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Will Disney go bankrupt soon?

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I wish.

Your mom.

I have been worried about this same thing op. I have shares of Disney stock, and they’ve been doing nothing but go down.
Is this the end of Disney or will they bounce back? Disney is doubtless in trouble for a lot of reasons, but they’re also one of those giant megacorps that it’s hard to imagine them just outright failing. They could conceivably bounce back and become a success again
Should I buy the dip, hold and wait, or sell to get out while I can without losing all my money? I just don’t know.

Elon will buy Disney, kick the woke out, and return it to its former glory.

Honestly you should buy more stock stocks this lower price. In the end you'll make all your "losses" back AND a little more because of your business acumen.

I've heard that disney was days away from bankruptcy like once a week since 2017

Is this “woke” in the room with us right now?

Last I heard the "woke" was moving to Canada if Trump won in 2016, so there's no way it's still around. "Woke" wouldn't be a lying sack of shit, would it?

The state of Florida would have to pay the Disney corporation back over a BILLION dollars to cover the bonds to be able to follow through with any of the teeth of that dumbass law.
And if they did follow through with it, then Disney would get out of having to pay the 160 million dollars a year for the upkeep of the roads/sewers/water/electrical/garbage pickup for their city-state nestled in central Florida. And then there would be a massive permanent tax hike on the residents of those counties to cover what Disney is no longer covering.

The mouse, like it or not, isn't losing this fight. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to actually read the legal agreements surrounding Disney's hold over Florida and spend less time meming.

Since they bought fox?
Sounds untrue

disney will never go bankrupt

disney is american culture. it's on the same level as mcdonald's or nike's. it will never die. they might get bought by another bigger company, but disney will never die. americans basically have no culture other than what the mouse is doing.

The same was true for Moxie 80 years ago.


There's no way. You're just delusional.

Much as I wish they would, no.


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Go woke go broke after all.

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Says they're clowns right there on the username, don't know why people take their doomsaying seriously.

>shitposts /pol/ memes to cope with ugly ass gf leaving him for trannie
>followers started spamming "nigger faggot kys" the moment the buyout occured

What's happening to Disney literally is a conspiracy though. It's pressure from Republican powers in control of the state of Florida trying to extort the company into changing it's political outlook. The lieutenant governor openly admitted to this on Twitter. It's highly fucking illegal to use the powers of public office in this way and it's going to come back and bite a gigantic chunk out of their asses.

It looks like the exact opposite of reality especially considering Donald Trump

>Go woke go broke after all.
I agree! pic unrelated.

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Ah, it's only okay when the left does it, I see. Just like everything else.

This. I hate how crazy some sections of the left have become, but I feel the same and even more so towards the right. You will get no allegiance from me after storming the Capitol and refusing a peaceful transfer of power. And now some of these dipshits went from being “Free Speech Warriors” to wanting the government to go after companies for being “woke” or wanting to ban books

IF they do, it'll be from making a string of lousy movies and running various franchises into the ground through over-saturation.

It won't be because of deSantis and his right-wing rubberstamp legislature. As pointed out, success would entail Florida taxpayers being on the hook for an awful lot of moolah.
The GOP probably can't do it at all. Under Florida law, Special Districts CANNOT be dissolved without the consent of a majority of the landowners in the district. And that's Disney.
No idea if deSantis knows (or even cares) about the legality of his actions. He's just grandstanding, hoping to grab the Trump idiots when he tries for President in 2024.

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This is the weirdest new talking point
>desantis is actually helping disney and hurting the taxpayer
Okay, so why did Disney shoulder this burden for so long with no complaints? In fact, why did they fight to keep shouldering this burden? Why was Disney asking for special treatment that would specifically treat them worse?

no. the federal government would bail them out. can't let their propaganda arm die after all.

> storming the Capitol
It wasn't even storming from the footage I saw, it was a bunch of boomers going on a white house tour and then one woman getting shot by a cop.

it's so refreshing to see a reasonable observation on here.



Really planning on executing people and hang and politicians and going past police barricades I mean you got to be smart enough to realize those bear came and you weren't supposed to be there even if the police don't kill you on sight or use copper Wyatt Earp because their superiors did not want to give them good equipment to be able to get there and able Be at the Capitol and breaking in place as any idiot would tell you you're not allowed to be in.

fuck off libcuck FAGGOT


Where are you fucking babies coming from? Who on twitter told you about Yea Forums? Go back.

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>calls me a baby
>whilst freaking out over somebody having a differing perspective from yourself

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Why do you faggots all say, literally, word for word, the exact same retarded shit?
Can you not even rephrase things in your own words?

Reminder that Trump won and all liberals will get the bullet.

Was gonna make this exact post.

You see one word being used when it's the perfect word to describe things in a completely separate sentences and you see it as word for word the same thing?

Blonald Blumpf is a moderate, pro gay rights liberal who passed a bunch of pro-black financial legislation while constantly disavowing white supremacy.
As someone who is an actual nazi, calling blumpf "literally hitler" is incredibly insulting to Uncle Adolf.

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>the right is full of people who didn't get weirder and more nationalist
Why would he lie?

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Absolutely not as much as the boomers and right wieners want it too, it sure as fuck won't. Lol
The Disney has had setbacks but it can recover easily from stuff like this and has many times. Plus, the only reason people hate Disney now is because LGBTQ+ exist and Disney acknowledges that. I tell you for people that characterize "the left" as snowflakes right wieners will find ANY reason to cry and shit their pants.
>wah that person with a beard is wearing a dress
>wah my child wants to be called she and not he
>wah my daughter thinks girls are cute
None. Of. These. Fucking. Things. Effects. You. In. Any. Way.
It's called expression, these are the kind of motherfuckers that go to an art museum and see an abstract piece and go "heh I don't get it Nancy, it's way over my head. Imma go grab grabba hot dog"

Tl;dr Disney can and will bounce back and LGBTQ+ people are people like you and me(well I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community but whatever)

A bunch of boomers were calmly escorted in the capitol by police officers.
"Storming" more accurately describes my walk to the bathroom going to take my morning shit than the boomer protest.

bruh you think men can get pregnant and want to chemically castrate children in a repeatedly failed experiment to change their sex

>calmly escorted in
they literally broke in

consider this suggestion.

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let us also not forget their billions of dollars in damages

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If anything its more like a tug of rope with right going crazier and crazier off the deep end as they drag the dems to the right. Easier to point out now the crazier righties than lefts now.

Those police officers only did anything non-threatening against down because they did not want to be killed by the angry mob who they know intended to kill people .It was still have a lot of people out number in the cops who intended to commit violent acts in and would gladly use physical Force to do it so yes storming is appropriate .

bruh you think white genocide is real and want cops to use military equipment to slaughter thousands of poor people in a failed experiment to reduce crime rates.

Out of curiosity, what's your opinion on the attack that hospitalized 60 secret service agents during the riots?

the argument was that they were peacefully escorted in, which I corrected--not that it was a tragic, massive loss of life.

nice shift of the goalpost, though.

>abloobloobloo those unarmed geriatrics were going to going to murder me with their motorized scooters
Yes, but only local police, and that experiment has proven highly effective.

That's funny because most of those protests were quite peaceful and did not intend to kill anyone. And also most of the damage that happens happens afterwards by people who hate black lives matter even the police admit that . That's why all the fires you see supposedly set my black lives matter happen at night.

>Get crushed against door like your other coworkers
>open door

Yea hard choice there

They were misdirected so that they wouldn't get to the congressmen. Also like to know what tours you've been on that has boomers put people in hospital.

You're still gay.

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>ad hom
>no argument
Thanks for playing; concession appreciated.

Because relying on the government for those services is a pot shoot depending on where you live. You'll either have nice and tidy roads or a pot hole shit show that the government will get to when ever.

So because image is everything for the mouse, they probably did the calculations and realized it'd be more profitable in the long term to take over the vast majority of functions.

It's time to cum

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The footage shows that they were escorted inside by police, and your posts in this thread so far indicate that you are, in fact, a homosexual who lusts after men's penises.

When the majority of Americans who have clinically significant levels of lead poisoning from decades of industrial and automotive pollution have died, then maybe things will start finally getting better.

The footage shows that they broke into the fuckin' place and set up a gallows like a bunch of uncivilized savages--you bootlicking fuck.

This will be your future.

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You do know Dave went through multiple police barricades with the police just did not have the equipment to stop them without using immediately deadly force ? If you're going past multiple police barricade design because of what you're going to do and you know that you know you're breaking the law .

>set up a gallows

Honestly, if the modern Democratic party were a just a little more right-wing, both economically and culturally, it would be the ideal political ideology.

>gorrilabrain cant into logic/reasoning
you're no better than an animal.