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Yes, it's Sneed from Big City Sneeds.

DILF thread?

He's so hot.

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do you think that Bill and Gloria ever...?

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What would change if he raised Steven Universe?

Formerly chuck's

Is there porn of them?

Posted sneed


I fucking hate how there are clearly fat fujoshits working on this show that take every opportunity to show bill sweaty and shirtless but we have het to see gloria in a bikini

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I don't watch the show. I literally just come to these threads to simp for Bill.

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I watch and enjoy the show but i hate the lack of gloria tummy shots and the fact that nancy wears a one piece prudesuit whenever shes been shown at a pool. Yet they take every chance they can to show off bills fat frame shirtless and at times even sweaty. Fucking faggots need to inject some sexual fanservice of the women or they shouldnt do it at all. Fuck double standards

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>it’s this thread again
>so soon too

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Cast Bill in the inevitable Disney+ live action version.

For me, it’s Luke Combs. Not sure if he would get rid of his pubic hair beard for the role. Fair trade to see him shirtless though

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im in awe user, based

Post yours

The art style is just a little too simplistic for me. I thought Gravity Falls guys were hot.

I didn't see the word "beard" in that sentence and was about to ask how you knew that.


a lot is still missing. It’s a WIP

>redneck homer

Haha I don't know who this guy is but he looks like he's made of SNEED

More screencaps please. I don't watch this show because it looks like "calarts on steroids" with no noses and such, but this character looks hot.

There was another chub thread about the dad from Turnjng Red. These kinds of threads are appearing a lot lately

literally build for the chuck fuck and suck

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>Dunkey is S tier
That is some niche tas-
>Alex Jones is also S tier

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He's too beautiful bros

You consider him a good thicc Republican boy who did nothing wrong?

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There's porn of Bill, IDK about Gloria

Idk I'm not an ameritard I just like Alex Jones

Just surprised that some of those chubs aren’t even in HH tier. Even on a attractiveness perspective

Judge my taste in thicc guys, pls

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>Peter as perfect.
>Iroh and Greg as bad.
Awful taste.

absolutely terrible, people on here should get banned for their absolute shit taste

>hates the US
>likes shit from the US

wish there's a word to describe weebs obsessed with americans but at the same time hate it.

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Why is Krupp higher than Captain underpants?

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I like my fat guys mean, user

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too lame

Question for Yea Forums: who is the most underrated fat cartoon guy you can think of ?

They’re easy to find in the archives


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Gloria should have become Cricket and Tilly's new mom

Please don’t put those thoughts in my head, I already have a hard time separating Gloria and Sasha’s voice.

>IDK about Gloria
Gloria is the character that got the most porn of the show

>Still no BillxGloria porn
Hope we get some in the future

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He clearly seeded her and fed her a few times


Based on that last tier, I don't think you're a chubby chaser at all, and this is likely bait.

Very bad. Just awful. Disgusting.

Is it weird that I find the frankness of that profile appealing? That's someone who is really just laying the cards on the table.


I don't recognize all of these literal whos


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Jin Lee from Turning Red

It’s bait

>Thompson is a guilty fap
>Jin Lee under “no, fuck you”
Found the contrarian

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Hot take: the dad from Turning Red is mid. He just looks like a 40 year old ProZD.

Of course, Gloria would be more stressed if she wasn't dicked by a good man.