Does getting a prostate massage make you gay assuming it's a woman giving it to you?

Does getting a prostate massage make you gay assuming it's a woman giving it to you?

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So....this is straight shota isnt it.

Why are girls into this? My last girlfriend occasionally tried to sneak a finger in there when we'd be doing the deed

>why are girls into this?

So logically that means Power Girl is into it?


what tipped you off

I cannot believe a girl would put her hand in a guy’s asshole. Do you know what I eat on a daily basis?

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You've never had a little finger in the bum? It feels great, actually.

Wash up.

The pedophilia and the ptsd flairing up mainly.

>is sex with 1 woman and 0 men gay.
no. getting pegged isn't gay either.

i'm sorry to hear that, user.

t. gay

You will get over it, especially the ptsd and will embrace your degeneracy.
Also only women are allowed to be victims of sexual exploration, nobody cares about boys/men.

>getting pegged isn't gay either

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why do you want to put things into girls? people want to explore sexual shit. it's fun and exciting.
I've had two girls want to try some bum action on me, it felt fine but I don't think they really hit the prostate. I did get rimmed by one of them which is actually amazing. I'd been eating ass for years at that point but never had it the other way, I didn't realize how good I'd been making them feel. Asshole lick while your balls are in their eyes and you're jerking off over their head is a special experience.

>Why are girls into this?
They're testing your manhood.
If you like it you're gay and they will ruin your reputation as a man by telling all her gfs your dick gets harder when you're taking it up the ass.

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I'm a little mad I've been trying to have prostate orgasm and even after being comfortable with mid size butt plugs it doesn't feel special at all.
Is it possible to not get pleasure from it?

I mean yeah it's gay in spirit but I'll say having sex only with cis woman makes it very straight too. If being gay was a spectrum that kind of guy would still be like only 15% gay if you get a lot of more fun and pleasure from it that's something worth paying for.

sex with a woman as men(male) is not gay.
So a lesbian fucking lesbian with a dildo/strapon is straight sex?

A dude whos into pegging is more then willing to take a dick.

Take it from a man e
whos gone i to a mmf threesome but ended up being talked into fucking the shit out of both of them.

Well a dick feels better than a strapon.

I've always wondered how gay things like DPs are

is it straight to fuck a dude who's got a fleshlight stuffed in his ass?

No. Also bye bye.

speaking from experience user?
lol faggot

Not gay as long as the balls dont touch and eyes dont meet.

mental gymnastics

I'll say less gay than getting pegged as long as you don't touch balls. If you're doing a DP on the same hole then it's 100% more gay than pegging

>is it straight to fuck a dude

gay is having sex with the same sex or mimic the opposite sex during sex.

DP is just a fu. thing to do in the afternoon.
Double hole is basically frotting while being inside of a woman...whos popping her cork multiple times ususlly.

>sex with a man isn't gay
>sex without a man is gay

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Yea Forumsmblr

I got molested by an older woman when I was 11. She railed me with a massive dildo while furiously beating me off and harvested my jizz in glass beaker for purposes I to this day am unsure of. Honestly? I dropped my first load from this and it was insane. After that she forced my face into her cunt and I was quickly given a crash course in munching her box to completion.

It warped me for sure but I still didn't wind up gay because of it.

That's rough man. Sorry you went through that.

Does it hurt knowing your board quality and moderation will never be as good as Yea Forums?

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What’s up with this artist’s obsession with young boys? Was he molested as a child or something?

It does but there are some days that low moderation could be fun. Just like that thread were Yea Forums talked about the Horse Show.

At least there’s sometimes decent fap material posted in the OP. The twitter drama threads should be deleted on sight though.

Yeah, it's kind of like a clitoral orgasm in that regard. You kind of have to already be into it to really enjoy it.

Much appreciated.

As the user who just posted his own tale of childhood molestation, it wouldn't surprise me if the artist had been molested but it really isn't a set in stone prerequisite for being into this shit.

Women don’t like clitoral orgasms? Isn’t the clitoris like their mini dick?

I just go through periods of hypersexuality and total sexlessness.
Go from being a pansexual heteromantic whos sold his dick for money snd a chaste monk.

Will any woman want a man as damaged as that.
Beyond the 10 inch dick i mean..

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How new are you? This is a moderately sized portion of japanese doujins.

Litterally not.

The male gspot is the frenum and its torn off duri g the child genutal mutulation ritual most boys have forced onto them as children.

It depends on where your prostate is. Prostate orgasms are pretty intense but you need a specialized tool. A buttplug doesn't seem to be for anything but extra hard degenerates who like the general feeling of their assholes being expanded. it won't hit your prostate.


I recommend prostate-specific toys that are small and precise.

Again, thanks. No need to be sorry though. Was almost 2 decades ago now.

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U know some women are also damaged and want somebody that can relate, but,but ,but just because you're both hypersexual doesn't mean she is open to everything. So keep your mouth shut on topic or kinks that could creep her out.

You know what I don’t think I’ll ever get? One of those ass tubes that supposedly cleans your insides.

My mother says it’s extremely good for anyone, but I mean, how clean do you really need to be to the point where you’re sticking tubes up your ass?

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If you don't have good bowels shit can stay on the intestinal walls and since shit naturally has free radicals (chemicals with missing electrons that are highly toxic to people because they can mutate cells) it can increase your chances of colon cancer. Eat fiber.

I think it’s only really useful for gay guys or guys into prostate stimulation.

user, your mom is taking it up the ass. That’s the only reason anyone cleans that far up back there.


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Yes, because it means you are a bottom bitch


Would have been better if we saw him cooming.

why did God put the G spot in the man's ass if not for men to get pegged by cute tomboys?


whats it called by the way

>This stills up more time than my threads
i kneel

Jannies are too busy cooming to the OP image.

And has better comments than the average threads

Is a defense for people telling me it's gay if it's trans, combler is the price to pay

I don't believe any of this