Spogebob has been Cal-Arts defied

This is real

(Also someone tell me how WEBM works)

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Why is this drawn like a Steven Universe crossover?

my first thought as well.

Looks great! Chuds will seethe as usual.

it's what the kids want

Twitter is seething! We did it 4channelbros!

If Nickelodeon could get away with it they would change the art style of the main show to this

I believe that was point, the social media people love making "Spogebob in different styles" videos

Looks great. Spongebob looks more trans-femme which is great.

This is the ugliest shit I've seen all day

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Bad news everyone, Spongebob is Steven

So they’re implying the Steven Universe style is ‘futuristic’, as in all cartoons in the future will look like this?

i fear what cartoons will look like when i grow old

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not clicking that instagram link cause i hate them but that gif looks like fanart

No, it's probably reference to "Steven Universe Future"

specifically Dystopian

shrek do be looking like a gay Puerto Rican

At first I was wondering what the fuck squidward and patrick were wearing while spongebob had his normal outfit but yeah I guess those are gem outfits and spongebob is steven

>patrick with amethyst lips
Fml lol

>It's not fanmade
>It's on the official SpongeBob Instagram

I'm glad I've stopped caring

>Hillenburg died for this

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Spongebob if he modern cartoon network

>in the future

>In the future, every cartoon character will have nigger lips

At least that would be an easy filter to drop garbage.
Good that the SpongeBob Instagram post is receiving a lot of dislike in the comments.

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>Good that the SpongeBob Instagram post is receiving a lot of dislike
Instagram doesn't have dislikes and schizophrenic Nazi

Get an mp4
And click Disable Audio Track

damn least its not looking like family guy

i hear in the future its gonna be implemented but thats probably an afterthought

I hate this, but I can't stop staring.

I believe that SpongeBob: Reimagined was a fun project to see if people would like the idea of the show being made in different styles of animation.


I thought Patrick was wearing BDSM gear

I tried that and the file size was too big

Stop trying to make it super high resolution.
Your webm doesn't need to be any bigger than 540p for posting on Yea Forums.
Bitrate >> Resolution

>Bluepilled fags are this retarded
Nigger, read the post I said a lot of dislike in the comments.

beanmouth shit is worse than family guy

Jesus H Christ someone needs to finds this faggot who made this abomination and beat him with a belt like their fathe should had.

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I like everyone is ingoreing this tibit to whine about Jews and Western Animation

>its 2022
>the future
>a time when high resolution is the peak
>big bitrate bad

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user, please stop being a tech-illiterate retard.
When it comes to video files, bitrate >>> resolution.

I did it.

It was me.

And I'll do it again.

Kids didn't watch Steven Universe.

shut up nerd


Kids don't watch cable television or cartoons

Yuckomundo I'm glad I don't have cable or stream and just pirate everything.

yeah, all kids watch is twitch streams, play the popular game, and jack to hentai or porn mangas on the internet. cable truly lost it's audience but boomers

You sound like the executives in the Simpsons when they made Poochy. "We know what the kids want!"

Kids just want entertainment. These bullshit trends are invented by self conscious adults who try so desperately to remain "hip" and "relevant".

Post it on youtube if you have a problem with it.

>(Also someone tell me how WEBM works)

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Thanks, I hate it.
I wouldn't believe this was real if it wasn't attached to an official account.

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they know what they are doing, the spongebob page posts le funny memes all the time

Such an ugly-ass artstyle.

>Spongebob beanmouth

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Yes and no, they're just using a vaguely positive word because they don't want to say it's Steven Universe.



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I am so fucking pissed

shrek looks got here ngl