
>this photo is causing a freakout towards Matt even today

why are Amphibia fans like this? this is almost as sad as the "Disney is making my nephew gay" freakout.

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that's what you get from an entire generation of creators who overuse blushing and absolutely nothing else to indicate romance

Twitter is absolute garbage. Social media in general has allowed young people to get addicted to rage.

western animators love to rip off their favorite anime tropes without any regard to the original medium and without understanding why they worked in the first place.

Well the girl still gets work, so the industry clearly didn’t pay attention to retards

>twitter is now the internet hate machine
Life is weird

Funny thing is Matt said he enjoyed working with her

That's what happens when Tumblr bans porn. Everywhere becomes worse except ironically Tumblr.

I blame fucking zoomers. The internet is to zoomers what opioids are to the working class, it kills their brainless more so than it has for any other generation. They are worse than millennials, mainly because like millennials, they think it’s ok to go around and try to cancel people, only with zoomers, they take it a step beyond by trying to get people fired or doxed. I am reminded of when that one Hellavu Boss sb artist’s shota ship art got leaked and sent to her employers by a bunch of deranged Discord Zoomer faggots

It's a small minority of Amphibia fans who raised a stink

The bigger theme is that’s what happens when you let adults act like children.

>"Its just blushing" bro she's 13 years old and you're a pedo fr fr

Why would someone get cancelled over this?

>why are Amphibia fans like this?
because they'll never breed sasha themselves so they get jealous

Why is it that the people horniest for Sasha are lesbians/bi girls who post here?


Because Sasha is the lesbian ideal and they can't very well vent their lust on twitter or facebook so they come here.

What about Marcy? They're horny for her too. Is it that they want to be Marcy or they want to breed Marcy?

The butch ones like Marcy.

this drawing is such a silly thing to try to ruin an artist's career over. so she drew a couple of characters being embarrassed, so what? do you think she's trying to normalize kids and adults fucking? is that being pushed through the show? if not then shut the fuck up

People who did that weren't even fans of the show

What was the funnier Grimsha-related freakout: the original incident, the one with Anna Akana, or what's going on right now?

>Amphibia fans
No, that's twitter being retarded as usual.

>going on right now?

Hannah's returning for the last episode of Amphibia and Twitterfags are mad

Oh yeah, I saw an artist getting mad at Matt saying "how dare you block minors who are criticizing you" and seeing them get back pats for it.

Lmao chad Matt, i take everything about him being an ugly chink mutt back

There's no fucking way the bitches are at it again.

I was around their age 2 years ago when some of them harassed my best friend over someone's saltiness about a friendship, some of them were even fucking racist. I can't fathom how they still get away with that shit.

Fuck off.

How can people with no attention span hold such long grudges?

Glad that Lemon bitch is gone.

Lemon, that loser?
Where that fag went to?

So she isn't cancelled. Just a handful of fandom retards shitting their pants. What else is new?

They’re children. You can’t get them fired because they don’t work. You can’t attack them because then you’re “harassing minors”. They know they are invincible and use that power to cause trouble.

Thanks for giving those culture war grifters more ammo, you buttholes.

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You can damn well out them to their parents. I don't give a fuck really, they're heartless. I was a minor 2 years ago too and they harassed me for standing up for my best friend who was accused of a shit ton of stuff whom eventually was revealed to be innocent after a salty bitch admitted to just being jealous for a friendship and of course the other bitches went on with their fucking lives as if they weren't have sent gore and death threats to my friend and caused them trauma for a fucking year.
I'm really not a person who likes to get mad, but I can't control myself when it comes to this bullshit.

How're you dealing with it now?

I feel you user. I had someone take a two-year-old tweet of mine out of context to cancel me and I literally got death threats over it. Couldn’t post my art anywhere for a year without getting harassed. Twitter children are insane.

>I had someone take a two-year-old tweet of mine out of context to cancel me and I literally got death threats over it.
What was the tweet about?

Grimsha thread? Grimsha thread.

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I basically kicked them out of my life.

They even begged, petty people I tell you.

Conservatives are having a field day with the Disney Groomers BS, I hate this, the crew is doing fine blocking people

>Hannah's returning for the last episode of Amphibia
Returned. Past tense. She helped on All In but so far we have no indication who is boarding The Hardest Thing. Matt made it sound like it was a one-time thing, though.

I hope so. Who's the artist for this one?

>Last 20 seconds of Amphibia has Hannah come into frame and say "I lived bitch" flipping off the audience while Grime and Sasha have a sloppy makeout

Tumblr and later Twitter spawned a wave of psychopathic pearl clutching prudes that will condemn others while participating in fandom aspects that are not so different.

I am surprised how much the production of Amphibia resisted the temptation to split Sasha and Grime. They get a lot of good moments thru the series and even last week's "confession".

She worked on Harvey Beaks, a show that had a problem of people leaving porn of the characters on the floor, why was anyone surprised.

>a show that had a problem of people leaving porn of the characters on the floor
source on that.


Greenblatt, on the pizza party podcast.

Tumblr's current "Turn the Dracula Daily substack that emails you chapters of the book as they happen in real time into a meme bookclub" phase is very comfy.

The Matt "Free Palestine" incident

It's true I was making designs for a yuri dating sim and one was perfect, but I was like hmm that looks familiar. And then I went online and saw it was just Sasha and I went godammit. I don't even watch this show.

My feeds been mostly dead but since they've instituted a For You dashboard, I've gotten some decent content slightly more often. The sites still mostly dead though, at least compared to 2016.

You guys are forgetting that she tried to pull "YOU WILL BE BLACKLISTED, IF UOU SPEAK ILL OF THE INDUSTRY" shit on those kids

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I don't know who I hate more in this one very particular instance. I hate the industry people flexing blacklists on people, but I hate puritan Twitter teens.
No doubt though, these teens would pull the same blacklisting shit if the shoe was on the other foot.

>The Matt "Free Palestine" incident
Please elaborate about it

God what a zoomeriffic way of speaking, I hate people under 22.

Theres a good chance she's older than him.


The person is 22 year old nigerian dummy

Do we even know how long toads can live for in this show? Hop Pop is sixty eight but I don't think we've gotten ages for any of the other amphibian Amphibia characters.

>Why yes i'll blacklist you if you don't respect my drawings, what gave it away?

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