Sam Raimi on America Chavez

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he looks really zoned out talking about her

Sam. Blink twice if you're being held hostage.

>America Chavez
But why does she look like America Romero?

I get the feeling she was demanded to be part of this movie.

I don't think so, boss.

Or you're using that word wrong.

I can't believe he got away with that

No shit.
They had to BREAK the movie to fit her lame ass in there at the last second.
Her inclusion is so bad that they decided to ape the DCEU flashpoint debacle adn just throw random assholes in there for raisons.

he literally says "marvel wanted her in the movie. she was gonna be in spiderman but they put her in this one"
hes stuggling to say anything of note and tiptoeing around why she's there, but sam raimi's a pro so it sounds like he accepted that she was gonna be there one way or another and found a purpose for her.

It's a movie about Wanda breaking the multiverse to find her sons, including Billy, the demiurge. Of course America is going to be in it.

Raimi and Kevin Feige are 100% with the woke mentality of the Disney bosses

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I see what he did there.

He basically said "We have to include this little dyke spic the queers at marvel want to groom the kids with."

The director for spiderman told them to eat a fucking dick and said he'd walk before letting that bullshit be a part of his movie, tom got on the phone to daddy RDJ and started crying. so now it's raimi who has to include this dumpster fire and no one is happy with her or her bullshit.

It's telling that there is basically NO pictures or videos of Chavez doing anything except getting rescued by strange anywhere and they are desperately pushing this illuminati and guest stars stuff.

This is going to be a Masters of the Universe tier bait and switch.

I fucking hate rich people.

>she was gonna be in spiderman but they put her in this one"
In case anyone was wondering, she was going to be the one to open the portal and the other two peters would pop out. Instead they switched her out for Ned

Well it won't be the first time for Raimi to have unwanted character barging in, right?

Three things
1.Wanda doesn't have any goddamned children. Vision is a sterile robot and they are part of her insane delusions.

2.Billy's little faggot ass will shit tank the entire MCU if that god awful storyline is introduced. No one liked it. Nothing good came of it
It's basically been soft retconned through it being ignored.

3.NO ONE wants America Chavez. NO ONE.

If they are litterally burning down the MCU to start a gay agenda teen avengers...
It's going to be a disaster.

I can't believe people mind broke him into thinking that nobody likes Spider-Man 3

>Sam’s always wanted to do a Doctor Strange movie
>He finally gets a chance
>It’s a milquetoast version of Strange with a crappy convoluted script that barely using anything from Strange’s comics that Raimi used to read
>Also desperately wanted to make a Shadow movie but never got to
Poor Sam. An artist that is in the wrong time period.

>3.NO ONE wants America Chavez. NO ONE.
Starlord was nothing like his comic book version at all. and people fucking love Chris Pratt more than they ever would have loved a faithful adaptation of the original Starlord. They made Aunt May a Boomer Milf burnout rather than a conservative catholic woman like the original comics. They ignored Tony Starks alcoholism and substance abuse like his comic book version after Iron Man 3.

There's at least a 50/50 chance they change America Chavez just as radically to make her more acceptable to a wider audience. But we'll just have to wait and see.

Why are they adapting all these terrible modern characters like America Chavez and Ironheart when there's decades worth of actual good material that'll likely never be touched

Why did WB stop making racist cartoons after World War 2? Because values were changing and they have to change with them. Same for Disney. The new generation of zoomers don't want straight white cis male protagonists anymore. For better and for worse.


What the FUCK

it’s Latinx you nazi fuck

>There's at least a 50/50 chance they change America Chavez just as radically to make her more acceptable to a wider audience. But we'll just have to wait and see.

They don't.
It's the same awful "plucky" aka massive cunt gurl boss dyke with two dyke parents and bullshit deus ex machina dimension powers.

She's not only unmarketable to well over half the planet. But the latino market will not be happy with a uppity bitch masculine lesbian as their first latina representation.
And the normies will straight up revolt. What with them being outed for wanting to groom kids and tweens.

man I feel Raimi had like zero control over this shitshow didn't he, might be why Disney only hires literal who yes men directors

They need to speed X-men the fuck up. It's literally all I'm interested in now.

If this was true most of the 'normies' would have cancelled their preorders for tickets. Most of them haven't.

Something something Oscar's new rules to get a movie nominated

The people didn't do anything to him, he just didn't actually listen to the people. He let Sony gaslight him and make him feel ashamed. He didn't give them exactly what they wanted so they put him down and treated him like a dog until he was worn down enough that he just quit.

''Hollywoods new rules'' also twitter mob

>I can't believe Sony mind broke him into believing that Spider-Man 3 was bad, despite it's financial success

>america chavEz

>why don't they make any new characters
>why are they using new characters

Shut up bitch.

that means theyre into both men and women right? why not say bisexual? and how old is this child of hers?

lol just magic them up again. They aren't real

They can throw all this shit in now while goodwill is skyhigh and see what sticks then just bring in the X-Men later

Unironically he could have done a great Morbius movie.

Most normies aren't aware of America Chavez since she barely shows in the trailers.

You know I just realized I'd never actually seen a picture of Sam Raimi before.

>they were gonna put her in Spiderman
lol they know the character is bad press/box office poison and shoved her into a movie they had less confidence in to minimize risk.

Every Marvel movie is shadow-directed by Kevin Feige.

Wouldn't even blame him.

Caucasians are a minority

Please don't google it

Look I don't like her either. She's shit.

But how the fuck else are they supposed to constantly travel the multiverse?

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Marvel wants to justify nearly killing themselves in the 2010s with their bullshit SJW characters by making them the face of the media adaptations, especially since they don't want to reboot shit and recast characters like DC/Warner Brothers does.

Also, Ironheart's getting made because Quesada is a Bendis simp and wants him to come back to Marvel and America Chavez and the focus on Wanda's kids is there because they figured out that it's probably going to be easier to shill Young Avengers (also a Quesada pet project) than do Avengers 5 with Carol Danvers, Shang-Chi, Thor, Ant Man, and Doctor Strange and have people reject it HARD.

What role would she have even had in the Spider-man movie?

They know this particular rendition of the MCU is on it's last legs.
Might as well experiment with some weird stuff before they reboot and start using the characters they can actually sell merch of to kids again.

I get the feeling that people who hate her have some sorta agenda they're trying to push but also the feeling that they're on the wrong side of history

magic, wow so hard

Kids are too young to make a decision like transitioning. Same for the pansexual thing too.

>>why don't they make any new characters
Who the fuck takes this stance with the MCU movies?

Is there even a point to listening to Twitter anymore?

Spider-Man 3 was a train wreck because Raimi's vision for the 3rd film was radically different from what Sony wanted. Sony wanted Venom and an exit for James Franco. Raimi wanted Sandman and motherfucking Vulture with Raimi in particular having a hardon for working with John Malcovich as far as Vulture HAVING TO BE John Malcovich.

It was never going to work and the end result was a horribly cobbled together compromise that made no one happy.

Does Disney own anything of Raimis due to the acquisition of Fox? Besides the payday that’s the only reason I can see him dealing with marvel again

Because old shit is outdated

This. Marvel/Disney doesn't want to reboot the MCU every decade or two, so they are pushing hard the legacy angle to justify not recasting Tony Stark and Steve Rogers and Black Widow.

Look at Disney and Netflix's stock prices to get a good idea on how well listening to twitter does for your business.

God I'm glad retards like you don't work in Hollywood

They listened to twitter when making nwh and it was a massive success though. Your point?

this doesn't sound good

Even the Raimi Spidey Trilogy

Though that was more shadow-produced

Not really

>Spider-Man 3 was a train wreck
Not in the slightest. Even with some scenes taken out S-M3 is still good, and quite, dare I say Kino

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Because Steven does it easy enough. Simple answer in writing is usually the best.

This is the only Romero allowed in capeshit

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