Why do we pretend to hate it?

Why do we pretend to hate it?

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Because the contrarian in us refuses to like something with such a large and embarrassing fanbase. Shit was cool in 2014, but now it's just embarrassing

We can't love things Reddit likes even if they're objectively awesome

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it's better than most stuff on TV but that wasn't a high hurdle to jump


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You can only watch joyless space shenanigans for so long before you start to detest how much the show hates the idea of itself and its audience. Never forget that to the show you are Morty.

If anything watching the first season, I was pretending to love it. It's good but I can't say I've ever laughed out loud watching it.

>the show hates the idea of itself and its audience

I watched the first episode and liked it. Then Yea Forums told me I hate it. Something about pickles so I didn't watch more

If R&M is reddit, then what is Yea Forums?
South Park?


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Ah the famed reddit and memey, the old diarrhea dilater, the show turning men into FAGGOTS, NIGGERS and TRANNIES. TRULY my anushole is blessed to be expanding for donkey dong and expelling chunky bloody shit to the orphanage.

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Everything from western media is considered reddit, only anime is Yea Forums.

What matters in the show? Morty has died countless times and Rick is literally suicidal in multiple episodes. The family doesn't matter since it's just a pretense for additional characters, they all hate each other anyway. The plot doesn't matter because Rick knows how the trick is done before the show starts. Even life and death doesn't matter since it's just an inconvenience that can be reversed or replaced entirely with another set of characters from another universe. It's all a nihilistic exercise in watching the rat run around the wheel. All you get is the sound and the color.

Apparently that's enough for some people, but I think the show hates you for it. Each episode gets more cynical and bottomless. The ties to joy are lost in the older episodes because I think the creators of the show want you to figure out how the trick is done. They want the rat to figure out how to leave the cage but it looks like the rat will never be smart enough.


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hang yourself

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back to r/anime with you, subhuman

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Based barneybot shitting on Reddit threads.

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