Harley deserved to get arrested or killed for what she did to Tim Drake. She's as bad as the Joker

Harley deserved to get arrested or killed for what she did to Tim Drake. She's as bad as the Joker.

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Haha true. But she's hot so she's forgiven. That's just the way men work.

Casualfag here. What did she do?

Yes she should have died when she fell off of that cliff or been beaten to death by Babs.

tb.h I prefer that version of Harley from Gods and Monsters where she didn’t have Joker and became a serial killer on her own. But she still got killed by Kirk Lanstrom Batman.

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She deserves to have her clussy decimated by my average size dirty cock.

mental and physical torture to help the joker
brainwash Tim into his mini-me.

this, menfags btfo again.


Just don't be fat.

They made sure you knew she deserved it

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Kidnapped and tortured Tim Drake until they turned him into a Joker Jr.

That's the way women who do shit like that or are protected by men think.
It's also how pathetic limp dick cucks who don't actually interract with women in any meaningful way think.

IRL a bitch does something like that, if the head cunts and simps in charge don't know anything about her she "commits suicide".
Or is beaten to death by other women or men.

Haha, yeah...

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Gotta say, that was probably one Tara Strong’s better sounding Harley takes.

So that’s how they tortured and mind broke Tim Drake? Interesting.

How did they explain this shit away?

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If something is never brought up again it basically didn't happen in comics.

Didn't Batgirl threw her off the cliff or something?

Batgirl didn’t throw her, they both fell and she tried to save Harley. Harley survives.

She also partook in the shit that made Supes snap in Injustice. Why didn't he kill her right away too?

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It's not like she came back from that as Harley. She survived and quit and became a family woman. Maybe Batman confronted her while she was living her civilian life and he decided to give her a chance but that's just how he is.

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fat people are spiritually male.

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it would be cool if they actually had an up to date reference sheet of demographics populations and happenings in the DC earth and the stories actually took from and influenced that spreadsheet.

Reminder that the shitty Adventures Continue by Dini and Burnett had her actually think Jason Todd's death was going too far and indirectly saved him from genuinely getting killed.

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Doom has done worse

I love DCAU babs so fucking much bro

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I still love that Babs kept tanking missiles like it's nothing. I guess when Harley brings a bazooka to a fistfight, Batgirl can stop fucking around.

She fucks batman on a roof and she and bats indirectly let the joker and harley torture robin by not informing dick and gordon...because they wanted to keep their shagging secret
Also she got pregnant by bats and was planing on passing it off as dicks....if she didn't lose it by trying to fight a guy in an alley.

Babs is now bad candy.

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You have the one where she grabs Batman's cape, so he doesn't "Batman goodbye" her?

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Is it in the same episode?


Batman villains only get away with all the shit they do because they live in shitty Democrat-run states that keep trying to rehabilitate serial-killing subhumans whereas Southern states would have just put them to death after the first murder and been done with it.

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Nevermind, I've found it.

>mass murder
>the murder of hundreds of children
Fuck that cunt
when did this even happen?

Don't worry, Terry's on the job

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It'll never happen. Batman Beyond was a fever dream.

I've been writing a story about Harley Quinn raping Dick Grayson when he's Robin. Some real /ss/ shit. It's not even just about the smut anymore, though. It's actual an entire metaphor of the behavioral patterns which follow the victim's triangle or the constantly shifting dynamic within it through unconciously lashing out our desires. It's become the most thematically well-woven story I think I've plotted. THere's also a surprise twist about a supporting character/henchwoman for Harley. It's all sorts of weird. And hot. But yeah, I kinda wish I were awake enough to explain it because it's gonna be kino having Harley mommyfuck the shit out of a young Dick Grayson. I need sleep.

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By dint of the event itself making no goddamned sense, whatsoever.
Software update of a game cartridge makes game handhelds explode. It's asinine.

I remember people arguing the explosions were just Harley being lost in a hallucination or some shit, but in the very next page her and Deadshot are standing in front of a building with multiple blown out windows. I guess the Society and Crime Syndicate buttfucking all of Earth immediately after this happens just meant it could never be addressed.

Please. None of them are black.

Usually, if something really really dumb happens in the comics, it's simply ignored until it's forgotten. Comics are collaborative efforts after all, if everyone tried to fix everyone else's dumb mistakes, the continuity would require Flashpoints every few years or so.
Basically, take whatever you want as canon or not, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Neat story idea. That reminds me of my headcanon that Harley helped Joker by raping Tim Drake into being mini-Joker, calling Tim ‘puddin’ and everything. Basically some good old fashioned /ss/ and mind break.

Killer Croc is black.

Well, not visibly.

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The only other black batman villain is albino.

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>watch how super villains just get release after she and bats put them in
>polices are useless as fuck
>Joker and Harley break Robin
>had enough of that shit
>decided to be the commissioner
>super villains almost become non-existent
>other than inkgirl, the that do exist only lasted like 1 or 2 episode
>otherwise, its just a bunch of kid gangs fighting each other

One can dream

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Yeah that scene made her irredeemable. You know Joker is fucked up so you take it for granted, but Harley being completely okay with (or even amused by) a child being tortured for months until he's mentally broken is pretty disturbing.

Didn't she do the same in Flashpoint

>for months
Wasn't it just a couple weeks?

I bet she raped him too

You’re right. Barbara mentions Bruce and her spent 3 weeks looking for Tim.