New ongezellig thread?

New ongezellig thread?

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Mymy dog

Nice dawg. What kind of breed is it?

tf is a ongezellig?

A Mongolian cartoon

no wonder its shit

dutch is not a real language and I’m tired of pretending that it is

Ach houd toch je smoel, kankermof.

Massa invented a new language just for this cartoon?

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No thank you?

>Look up Dutch
>Look up relationship of Germanic languages with English
>Bump into info on Low Saxon, and the German-Dutch dialect spectrum
>Bump into info on obscure Germanic languages like Franconian
>Bump into info on dialect spectrums of French (langues d'oïl), Spanish, Italian
>Bump into info on the absolute enigma that is Basque
>Bump into info on the former-enigma that is Hungarian
>Bump into info on the cluster of distant relatives of Finnish and Hungarian around the Volga River
The more you look up the truth about
languages, the more you realize how little you really know.

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shit reeks french breD

Are there any other Dutch indie animators I should watch?

mymy looks a bit different...

Maya hates women (including herself)

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how long till the next episode comes out

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2 weeks

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I need to cum inside mymy........

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/r/equesting the blondie and black-haired one having sex.

They're sisters you know

And ?

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Will trudging through Duolingo Dutch courses get me a MyMy gf?

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She will kick you in the balls because of your accent

Probably not. In lore she's saving herself for a 7ft+ dutch chad/ubermensch. It's over for all of us...

Sorry dude, either you're a real Dutchman or Mymy won't even notice you.

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First impression of Coco:
>She cute and wholesome
After watching Ongezellig:
>There's a storm brewing under that sweet smile
Seriously though, from physically abusing Mymy to hanging Maya out of a window for the 'no parents' remark...Coco's fucking scary.

>Seriously though, from physically abusing Mymy to hanging Maya out of a window for the 'no parents' remark...Coco's fucking scary.

You can't really blame her. She has both a little orange goblin and a serial ADD bed creaker as sisters. Her house would probably burn down if she didn't do anything.

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coaliest coal on 4cuck rn

>a little orange goblin
oh my god imagine if there was fanart of mymy as a goblin that would be so fun!

>bed creaker
why does mayas bed creak

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Who are your friends, Maya? Why is your trash bin stuffed with moist tissues, Maya?

She wants a night of colonization with mymy

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Whats interesting, is that Coco may be logically dumb, but is probably quite socially inteligent.
She figured out that Maya has no real friends before Mymy (picrel)

But I doubt she actually knows why Mayas bed creaks at night. Meanwhile Mymy knows for sure, but she keeps asking to annoy Maya.

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>Hanging Maya out of a window for the 'no parents' remark...

I still don't get why she said that, Coco wasn't even mean to her. She needs to drop her oriental cartoons for a bit it's roting her brain out.

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>But I doubt she actually knows why Mayas bed creaks at night.

It's no rocket science really.

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Hi malone

Linguistics is cool. Want an easy alphabet to learn, pick up Cyrillic. The nice part about it is in Russian at least, once you know the sound each character makes you can pronounce everything cuz it's always the same in nearly every circumstance.

Is this a Royal Tanenbaum reference?

Maya was just being a bitter little bitch, you know how those loner types are.

Why isn't she also bitter to mymy then ? Is she scared of her retaliation? Or Coco's nice attitude made her thought she would stand a chance ?

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Yeah, I got into that rabbit-hole some time ago and linguistics IS a fascinating subject to get into. On a related note, I used to spend hours looking at phonetics sound charts and being amazed at just what the human mouth can do.


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make me

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>>/qa/ posting

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Overly nice and encroaching people are really annoying for neets. While Mymy might be a temporary annoyance, Coco is trying really hard to involve Maya in everything and is trying to kill a neet in her.

The fact that Mayas mental illness/neet behaviour is so well written leads me to suspect that Maya might be a self-insert or Massa knew a neet(s) like her.

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>Both sisters were literally one sentence away from derailing deel 2 into hot steamy sister sex.

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The reality is that there's only one real language, Spanish.

I'm going to tell Coco you abuse puppies for fun.

what's the ratio of Dutchfags vs other nationalities in these threads?

Coco has a spot of the tism of the I'll keeo pushing till I get what I want variety. Maya was right to be annoyed with her constant prodding.

Maya felt wounded and so went for the easiest bit of ammo she could to hurt Coco back. If the series has one running theme in the whole of its 20ish minutes, its that the automatic things we feel emotionally compelled to do to protect ourselves only make things worse, starting with the relatable and funny (Maya hiding in her room and Mymy rejecting her Japsterdamlich heritage) to the painful and dangerous (loneliness and dead family).

Idk but im not dutch. I wonder more how many people here are actual petje's.

Yankee. I found Ongezellig looking for German immersion material and making a typo ("cartoons auf Deutsch" v. "cartoons auf Dutsch").

I'm Dutch, and this board trying to understand the Dutch culture and language is fucking hilarious. Especially when someone tries to use Google translate and ends up sounding like they've got brain damage.

Alle Duitsers zijn heaumeau.

>from physically abusing Mymy
She's been hanging around the Armenians too much

please no

Dutchfag here, it's great that this classic YTP'er is now making a full on Dutch animations with fun character. Let's hope for some more soon two weeks.

In every abuse user image, canonically, Coco is the one doing the abuse.