Ay yoog, lemme bust out da time wizahd

>ay yoog, lemme bust out da time wizahd
>he can turn da game in my favor anytime i play him since this game has no roolz!

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>Just realising 20 years after the fact that the series doesn't follow the rules of the card game

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>non-targeting destruction in your path
Yeah I'm thinking time wizard is based.

It'd be extremely boring if it actually did

Duelist kingdom was written in manga form before the konami game.

And how does that conflict with my post exactly?

It took you 20 year to realize it you braindead zoomer retard lmao

My years spent replacing actual social interaction with Yea Forums has rendered me in the sad state of viewing anything that isn't my exact opinion as a personal attack, thus I respond with seething rage. My apologies.

>be me, satoshi san
>52 year old lifer at kaibacorp
>work from 9am til whenever boss leaves, usually around 11pm
>boss is teenager who is hellbent on getting revenge on a hobbit with starfish shaped haircut at a children's card game
>most night have to accompany boss to corporate dinners/drinking sessions where he sips hojicha and broods while we are forced to drink copious amount of sake
>get home at 4am
>wife is asleep and has been spending too much time at her personal masseuse lately
>two daughters, sachiko and machiko, just see me as an atm
>considering killing myself in the suicide woods next month

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*Uses it against Yugi and makes DM fucking stronger*

>Tag Duel event in Duel Links
>Drop a huge monster your opponent has no chance of killing
>They set something
>Now it's Joey's turn
>Drops Time Wizard and calls it wrong because he sees no other way of clearing your opponent's field

>yugioh and beyblade were produced solely to sell shit to kids
>tfw your childhood nostalgia consists of nothing of soulless capitalism and exploitation by corporations

>Gives Joey a card that only buffs his trump card
Was Yugi a bad friend?

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Yugioh was not created to sell shit

Well at least you didn't get dismissed like 90% of the staff because of their inability to translate their knowledge of military weapons and government regulations to a children's card game.

i will commit seppuku soon

At least they were trying to sell you fun.

Christ almighty this is one of the most awful boss monsters I've ever seen.
At least gate guardian can kill most other boss monsters in a vacuum. This dude needs so many moving pieces just to get you a spell card.

I never understood Yugioh, although to be fair I didn't really watch it. Can't Kaiba just buy the company that makes these cards? Can't they just make him some kind of 1/1 god card that makes him instantly win. Like the card is "draw and activate this card and you win".

t. Joey

I imagine the card company is probably the only one with more money than Kaiba.

this is what i thought too but from my memories of the shwo i thought pegasus became a good guy who gave up after he lost to yugi, i would think he would give up on maintenance of the game and would be open to giving it to kaiba who was passionate about it

Maybe he could but he wouldn't do that because he still cares about winning fairly
Kaiba is the typical honorable rival trope just cranked to 11 and more ridiculous than average
Also he just didn't want anybody else to have Blue Eyes because that's his waifu

Summoning God is not a very honorable rival thing to do. Nor threatening suicide if you lose

After that episode where he threatened to kill himself if Yugi beat him at Duelist Kingdom he lost his honor to me.

>pegasus became a good guy who gave up after he lost to yugi
I thought he died or was that just manga only

maybe he did desu i cant remember its been so long lol. the few fights i remember most from the bits i watched is the sea battle with mako, the zombie battle, and the perfume girl battle with joey for some reason