Has Grant ever been around a single kid in his life?

Has Grant ever been around a single kid in his life?

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>spam thread posted for the thousandth time completely taking the quote out of context for another round of Yea Forums falls for bait again

He's right. Fuck plotfags, and fuck nitpicking YouTube video essayists.

Who is he quoting?

Shut up consoomer drone. Establishing rules of a universe is one of the most basic writing rules and getting mad about it shows that your writing doesn't stand up to the most basic scrutiny.

I hope not the paedo weirdo roaster shite

Wouldn't be surprised if this retard is the same one spamming those "As long as it's entertaining it's good" hate threads or the recent Moore threads

It is.

Ironically choosing Little mermaid animals actually make the least sense.

You can argue that in Atlantis everything talks because it evolves differently, but I remember the seagull talks which really hard to explain that

In Pocahontas the animals are smarter than regular animals but don't talk.

In beauty and the beast, the furniture is the staff under the same curse as the beast.

In Hunchback the statues are just part of Quasimodo fractured mind.

"Has he? If he has then he's violated the terms of his plea deal. Bring me the arrest warrant. That sick pervert's going away for good this time."

Hi Mr.Enter, how is your day going :3

This is correct. Stop being retarded.

>Has Grant ever been around a single kid in his life?

I hope not

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He didn't have any friends growing up, he's a loser like his entire fanbase

>Shut up consoomer drone.
>telling people to stop obsessively nitpicking works of fiction is being a consoomer
star wars fans, star trek fans, and capeshit fans are all the biggest consoomers on the planet and this is all they ever do.

>establishing who pumps the Batmobile's tires is one of the basic rules of writing
What's it like being retarded?

He said basic rules you idiot, not minor trivia

Based. Fuck rabid fans.

>implying Glaswegians have a childhood

is this you?

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Didn't Gordon jump on the Bat-bandwagon pretty quickly in Year One?

>Reductionism into strawman
Establishing how the fuck Bruce keeps maintains and works on all his gadgets is a pretty basic detail of the world in batman. Even a 4 year old would ask that question. Being unable to answer the most minor questions about how your world works means that you're a shit writer.

Not that user but the statement might as well be a metaphor, it just means the willingness to suspend disbelief where appropriate. To just fill in mental blanks and go with it.

Grant thinks Batman doesn't have an endless supply of brand new tires to replace old ones with.

>To just fill in mental blanks and go with it.
>"Don't question just consooooom!"

>Being unable to answer the most minor questions about how your world works means that you're a shit writer.
So good writing is holding the audience's hand and explaining every detail some manchild could possibly ask about? Batman pumping his tires and fixing up tacticool gear is beyond the scope of the average Batman story.

Question things that matter, not irrelevant trivia.

What is the context then?

Nerds don't like children because they may touch their toys

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he is correct, children who arent low IQ tend to stop believing most magical things around 5, 6 years old.

Not so much on the bandwagon as he was more focused on corruption in his own ranks. It's the end where he decides he's truly an ally.

Good writing stands up to scrutiny and people asking the most basic questions about a setting. Yes.

Based Grant. Some writers do use this as a crutch but there is such a thing as suspension of disbelief which brainlets can't understand. The best a story can do is follow its own internal logic. Chasing absolute realism is laughable and something only a pseud would think is possible.

But these aren't really questions that destroy the setting they're pointless minutia. All these dumb questions add nothing to setting of substance, despite the meme of being a consoomer don't ask questions, only dumb consoomers ask these questions then lap up the compendiums that tell them said answers. The meme they stole it from even makes fun of these exact people multiple times.

>But these aren't really questions that destroy the setting they're pointless minutia.
How does batman maintain anything he has is pointless minutia? What?

I bet he’s legally not allowed to be around kids.

Yes, the maintenance of his equipment is rarely relevant to the stories at hand. It becomes even dumber in that his ever advancing technology makes these questions even easier to come to your own conclusions on. The story isn't about who pumps the Bat tires, what the author wants to say isn't really centered around the Bat Tires. The setting isn't foundationally built on those bat tires. This WOULD be a relavant question if say Batman got a flat that put the Batmobile out of commission in the middle of the movie and he had no time to get it repaired or contact anyone to come retrieve it. Then later in that same sequence he somehow has the Batmobile back, with no effort to explain what happened. The writing would have a plot issue in that they made it a dramatic sticking point that the Batmobile had a flat that was a problem for Batman but then just made it a nonissue that was never explained.

>How does batman maintain anything he has is pointless minutia?
are you seriously saying that every batman comic from now on needs a scene where he pumps his own gas and sharpens his batarangs

If I accept the bet, how would either of us ascertain who is right?

>people are weirded out by the batmobile tires
Is this a real thing?

Some cartoon adaptations have alfred working on batmans stuff. Sounds more like people are obsessed with trying to tear down batman.

theres a difference between suspension of disbelief shit like a character having powers and the plot being shit though

No but how the fuck does batman maintain all of this 30 million gadgets should be answered, even in the most basic of ways in an off hand line, etc.


Little mermaid is a bad example because it is a fairy tale, Magic and talking animals are expected.

Yeah psycho fans are the worst, I mean like with Mark Chapman and Ricardo Lopez, by the way how much percentage of the fanbase are psycho fans?

Man he must stuff like Astro City

He's a billionaire, that's your answer.
If you are not satisfied just make up some retarded bullshit in your head and run with it, nobody will care.

I hope not

does Prince Eric hear Sebastian anyway?
I just assumed that the mermaid PoV character can hear the animals like aquaman

he's not allowed within 500 feet of them anymore

>>establishing who pumps the Batmobile's tires is one of the basic rules of writing

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Not a lot honestly and the worst of which don't really reach the heights of Manson or such.
On topic, I really like the weird ugly dude that was Bruce's tech guy back before Loeb killed him.


A talented writer would take a question like that as a prompt to write a funny or interesting explanation. Grant Morrison is a fucking hack, so instead he whines like a baby.

From what I gather it might just be all one autist spamming the:
- Grant Morrison Batmobile quote threads
- Grant Morrison "superheroes shouldn't be assholes" quote threads
- "as long as it's entertaining it's good" threads
- "edgy is a meaningless term" threads

He ostensibly jerks off to The Little Prince, Andersen and the Grimm fairy tales as peak kid entertainment. I could be wrong but all his OPs seem to be written all in this same pretentious douche style, at least from my occasional glance at them.

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>Grant Morrison is a fucking hack
Seriously. Does anyone else remember that "guide to the X-Men" or whatever the fuck that he wrote?

The dude basically outs himself as a vanity-obsessed poser who cares more about style over substance. God, I hate attention whores like him so Goddamn much.

You cannot realistically fill in every single blank until you release entire issues dedicated to just spouting exposition or separate lore dump encyclopedias. And these things might be interesting in their own right, but they have little to do with actual storytelling.

Why don't you give this quote a rest for a few days? Find a quote from Warren Ellis or Chester Gould or somebody.

Prop up straw man, knock it down, congratulate self,

This is the same shit as demanding every single superhero movie to include a backstory. Gordon having trust in Batman is a staple of the Batman mythos, it's one of the core things of the premise. Some stories go into more detail as to how that happened but this movie is not one of those stories.

What strawman? Name a piece of media that explains every little logistical detail of the setting without resorting to releasing separate content focusing exclusively on the lore.

I assume user meant that he never said you need to actually "explain every little logistical detail", he's just demanding that stories establish internal consistency
In which case, he's right, you did strawman him