Whats stopping the US Air Force and NORAD from blowing them out the sky?

Whats stopping the US Air Force and NORAD from blowing them out the sky?

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Amphibia takes place in a tokusatsu universe so all the militaries were wiped out in the 70s and now people rely on guys in multicolored suits piloting Megazords to deal with stuff like this.

Realistically nothing, but they have cartoon AND sci-fi logic on their side so they'll pull something out of their ass to stomp the military before the main cast can win.

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Collateral damage I guess

Terrible writing.

Frog EMPs

Diplomatic immunity.

Bombing LA's infrastructure is a bad idea from a logistical standpoint

there is no military. white guys with big guns is problematic now, bigot

Because no sane country is gung-ho about turning one of it's own civilian-filled cities into a sudden warzone.

In-universe, nothing. In the writing room, eleutheromaniacs who bristle at the first sign of genuine conflict and refuse to portray it in what they insist is their "art."

Eleutheromania is defined as "a strong and desperate yearning for freedom"

Literally how on God's green Earth could anyone see that as a bad thing? btfo fascist.

well where are they during all this?

Don't bother responding to the schizo, user. He's the only retard who uses that word, he has an obsession with it.
Ignore him.

>how on God's green Earth could anyone see that as a bad thing?
I don't know what cave you've been living in that the freedom "argument" still makes any sense to you, but you should probably go back to it.

>the only
I remember a Turning Red thread where someone corrected OP's usage of the word.
Take your meds.

Society is divided between people who value Freedom and people who value Safety.

Like LA would notice

>implying the USAF would start dropping bombs on LA instead of using air to air or surface to air weaponry
>Implying the authorities or military haven't shot down planes, drones in public spaces, or damaged infrastructure in order to subdue or destroy a threat

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Try neither.


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it'd be kind of cool to have a story like this, where the villain is basically destined to fail, the hero's only goal is to just stop the collateral damage that would result to the innocents on both sides.

Wakfu season 1

They have instant air superiority and have been monitoring the planet. They're probably gonna first strike nearby airbases / hangers before subjugating L.A.

The show makes no logical and consistent sense and requires enourmos suspension of disbelief to take seriously. It was easy to deal with when it was all about Amphibia because it was an unfamilliar larger-than-life fantasy world but with Season 3 revealing that Amphibia's version of earth is equally illogical and pants-on-head my engagement is waning.

Plot device so they can last more than two hours. Most of these cartoon armies wouldn't stand a chance if any amount of realism was put into the world.

>Why doesn't the military attacks Lord Zed moon fortress
>Why the police doesn't arrest Prof. Doofenshmirtz
>Why isn't the Japanese government stopping the sailor moon villains

Why does /pol/ bother to post here anymore? Do you guys actually watch cartoons?

The difference is that Amphibia wants you to take this seriously as its big climax. Hardly comparabile to pure Doof.

I'm not sure if its what he means, but there does come a point where the supposed freedoms you desire cross over into a kind of extreme narcissism. There is only a thin line between 'freedom to do X' and 'freedom from the CONSEQUENCES of doing x'. If you are 'free to commit murder', for example, that just means you won't be punished for it.

"I want to get away with everything, no one is ever allowed to punish me for anything I do no matter how awful it is because I'M SPECIAL" can easily be rephrased into an argument that expresses it as a desire for freedom. One should never be so enamored with the WORD that they lose sight of the application, because words can be easily twisted.

There is a weird government/spy/villain exosystem going on in P&F

To be fair, it's already a warzone. They're being invaded

Has the government ever tried to stop the monsters in Power Ranger?

That's s lot of assumptions.

>Why don't the police try to stop the sailor moon villains
I think it was implied that they tried to, but was "above their paygrade", in the first couple seasons, at least.

what, they can't put people in magical metahuman prison? how big of an ask can that be?

They probably have force shields surrounding the castle or something.
Also that assassin bot's bomb had enough power to blow up an entire city so those would definitely be a threat.

Surely urban infrastructure is the last thing a military should care about?

ARE there any settings where an exotic force of some kind comes to conquer Earth only to find they woefully overestimated the strength of their own magic/tech when the first military response devastates them and ends their invasion right away?

HFY/Humanity fuck yeah, it's a genre that was popular in internet fiction a bit back, though it rapidly became cringeworthy, but there's still a few gems

Logically speaking, Troy Legacy

The Worldwar alternate universe novel series by Harry Turtledove. Alien lizards show up to conquer a medieval earth with stuff that is a bit more advanced than our modern tech. But instead they arrive in the middle of WW2 and that complicates things.

Are you retards even for real?

people overestimate the reaction time of a government when a threat literally teleport from nowhere instead of being "evil for the past 50 years". The military isn't the avengers, they can't just "see and destroy" something, the whole hierarchy has to approve, especially when it comes to mass destruction weaponry assigned to defend from other foreign threats.

Youma/Daemons/whatever attacks have no witnesses to call it in 90% of the time, and the few times they appear in crowds, all the bystanders are gassed unconscious most of the time anyway. And in true, blue toku fashion, Senshi response times are far faster than any metro police force could even dream of.

Eudial should absolutely be on the traffic division's wall with "SHOOT ON SIGHT" under her mugshot though. Absolutely no way someone didn't call in her station wagon after the 90th time she drove out of a supermarket produce stand or some shit.

Liberals don't understand how the military works. News at 11.

Doof doesn't really do anything criminal, though? He just engages in superdickery. Civil Suits at best.

>low flying
>populated area
>political suicide
>can be used to gain votes if deaths are largely invaders fault instead of USAF

Darcy reverse-engineered Marcy's body. Now the castle is immune to any non piercing damage.

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>Military attack a moon fortress
Logistically harder than you'd think. The moon is not nearby, most of the world military doesn't have surface-to-MOON weaponry.
>Police don't arrest Doofenshmirtz
His weapons usually destroy themselves so there's not even really a noticeable incident beyond Perry having stopped him.
>Japanese Gov't stopping Sailor Moon villains
Those villains get beyond the scope of the Japanese government. It's like asking why the Japanese government didn't do anything about Hollows.

Turtledove does it a lot, he has a short story called "The road not taken" that's literally that.

why would they do it, the mysterious blue ghost of LA dealt with it before they sent the first order

Kinda youtube.com/watch?v=WnWB6yRwixY

But the military should have had the Boonchuy's word of warning by now.

Being non existent since this is a Disney show.

We only got a hint that Earth tec is "pathetic".
If they will adress it in 5 days or soo we will see then.

Stuff like Darcy/The Core implied not to be as smart as thought, Leif's vision being about Amphibia's destruction and the humans having foreknowledge and access to examples of Amphibian life and tech feel like they're pointing towsrds that.

But there's not enough time for that so it's nog happening.

Even gravity falls of all things has at least some military presence

Being Marcy is suffering

Anime example, but GATE starts with a portal opening up in the middle of Toyko and an army of goblins and centaurs and elves and shit storming through and pillaging. It is utter chaos and they appear to be winning for about an hour or two, and then the JSDF shows up with automatic weapons and massacres them back into the portal, takes control of it, establishes a beachhead on the other side, and after building up a camp and doing some exploring eventually counter-invading and expanding their zone of control in the fantasy world.

While a neat concept, it rapidly turns into JSDF wank. not even modern-military wank, but JSDF wank specifically. There is never any tension in the story ever again after they effortlessly kill a dragon, and even when other modern militaries get involved the JSDF is just always better than them.

Its a show that gets made fun of a lot for being so blatantly a nationalist power fantasy that falls apart in the face of any real world facts at all. Like the fact that Japan holds exclusive control over the portal, despite the fact that America has a base RIGHT THERE and by treaty would actually be OBLIGATED to come to their defense.

Why are Americans so fucking mad whenever a foreign country just exists? You sound devastated and barely able to type with all that foaming spit drooling out of your mouth

Not mad, just laughing at the shit writing. This is a story, after all, where a team of like 4 guys who only have 2 guns between them take on fully armed navy seals, spetznaz, and some chinese operatives at the same time and suffer no injuries. Which gets capstones with the unintentionally hilarious line afterwards when they are unmasking the bodies and determine that the navy seals group must be from america not because of any of their equipment, but because one of the men was black and "Only America has black people in its military".