Are there any movies that pass the sexy lamp test?

Are there any movies that pass the sexy lamp test?

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who tf finds lamps sexy?

Name a movie where a male character is just added as a "sexy lamp".

>>women with all these stupid tests.
how about you just make your own fucking movies.

Name a female romance novel where the male could be something more than a sexy gun or a sexy wallet.

um sweaty they do... but racist, sexist incels like yourself don't watch them

why do I have to watch them? They're the ones bitching they don't exist.

Brick loves Lamp

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How many movies actually fail this though?

Woman are worthless whores, bags of flesh, and deserve the worst.

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Wow how trve can one be!

irl making movies requires shit like staying up late and working 14 hours straight which is sexist to make a woman do.

The easiest way to pass this test is to simply not have any women in it what so ever

The real redpill is realising that much of human history and achievement fails this too. I wonder why?

people always forget that all these tests were created as jokes

Guys it may be a shit movie... but do I win?
>She doesn't change his mind
>Earth is destroyed

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are there any movies with no women?

unironically neck yourself, faggot


most people

name one movie that can't be improved by having a cute girl in it

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hnnnng fuck bros

Lawrence of Arabia

It hurts user

>that little smirk as she does it
i need more

Ghostbusters reboot

The Thing comes to mind

your test is stupid
>yeah, well it was just a joke!
every time

jokes don't exist


There are female voices tho idk if that counts.

Fuck bros
It’s perfect

I need to bite her ass.

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wtf is this

Female chess computer voice

only the good ones

Coomer ants


Based and Boatspilled

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Charlie's Angels Full Throttle

The Thing