Lol Reedfags BTFO

lol Reedfags BTFO

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The Madlads casted him

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Bros I wanted Jon Hamm

>Unstable molecules. It's toasted.

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Everybody else’s vape juice is sus. Lucky Strike’s…is bussin

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>F4 and X-fags waited years to watch them job to Wanda
this movie might get the biggest backlash ever

Looks like a ps3 game


Post more, coward.

How are they going to justify Wendy’s bullshit now?

Insecure white women

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this, those fags were salivating when Disney managed to get them but look what happened first ever appearance they die.
>but its alternate character so it doesn't count
it does kek

>Fantastic 4
I feel sorry for them because the last attempt was a fucking travesty, and just a blatant attempt to retain rights, but I don't know what they were expecting with just a variant of Reed doing anything more but being just a variant and not doing anything too out there.
Fuck them, they had nearly twenty years of movies and did nothing but clamor and whine about the X-Men not being in the MCU to sideline the Avengers and other characters at every opportunity in the franchise that was built by them. If they feel betrayed by Xavier eating shit to Wanda, good, they need to chill the fuck out.

If people thought this movie would be about either of them, then they were delusional to begin with, it's their fault for having these expectations, it's a Dr. Strange movie.

So is this a cameo or is this the MCU Reed going forward?

Also in no comic could Reed ever beat Wanda let alone most offensive mutants with his body alone.

A variant of the eventual main MCU Reed.

Which just leaves a whole town dealing with the Trauma of the event

But will it be the same actor? Because he’s a great actor and I think they should keep him.

Go away Jenna

I see this as a testing the waters thing. Would Jim commit to a multi picture deal? A bit odd we see a variant first


Why didn’t they just get the Reed from the 2005 Fantastic Four movie?

whats the context of this?

I superior Iron Cruise real?

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These are both manips kek
Leaks seem to indicate there was no superior iron man, probably because audiences were gonna get annoyed seeing iron man die again.

Jim quipped "what are you gonna do, turn me into spaghetti?"

I don't know what's happening, people already said the test screening is different from what the final movie is gonna be so I dont know if some of the shit coming out now is fake spoiler bait or legit

Saw the film. No Tom Cruise.

who is that behind reed? Invisible woman?

Is Chadpool in it?

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Captain Marvel / Maria Rambeau

That's a pretty dope FF costume honestly

They didn't bother approaching the Conan guys to get the Film Rights to Shuma, I didn't bother seeing their film.
simple as

you mean the dozen fans that property still has?

someone post the clip

it has a really good rogues gallery and the Thing, nobody gives a fuck about Reed Richards

It's not like not!Shuma is doing anything important in the movie.

Why didn't they cast someone believably intelligent and a leader instead of a smirking doofus with a button nose?

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The past track record isn't so good. Go with someone provably likable.

Glad they didn't ruin him.

You mean the half of that dozen who it still has, and hadn't realized nuMCU can do no right.

>tfw the main costumes we get are worse than these
I'm betting on it

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Didn't they "job" to wanda in house of m anyway

The ones from 2005 or what was it were pretty great.

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Who's on the right? Looks like a captain America alt, but there's already someone with the shield on the left.

Black captain marvel
I think it's her black friend from the airforce

Why does she wear an American flag? Wasn't Rambeau's costume black and white?

Your thinking Monica, her daughter. This is Maria

I see. I assumed Monica was a legacy character for Maria, and sported the same uniform/moniker.

>most anything since 2000 at Marvel

So from left to right, Captain Carter, Black Bolt, Reed and Captain Marvel(Maria)?

> implying comics AND movie wanda wouldn't mop the floor with most characters

she's a beast


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It's Black Bolt being played by the same actor of that horrible Inhumans show?

The movie has a "The Batman" white people bad scene were Wanda complains how even in the multiverse old white guys are in charge

How dare she assume xer gender

It's part of her story arc in the movie how white dudes always try to control her or how there need to control things ruin her life.

Part of the scene before she kills the illuminati is her trying to convince the variant Monica and Peggy to switch sides making the argument and Reed/Black Bolt and Xaiver are just another type of white guy who want control they take a moment to think about it (seemingly about to agree with wanda)before Reed (really ooc) attacks Wanda forcing them to fight Wanda where they die

>White woman who mind raped and enslaved an entire town of people just so she can fuck her walking vibrator wants to preach about how evil old white men are

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They should try hiring some writers at some point.

It seems like they had some semblance of a decent ending before deciding not to trigger the woke feminists

>Part of the scene before she kills the illuminati is her trying to convince the variant Monica and Peggy to switch sides making the argument and Reed/Black Bolt and Xaiver are just another type of white guy who want control they take a moment to think about it (seemingly about to agree with wanda)

Brave. Powerful.

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This can’t be real, Theres just no way they’d be this transparent

It's suppose to be justified (for her)

>Tony Starks weapons killed her family
>Tony Stark kept her prisoner during Civil War
>Ross and the Sokovia Accords which in a flash back shows how it put a strain in her and vizs relationship at first
>Hayward taking advantage of dead vision and the other shit he did during Wanda Vision
>The Illuminati trying to stop her reunite with her children

This leads to a confrontation at the end between her and Strange where Wanda sees Strange as another man trying to stop her and control her even though her actions would cause havoc on the multiverse.

They never make Wanda looks evil just someone whose so mentally drained and fucked up from the years of being an avenger