FUnbag Friday


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I've already run out of themed images. Perhaps I didn't think this through all the way.

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>>tits so big and amazing, they literally saved her existence

Don't think you'll find a special case like this again, bros.

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Are we talking about something canon here or just that she would've otherwise faded into obscurity years ago without them?

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An aftermath of Crisis on infinite earths was some characters were kept while others were basically deleted, due to editorial choosing who they wanted to keep.

The main reason they killed Supergirl (who grew up to become Power Girl on Earth 2) was so Superman could be the only Kryptonian left since his family has gotten too big. However despite this, Power Girl survived the event and was brought into the continuity despite her heritage l. Seeing that they scrambled to change her origins to keep her around, one can assume that she was kept mainly cause of how eye catching she was, particularly her huge breasts and window. And the rest is messy history.

Fun fact: her original artist Wally Wood felt like noone was paying attention to him, so he drew her breasts bigger every issue till DC noticed.

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>Fun fact: her original artist Wally Wood felt like noone was paying attention to him, so he drew her breasts bigger every issue till DC noticed.

This has been proven untrue, which is kind of a shame.

Bummer. By the way, while I appreciate you starting the thread, it may have been a bit too early this time around.

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I'm going traveling shortly, so I wanted to get the thread up before I left.

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That is some delicious April.

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So glad the 80s design is coming back.

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But did she ever really leave us? That said I'm pretty happy her latest game appearances has increased interest, much like how much more Rouge the Bat art has popped up just from the idea of the next Sonic movie.

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Not a furfag, so I don't care about Rogue, but yea I'm happy 80s April is getting more exposure although you're right, she's still by far the most popular version of April all through these years. When a design works it really works I guess.

I think a key aspect is her jumpsuit, which you'd think would make her look baggy, just really exemplified her natural curves. Also the fact her top was buttoned but still looked big gave a sense that she was actually bigger than we thought.

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To any artist that knows how to draw at a semi decent level, I salute you cause this shit is tough

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Can somebody draw 63 Blueregard Q Kazoo with booba?

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Flatties getting mega tits is kino.

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Always wondered what an American version of the Jungle De Ikou concept (young girl that can turn into a voluptuous magical spirit) would look like. Perhaps a magical being rooted in native American legend or perhaps Hawaiian?

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Not sure the idea would translate well. I think the overall story works when set in Japan using the backdrop and tropes of Japanese culture, I don't think you'd be able to pull it off like that in an American setting, you'd have to change it like Sentai changed to Power Rangers. Plus in 97 that premise would literally have never gotten off the drawing board in America.

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Yeah youre right, was just wondering.

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>This character is supposed to be a desperate lonely spinster who needs to actively kidnap guys to try to get them to like her
It just doesn't work man, I legitimately cannot believe Ice Queen wouldn't have a whole conga line of dudes wanting her to drag them away

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What were they gonna do, make her fat and ugly like Ice King? I mean, that's probably what they should have done, but no way.

She's Ice King's self-insert, of course he's going to make her look attractive.

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She'd turn into a red panda that has to stop 9/11

Official and Proto Blue Diamonds
>the faint thigh highs underneath her dress
Holy crap, someone else remembers Miss America?

Big mama.

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Just go all in and show us the tttty already.

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