The Bad Guys

It has a successful word of mouth in China, and is doing well in Korea. Also apparently aiming for another good week before MCU rears itself.

HD rip is also out in torrents

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I should pay attention to the credits sometimes

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Quit spamming this shit and die you furry bastard.

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Sing 2 was better.

Don't let china find out all the animal characters are black.

they're dubbed over
The Bad Guys is catholic approved

I love this grumpy noodle!

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Unless they literally change the entire movie then they're still black no matter who dubs them.

When does Japan get it? Looking forward to Wolf and Diane fanart.

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there's already lots of jap fanart

They don't care.

Oh fug you are right. Just checked Pixiv.

They weren't even pretending to hide it.

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These two are so gay

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What does Webs exclaim? Woopang?

>HD rip is also out in torrents
Joke's on you, I am going to PAY for a THEATER showing!

I mean I paid twice. I just want to enjoy the movie forever.

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Mr. Snake is fucking adorable. He just needs a hug.

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Oh Peeetahhh~

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she's the only one who's not a movie celeb right

>As a side note it's a little weird that Snake was so confident that Wolf wasn't going to get fucking murdered. He was mere inches away and had no idea what the style of execution was going to be. Not a big deal but still odd.
He was out of the room before Marmalade activated the trap so he probably didn't think there'd be one.

Whatever happened to the fags posting faggot Wolf art? They conceded defeat?

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Has it not been dubbed in Japanese yet? only mentions the original cast

wow user didn't know you were thirsty for snek x wolf

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what's Stay With Me

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>BG still rated higher than shitty drama movie
Based chinks

power of sexy wolfman

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please for the love of god make an unlicensed figure for them

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Most likely asleep.

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Here comes the deluded fags
God you fags are sad

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Spoke too soon

>asks about gay art
>gets gay art
>complains about gay art

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Sorry but you are delusional, bud, maybe go out and touch some grass

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probably trying out another posting gimmick or whatev

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Why can't fags just admit two characters can be friends withouth them being turned and shipped by raging homos
>but muh he said "i love you" to his buddy! They're secretly gay for each other
Shut up you disgraceful fag, you're the reason why we can't have straight male friendships on media anymore, fuck you you fucking fags
Hope your kind gets killed soon

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>getting mad at shipping
>thinking gay needs two characters

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I don't understand this pretending to care. Generating fake outrage posts to keep thread on page 1? Doesn't work with samefagging.

Kys homo scum, go bat to twitter, you are the reason i hate homos
I'm being honest, name two male characters who have interacted in a tv show withouth them being shipped, i'll wait

I honestly think that guy and the woman-hating user is the same person having schizo bouts. I don't care anyway since I just post art and reports.

speaking of which I dunno why people predict this will still stay strong amidst strange

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>God I wanna see Mr. Piranha top Mr. Shark

Smol spider
deep throat

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>name two characters who have interacted in a tv show withouth them being shipped, i'll wait
Corrected for you. Shippers don't care what makes sense, and they don't care what you think.

This movie really got around with good word of mouth. I am glad it gets by. And the universal love it gets.

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>hur let me prove him right by posting more homo art
I don't mind normal shipper, hell i don't even mind lesbian shippers, but fag shippers can die in a fire

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>likes lesbians
>buy gays are gross
Muslim detected.

Lesbians are hot, fags are gross, simple as

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To a non-gay, yes. But you will achieve nothing, cause you cannot convert everypony into becoming a non-gay regular man :3

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My condolences, but whatever, even the media agrees homo shit is gross, so no need to turn everybody* into normal people, they already are
Reminder, this ship is NOT canon, cope and seethe etc
Pic is the CANON ship

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You are either retarded, autistic, insane, or pretending to be either/all.

t. not the gay shipper, unrelated user

That's too lewd user, Ms.T is for cuddles, petting & consentual kisses

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Not as retarded as the other two weirdos with their shit ships and tastes

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You'd think Universal would take advantage of the positive trend given by the movie. What about a Mr. Wolf walkaround? A 3D ride?

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>HD rip is also out in torrents
link please

Cope seethe etc, y'know the drill, never ever canon :^)

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