He doesn't watch movies in his smartphone

>he doesn't watch movies in his smartphone

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there is nothing wrong with watching capeshit on your phone, since it's not really a movie, more like live action 90's superhero cartoon with budget.

>he doesn’t watch movies on his PSP

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Now if you're playing...the movie on a telephone, you will never, in a trillion years, experience the film. You'll think you have experienced it, but you'll be cheated.

It's such a sadness, that you think you've seen a film on your FUCKING telephone. Get real.

>there is nothing wrong with watching capeshit
yes there is

Movies on TV as a kid to pc as a teen now it's my phone, hopefully when I'm old and have arthritis there will be technology that let's me upload it to my brain.

Damn same here its getting worse by the time

I watch everything on my phone except if it's on youtube, animated or on netflix(because of 4k)

>I watch everything on my phone except all these other things
You're a fucking moron

Sometimes i download movies with data and mirror to TV but when im not feeling like it i just watch it on the phone laying in the bed it's actually conforble

>not being a tablet chad

Zoomers only watch capeshit and similar garbage anyways, so who cares? Nobody besides those drones watches actual TV/films on their phone.

based obese fatlord


>on his FUCKING telephone

imagine being such a soulless npc you gotta carry your juden propaganda with you at all times and consume it at every free moment

Im 28 and i manly watch on my phone because i don't have time to watch anymore and my sister is living with me and her fucking daughter which is 2 years old i hate capeshit too

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>he watches movies

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Why does no one use tablets anymore
Tablets while in bed is perfect, laptops are too sweaty
I don’t use a phone because I have no friends

>He doesn't have a media center pipeline to a large screen television where he can watch and play stuff from bed

Pic is my number and my sister i don't even know my number
>implying you need friends to have a phone
I have it for reading mangas and youtube sometimes watching some movies that are not too interesting

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I'm unironically doing that. Got a 21:9 Phone so I can watch movies without black bars

I download with data and mirror to TV which is a QLED 4k but i still sometimes prefer the phone

I don't own one, I have a flip phone


Danny is a cute girl name
Is she hot
My eyesight is too bad already to do anything productive on a phone

Yes she's redhead but it's used up now and on her 30's

I do this during flights.

I watch almost everything on my phone nowadays. Nobody uses TVs anymore