What did he mean by this?

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louie.. i'm louie

he meant "everybody"

Felt bad for that mother, man. Her beta husband was no help.

I think he was trying to make a point about the powerful Japanese pre-war industrial corporations known as the Zaibatsu.


He said he ate the bat soup.

>god made him that way to make me learn a lesson
>i always pray for him to take the autism away

>Ate some bat soup!
Holy shit did he predict the coronavirus?

Was he gonna rename it to the Mishima Zaibatsu?

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Foo-foo-food, me me me.



"Get the Bat-Suit"

souwa cawwets

He's actually trying to word "everybody" as he's greeting the whole room. Thing is, what you're seeing as autistic is actually himv setting the dominance hierarchy in order. This towering person descended from the stairs while everyone else was on the ground, holding a object similar to a golden chalice. Donned in nothing else but small undergarments, he is conveying to the people that he is the emperor with his new clothes. Etsubatsu is critical here, because in its core, it's just everybody. He disregards the preceding word of greeting, and just says "everybody". That is enough to address that he has acknowledged the room, while not forfeiting his dominant position by giving unnecessary pleasantries.
This is the furthest thing from an autistic simpleton, he has in that small allotted time shown the people he is the one in charge. Furthermore, when he shows his volatile side by exploding in a maelstrom of carnage, this is him showing the people that he is capable of warding off danger. Pulverizing his head in a flurry of hits, he says that even he isn't exempt from the woes of man and if need be, will destroy himself if the situation ever came to such a critical point. This man is a God.

>got a follow up to porn ep
>2 follow ups to westboro baptists
Is it time for an etsubatsu update?

Its been confirmed he was saying Xbox in Japanese

There is a theory that autists are super advanced humans, but the more advanced they are the less they can communicate with us. We don't know yet if this is because what they know is so advanced it would be dangerous for us to have that information (like giving sub-Saharans who never invented the wheel automatic assault weapons).

It sounds like some naruto jutsu, he probably tried to do some genjutsu on Louie, but Louis chakra was to powerfull to have an effect on him, that's why he sperged out later

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It’s an American salutation. A bit like how the french say “bonjour” or the English say “hello”

No need. They’re all still weird freaky artists, but I reckon are probably my trannies too

beat me to it

In the highly advanced conlang he has developed to communicate information more efficiently and faster, that outwardly simple utterance "etsubatsu" contains an entire philosophical principle condensed into an easily digestible verse meaning "I have free will to do what I want but I choose to oscillate"

am autist, can confirm i'm etsubatsu

How are you so fluent in retard user?

My mother is one

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Can one of you guys makes a Naruto thread , i would do it , but last time i got permabannned on my phone and my I.P is static.

That's downs numbnut