Is Bree based? Shes a cutie

Is Bree based? Shes a cutie

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She most certainly is not

unequivocally yes


I'd suck on her tits and cum on her rectangle head, iykwim

She's based and repdilled and a gamer just like me.

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I've had femdom fantasies of her. Don't know if this answers your question

Yes and i love her

shes a dumb vapid liberal tho..

she likes niggers so much, she dates them
shes an asslet though

What's that black stuff leaking from her nipples?

based? no
now would that stop me from bbc doing anything with her even tho she’s far out in the left? hello no

she reminds me of elon musk

shes basically a toilet for black men

i would watch her desu… even tho i hate her politics

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>old woman acting like a child

why did it change a word to bbc? lol

She hates white men

She’s cute but unfortunately a coal burner

When I see a pretty girl in a movie, I think two things. One part wants me to take her out, talk to her, be real nice and sweet and treat her right but the other side wants to see what her head would look like on a stick

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>"I don't hate white dudes"
>uses the death of Stan Lee to promote herself on social media

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>cum on her rectangle head

lol what uh hello that's pretty based

How the hell is that lynchian? That's literally always been reality.

She's a 30 year old woman dressed like a 23 year old art hoe.

Could she wreck the other MCU actresses with a big strapon?
She looks like she would be merciless.

>tits or gtfo captain foot fungus.

Lead in a billion dollar franchise and needs to twitch beg. Embarrassing

pretty hot no?

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>academy award winner becomes e-thot
only in 2020

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>mfw she quits it in 2 weeks when the depraved incels start asking her for pee jars

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Everyone should follow their passion

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has she always been a gaymer :o