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(Saturday) FCBD 2022 Avengers / X-Men #1

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When is the next issue of Carol's book

June 1st

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why do there need to be weekly generals?

Busiek Carol is finally showing up again in The Marvels

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Comic books come out every week

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to give me an excuse to Kamala post

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>the doctor strange reactions
Feige is losing his touch and they got a literally who to write the sequel for Carol. I’m worried.

I hate admitting how much I think Brie Larson is cute, its so taboo to tell my friends. But I can name like 5 other actresses that rank up with her cuteness.

Feige's secret was always getting good directors and then mostly letting them do what they want with a few mandates about setting things up
Nia's great, just hope Feige doesn't force her to intro Nova & Galactus or whatever

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>carol's comics keep getting delayed
>carol's movie keeps getting delayed

Wouldn’t surprise me if they use her movies to shove in Nova and stuff too later. They already did it too Strange.

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God I wish I was those kids.

Hope with all these costumes in Phase 4 they give her something that feels more like comic booky.

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There doesn't. But there is. :)

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Always weird to me to see MCU-ish Bucky kiddified.

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It's okay Carolbros, we're gonna make it

>Last week's thread
>503 replies
We finally did it after so long we hit the replies limit, Carolbros
We deserve Carol as our waifu, I'm pretty sure if she was real she would let us grab her ass as a reward for a good thread

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I wish.

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what is this for

It's for #40 I think
They're finally releasing their Predator books after the legal stuff got figured out

#39 and #40 slipped another week

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The fuck are they doing?

Can't get enough paper.

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Continuining Ms Marvel v1 (1977) storytime

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should I post ads or it's better to leave them out?

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I'd say leave them out unless there's something interesting about them.

Conway already left the book, sad

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very well. Don't mind the missing pages

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In my opinion these threads don't need to exist. There's not enough news every week about either marvel character to warrant constant weekly generals

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Claremont took over the previous issue
But I prefer Carol's character after the change anyway

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Fan mail. Claremont talks a bit about "strong women" in comics and carol

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Was he already writing X-Men at this point?

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he started working on x-men in 1975 so yes

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It'd be nice to see another Kerwin story, all his 3 conflicts with Carol were interesting in their own way.

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everything on this ad costs hundreds nowadays

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