Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers

New trailer:

Confirmation the Pluto leak is real

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Did the spoilers also mention Peter Pan?

Here's the Pluto leak if you aren't aware

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Hahahahaha Jews make enough crappy movie trying to get nostalgia bucks… and they failed again!

>KiKi Layne
To the surprise of absolutely fucking no one, she's Black.

I don't understand why this horrible shit is allowed to exist

everything I see about this movie makes it look worse and worse. considering I thought we started at rock bottom thats almost impressive

I appreciate that Gadget is playing a Russian character. The cult will be pleased.

Should have been Donald Duck.
Donald as the villain would have fit perfectly, especially with that first motivation. Pluto makes no sense even in a cheeky meta way because it's not like he's the Scrappy of the Disney world.

Mortimer the rat would be too smart for these people.
Having Donald would piss the entirety of Europe and a good chunk of South America.

They could have their cake and eat it too. Donald hamming it up could have been hilarious; add enough room for legit sympathy for his side of the story and you can end it in a way it doesn't call for him to be jailed or turning irredeemable. Hell he could have been manipulated by someone else exploiting his insecurities. Many ways to go about it that keeps most people happy.
Pluto is just gonna be baffling

Everything about this movie is horrible. I remember hearing about a CDRR movie years ago. I never really had high hopes, but this? Shit, much worse than I ever thought it could be.

There is no universe in which Chip and Dale are more popular than Pluto. They're trying to force Pluto to be their Scrappy Doo and it doesn't work

You know who would've worked better? Bonkers.
>show was from the same era as Rescue Rangers and wasn't as popular
>Chip and Dale are more popular than Bonkers (the character)
>Bonkers is fucking bonkers so him becoming a serial killer makes more sense than Pluto
But noooo let's make one of Disney's most iconic and beloved characters a serial killer because LE FUNNY DOG

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Probably a joke about Pluto not being a planet pushes him over the edge.

>TFW this is the only thing Disney will allow Oswald to be in

Oh shit. Black Widow stunt double.
Why am I just now realizing this!

I really dislike this movie the more I hear about it.

How does Disney not only allows something this shitty-looking be shown to public but also vilify one of their oldest characters?

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They don't care anymore. We are long gone from the days of Walt, from the days of Eisner and Wells, even.

As long as their making money, they don't care if it's dogshit, no pun intended.

To be fair...Do they even still use Pluto?

>that animation
>that premise
>that humor
Wow. This is terrible. The thing I like the most about what I've just seen is the absolutely out of place and inappropriate rap. Pic attached feels like it would be real license merch in that universe. The only thing which would have made it worse is if Seth Rogen was a bigger part of it. This hurts extra because I was a huge RR fan as a kid.

I was avoiding finding anything out about this specifically because I was afraid of it being shit. How did Yea Forums react when we first found out?

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Pluto is used in every modern Mickey show, sometimes getting spotlight episodes. Plus he's a popular character in the theme parks

this is gonna be it.

The people running the show at WDAS (Jennifer Lee) hates Disney. They don't respect the artistry, the nuance, or the legacy. They see their history as one that perpetuates racism, sexism, any other -isms, etc. They care more about representation and spouting a woke message more than writing a good story.

Remember Ralph Breaks the Internet? Absolutely no way should Cinderella ever smash her glass slipper to make a shiv to defend herself against a little girl.

Yes I can't believe they stained Xilam's perfect record wit this shit fuck you Disney

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>Gadget in a bodysuit
OK, I found the one good thing about this shitfest. Looking forward to the new R34.

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>spouting a woke message
Yeah okay, putting a gay cop that is edited out overseas is a "woke message", Disney is totally woke guys

Disney isn't woke.

What is Linda doing in there?

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Why not him of all people.

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>it's that old show you like
>but it takes place in the real world now

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i know it's supposed to be her but she looks like a bootleg, are they that lazy they can't use their own properties correctly?

Too predictable? Also the heroes and villains of a series are often friends IRL and they're going for meta bullshit.

That's not a woke message. A woke message would be like Zootopia saying racism is bad (yeah no shit) or Frozen II saying we must stop the colonization of indigenous brown people by reparations/sacrificing your home.

what did they mean by this

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I'd argue that Pluto is more well known then Chip and dale but liked? I wouldn't say so, I don't think most people would care if Pluto just disappeared.

>Frozen II saying we must stop the colonization of indigenous brown people by reparations/sacrificing your home.
But they didn't sacrifice Erendelle? They just destroyed the dam to disperse the fog

Frozen II is a shitty movie but let's not pretend it's because there's brown people in it

how did they got Viacom and Warner to sign in to use their shit? at least WFRR was something unique and an homage to golden age cartoons but this shit is just another straight to streaming shit

>Disney isn't woke.
>he doesn't know

Pluto is a nice faithful dog, Chip and Dale are pieces of shit.

And boy they are probably regretting it now. This is a shitstorm in the making.

In the classics. Most people who love them now know them from Rescue Rangers where they are great.

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What's so wrong about it? At worst it's inoffensive, at best legit fun (see the Donald half hour)

Yeah, I do know
>any gay characters in movies are minor roles that can be edited/cut for overseas releases
>they try to trademark stuff like "Día de Muertos"
>donate money to anti-gay politicians
>their attempts to represent other cultures are always surface level, stereotypical, or flat out wrong (looking at Mulan remake and Raya)
They're not woke. They are a corporation. Them putting women and minorities superfluously in their films and doing the bare minimum to represent cultures doesn't make them woke. Fuck off.

Chip and Dale was one show, they've been in more cartoons where they're annoying to Donald or some other character.

>But they didn't sacrifice Erendelle? They just destroyed the dam to disperse the fog
Breaking the dam was intended to destroy Arendelle, but Bob Iger yelled at them since they're spending millions around the world building Arendelles in parks.

People love Pluto. The chipmunks might be more relevant nowadays but Pluto's a cornerstone character of Mickey and friends that's been beloved for eons.

Having an executive boast in a company-wide telecast about their "not-so-secret gay agenda" is pretty damn woke. We'll see how pissed off the company will get again when DeSantis passes the WOKE bill that prohibits organizations like schools and businesses from claiming that one race/gender/nationality/etc. is superior or inferior to others. There goes Disney's Reimagining Tomorrow campaign in Florida.

Don't you mean Clarice? The one-off character from that one short that's very popular in Japan for some reason, and only the same character in the series because of the name.

Yes, but no one gives a shit about those because they weren't any good. So the only people who would love them know them from the classics or Rangers.

yeah I got confused my bad

I don't want to believe it but you can see Chip with Pluto's ear in the trailer so

>he believes the shit DeSantis spouts out
ok schizo

why are japanese visual novels like this

you can always check who is behind the production team and who is the director and it will become self-explanatory

it can't be helped

>Too predictable?
it's a chip and dale movie

Modern media consumption is designed around cynicism. The executives who greenlight these sorts of things aren't doing this because they hate their media properties. They're doing it because sincerity isn't as cost effective.

You make a shitty film/show but give it a cynical tone, and the you get to use the excuse that it being shitty is part of the tone. If it becomes a hit, you get a bunch of idiots defending it as "making a statement" and it's a flop you flip the script and say "we're sorry it was a rushed product caused by XYZ." Compare that to a sincere or earnest product, those are ride and die. The Black Cauldron and Treasure Planet are evidence of that. They were sincere products that failed (and if you look closer they failed because of executive meddling which is a look executives want even less of)

The Qwipism of the MCU was developed entirely because of this mindset. Nothing is serious. Nothing is sincere. Be cynical. Be cruel. Nothing has value. Consume product because you risk missing out if you don't. That's what these modern companies want. They want junkfood for your soul because nobody swears off a junkfood because of one bad bag of chips, but one bad lobster and suddenly people start saying they have a Shellfish allergy. They want your anger, your apathy or blind consumption. If you hate these films and what Disney's production you need to go out of your way not to consume their products and convince people to watch other stuff not because Disney is bad, but because the other stuff is better. Disney can spin you calling their products shit to bait people with FOMO, and losing one sale is a drop in the bucket if you don't go out of your to convert others.

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I don't care for DeSantis, but it's painfully aware to everyone that he's attacking Disney as political fodder for a 2024 presidential run.

fuck you

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Did you give up reading my post half way? I said that it's meta shit. You can't have the original villain be the villain in meta shit. You need for it to be the Scrappy Doo.

Redpill me on the guy, Wikipedia just says he's from a Lonely Island thing.

So it's Scrappy in the live action Scooby Doo movie 2.0?

The character is railroaded 99% of the time. This is the character telling the player to sit tight and wait for something to actually do.

stop it

Attached: 1620641680097.png (360x360, 171.77K) that Shenlong in the bottom left

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Besides the obvious disrespect to Pluto's character, it just seems like a terrible idea to vilify such a long-standing core Disney character, this could potentially make Pluto unusable for the foreseeable future.

To be fair that would involve this being seen by a wide audience and I'm still struggling to figure out what the target audience is. One would assume kids because of all the references, but then all the characters are washed up losers getting the animation version of botox and it ends up feeling like a lot of the jokes would fly over kids' heads. Hell, even over most normal grown adults' heads, really.

Looks more like Wooshoo from Xiaolin Showdown.

It's like everything wrong with those early 2000s adaptations of cartoons turned up to 11

>Jimmy Neutron
>Samurai Jack

>who's their audience
No one. Like with Sausage Party and Santa Inc.