Yea Forumssplay thread

Yea Forumssplay thread

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She looks happy to touch breasts with another big-boob girl.

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These threads always devolve into coomer threads which sucks. I'd rather see creative cosplay.

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Rob Schneider in the back

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I miss PDAs.

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I don't get it

Ever seen the Tick cartoon?

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There's a character called chairface chippendale who tried to write his name on the moon with a giant laser. he was stopped before he was done.
For the rest of the series the moon's face read "cha"

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In the episode, "Alone Together", Tick is sent on a mission to erase the moon graffiti, but upon confusing the bomb intended to collapse the letter canyons for his jetpack, Tick blew up the letter C, making the moon spell out HA. He was also blasted into deep space where he met "Omnipotus", a Galactus parody. After being led back to earth by the Tick Omnipotus takes a bite from the moon after being convinced to spare the earth.

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Hollywood spends millions making movies, and yet fans make better costumes in their basements. Sad!

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You have to consider the costume being able to do stunts and shit


Does anyone have any pics of Tallest Silver's ass?

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All hail the king!

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lmao legit hilarious and one of the best BP cosplays. the girls good too i guess

how much pussy did he go home with that night?

i bet the shirtless guys at cons fucking slay

is that mirana

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Also worth posting this iconic piece of Yea Forums history

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Why over tights though? I saw someone else do that to but not that scene

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too much foundation. which is a shame cause shes pretty and fits the character


Anyone got any creepshots of TallestSilver or ass shots? Always wanted to know how that bubble looks.

Fine I'll ask. Who is the character and cosplayer on the right


Am I dumb? Is that Rangiku Matsumoto?

mirana from dota. no idea about the cosplayer though.

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Which question were you answering, user? My ego depends on this


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