Warner Bros. Discovery Cuts Scripted Programming Development at TBS, TNT


AKA American Dad is probably cancelled after the next two seasons

>TNT and TBS are pausing their scripted game under new parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, which CEO David Zaslav has promised will find $3 billion in cost savings across the new company in the post-merger era, Variety has learned exclusively.
>At TBS, the network’s only remaining scripted shows are the comedies “The Last OG,” “Miracle Workers,” “Chad,” and “American Dad.”

Pour one out for the real OG

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probably for the best. the tbs seasons have been real hit or miss, with mostly misses the last few seasons. Not every show needs to run forever

These cuts are insane, what's gonna left after it's all said and done?

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All of western animation will die.
And then it can be reborn anew in a decade.

>TFW simpsons outlives yet another long running show
When will it end? WHEN?! The remaining targets are family guy, South Park, and spongebob

Everything will be reality TV and sports.

user...They don't even need the VAs anymore. They could digitally add anything they've ever said before for dialog.

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american dad better not be cancelled
they would have to be complete FOOLS and I would never forgive them.

Why? What are they going to replace it with? I hope they change their mind.

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Things on Hbo Max and a couple of their top running shows on cable from the Discovery side

Why is TBS running a Fox show? Don't they have different parent companies?

>shows get cancelled because of share purchases that have nothing to do with it
Good stuff.

Sometimes a show will get dropped by one network and picked up by another, hopping megacorps.

>muh animation new deal
>all animation gets cut within the year

Unions ALWAYS result in massive cuts that inevitably lead to outsourcing. ALWAYS. Every single fucking time.

hopefully some actual none woke stuff


get fucked tranny

>don't fight for your right to a fair paycheck or else the industry will punish you

They could solve almost all their issues both with quality and pay if they moved production from Commiefornia to another us state

its ok maybe tonys daddy will give him more monopoly money to go play wrestling booker on another station
just because 75% of aew fans mutilate their genitals doesn't mean they all do!

Honestly, I'm okay with American Dad ending soon if that's the case. The latest seasons really feel like they're running out of steam. I just haven't been enjoying the show much anymore.

As much of a die-hard AD fan that I am. I fully agree that no show should go on forever. Look at MASH, Gunsmoke, Simpsons, Family Guy.
Hell, AD is currently at 18/19 seasons due to the FOX to TBS numbering change. Let season 20 be its swan song.

What do they have against scripted shows? Please tell me they dont want everything to be reality tv shit

Yeah AD was great for a long time even after the humor got a lot wackier but about the time of the ow ep it got pretty damn stale

The fact that American Dad was allowed to run for these many seasons is already surprising to me.

welcome to 15 years ago

They cost more. Gotta pay writers, actors, perhaps animators... Discovery has been super successful in just airing any shit they film. That's how we get such riveting programming like 90 Day Fiance.

Listen to the AI voices here. It's coming along, soon they'll have entirely AI generated Simpsons episodes.

>everything from here on out is going to be on the level of discovery family home improvement shows

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No more scripts means that AEW will have to go off script... RussoChads, we won.

You know damn well that most of the industry is now full of woke faggots.

>/pw/fags on Yea Forums
just because your hobby is fake doesn't mean you get to crossbreed on other boards

I don't mind having AEW on as background noise but c'mon user. Being kicked off of TNT for TBS should have told everyone something. I say this as someone who loves hockey but cable TV is a dying medium.

Sounds like a good time to have kids so then you have an excuse to watch the new stuff in a decade.

Nothing of value was lost

Well, the same thing as what they're doing to the Simpsons, the same thing can be said for other shows as well.


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I dropped this show after the Klaus and Rogu ep, not like the episode was the straw that broke the camel's back or anything, I was just bored and had enough American Dad in my life. So if the show is truly ending then I might as well finish it.

Family Guy might be ending too

American Dad reruns are moving to FXX in 3, 2, 1...

FOX Animation Domination reunion?
There's probably going to be more scripted content cut than spared. Question is what shows evade the guillotine.
>Rick and Morty (or will Harmon & Roiland end it after this most recent order?)
>Adventure Time spinoffs
I'm honestly drawing a blank on most Warner shows.

where is the livestream isn't there an announcement today starting now?

If it means killing off "Chad" then I think it's a win win anyway. TBS seasons were getting more and more obnoxious in its comedy.

Nigga, this is Discovery we're talking about. One of their shows is literally a mtf tranny's journey and hadmhim cut off his dick for entertainment. I am Jazz is real, and it's as woke as everything combined. Thinking Discovery would "get rid of woke shit" is an absolute fallacy borne of ignorance to what Discovery actually peddles on its channels.

Source? It would actually be pretty major for it to end

SpongeBob is already more popular than current Simpsons by a country mile, even South Park edges past it.

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Outlander is good
And I say that as a heterosexual man

It is? I've seen it advertised and it does look cool, just never sat down and watched it though. Good to know.

>Samantha Bee
I will GLADLY trade in American Dad if those two are canceled.


Adult Swim bros... are we in danger?

Shame, this was all that was left to stop Disney from getting their greedy hands on it.

I will miss Hayley's feet, but nothing else.

they tried to stop it tried

>more popular
"Unlike Nielsen, which measure audience size, Parrot Analytics says it can track viewer enthusiasm."

"It factors Google search, Facebook likes, pirated downloads and Wikipedia traffic to determine 'popularity'."

"In a statement, a Nielsen executive said the company’s clients “place more value in who is actually viewing streaming content."

reality tv gets the best ratings, so that's what every tv channel does now

>The Smiths recreate the Aristocrats in the final episode

>needing an excuse to watch cartoons

They don’t carry any sports on any of their channels other than maybe a Braves game once a week on TBS.

American Dad better not. It is the only good sitcom comedy left.

Sure some episodes are stinkers but when they hit they are still classics.

At the point there is no premise it can and does ride on the characters it has. And honestly new additions have SOMEHOW not been bad
>cripled frankinstien
And they generally stoped using principal luis, thank god.

Bring bacl BADLARRY and old man as Stans supportive friends. It was a good dynamic.

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