*none of the legitimate issues mentions get brought up again*

*none of the legitimate issues mentions get brought up again*

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Amon strictly speaking doesn't actually have any legitimate issues. Sort of.

So, yes, Bending is a lot less spiritual in Republic City and the present. It's not like the average Republic City citizen is in any spiritual either. If it's an economic thing, the three biggest heads of business we see in the show (Sato, Varrick and Cabbage Corp) are all non-benders. If it's him against the frankly insane government of Republic City, what with its unelected foreigners being chosen by other nations to rule it, then he sort of has a point, but he doesn't exactly bring this up.

At best, Amon rode in on a wave of popular dissent against the government and made it all about his personal crusade to get back at his dead dad.

Were they though? Aside from the small group of protagonists the show basically pretended that benders and nonbenders were separate species and then contrived issues from that weak premise.

Where were all the benders upset about their nonbender friends and family being forced to go under curfew?
Where were the nonbender Air Acolytes when the nonbender Equalists were attacking Tenzin and his family?
Where were the "bender guilt" retards voluntarily letting Amon take their bending?
How could Amon possibly make a society without benders when nonbenders can have bending children?
Why the fuck was it always a firebender in the tragic backstories?

>Why the fuck was it always a firebender in the tragic backstories?
Tbh it was waterbender in Amon's case. Though I don't understand why they don't use earthbenders more often in that role considering how numerous they are

Amon's fake backstory, Asami and Hiroshi's backstory and Mako and Bolin's backstory are all firebenders. I'm guessing they were trying to draw a parallel to each of them on how they dealt with it, but it's not exactly overly coherent.

what was the story of this nigga? i was curious about it but i refused to watch Korra the moment I saw her personality.
From what i've gathered he doesn't even show his face ever right?

>why was it always a firebender who did something bad in the period when they were violently colonizing most of the world?

Amon is a bad stand-in for socialism because the story doesn't have the time nor the interest in showing his beliefs in good faith.

Really every attempt at ideological warfare fell flat on its face because the writers weren't smart enough to actually give it any depth.

>From what i've gathered he doesn't even show his face ever right?
He's a faker. He does show his face and it's all gnarly and scarred but it's actually makeup he was never mauled in his life.
In actuality he is a super powered blood bender that can do it on any day not just the full moon and can somehow permanently block people's chi even when he's dead except when they just get over it.

He's introduced as a populist underground leader who gives voice to non benders who have to compete with benders for work and are also victimized by bending criminals. At the end of the season it turns out he's also a very powerful bender whose crimelord father abused him and his brother. This instilled in him an understandable disgust at the power differential that exists between non benders and benders in a cosmopolitan setting; he spent his childhood witnessing firsthand how easy it was for benders to abuse normies. Korra exposes him and despite all his advocacy and very concrete defense of normies (he's a powerful waterbender, was so good he could bloodbend at will and used that to take bending permanently away from gang leaders), his followers all turn on him and he's forced to run away.

>Scarred but not really
christ that show was fucking dead on the water with writing like this.

What's really annoying is the "good guys" did a bunch of shady shit that Korra did nothing about.
Seriously, the hero of a story shouldn't stand by while a council uniltarlly makes it illegal to be out after dark if you don't have weirdo superpowers. It should've turned into a round two match between Korra and RCPD after she busts open the locks of all the imprisoned non-benders.

The scarring should've been real but self inflicted. And not using bending but something like a Teapot.

Agreed but then you would have to actually tackle the topic of benders vs nonbenders instead of dismissing it wholesale. That's not even talking about how the war profiteer comes back as a quirky side character.

There's a good story in Korra it's just held back by poor writing, time available, and global hegemony.

Yah, I kinda think bending being a not strictly inheritable thing kinda ruins it for any sort of "class" or "race" consciousness to be a thing. And if it was, that would be inherently based since it would be demonstrably meritocratical. It will always be a micro issue.

It's a symptom of having writers with ideologically liberal leanings. They can't actually confront what their enemy thinks and why because it might reveal that they're justified, so they have to exaggerate them as a mindless straw caricature who is evil for no reason what all.

Republic City is post-war

>while a council uniltarlly makes it illegal to be out after dark if you don't have weirdo superpowers.
Why did they do that again?

I thought the first season was nicely self contained. the problem was that there was no overarching plan or even vague outline since I think each subsequent seasons was green lit on very short notice and every one was threatened to be the last.

I can at least apreciate season 1 for going into a magical steampunk 1920s that was potentially interesting.

Because, admittedly there was a roving gang of Non-Benders kidnapping benders off the street to steal their bending, that had popular support of the non-bending populace because they were doing something about the gangsters and loan sharks using their bending to attack and oppress them.

>Dude lies about himself but still does good
>His followers turn against him because his background was a lie

After rewatching it I was disappointed because it was so contained, it didn't have the room to do anything it set up. The equalists were given no time, amon as a villain made little sense, and the ending was an ass pull. Given the time and story style of ATLA you would have had a great throughline using Amon's survival and Korra only being able to airbend, you'd be able to set up Wan by giving Korra a self improvement journey and set up the red lotus by having the socialist freeing the anarchists.

Red lotus are also a knit pick of my because of how good they are while also being the epitome of surface level anarchism.

>"heroes" are on the side of governments/militaries/cops/keeping the status quo

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>Korra gains power to give and remove bending
>Gives people their bending back
>Doesn't offer to make anyone a bender or revive the air benders immediately
Korra was always a bender supremacist who believed natural born benders were somehow superior to everyone else and used her powers to keep them on top

We're talking about the guys who made fascist stand-in a sympathetic villain, they're liberals down to their core.

they also made the war profiteering capitalist (who later worked for said fascist) a goofy comic relief man who not only gets away with all his crimes but has an unambiguously happy ending

Oh yeah I already brought that up, funny how when you have enough money you can make people believe whatever you want.

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I mean didn't it get addressed though?

Republic City stopped having a ruling council made up of representatives of each of the other Nations. Instead they started holding elections and put a non-bender like President Raiko in a position of Power

So maybe not all of the societal inequities were addressed but isn't having the President of their whole nation being a nonbender a good start?

Especially since they removed the influence of the other Four nations who were mostly led by Benders

They could have made the dude from Asami and Mako's backstories the same guy and introduce him as a new villain who just likes ruining people's families.

So Tony Stark

I dunno, it just seemed like a stopgap resolution to me, like "oh non-benders see, we totally accept you, we made one of you the leader!" while it doesn't resolve any underlying issue like how benders presumably get the jobs that their bending makes easier like the lightning factory Mako was working in, or construction is probably all held by earthbenders probably.

While nations are segregated, only a fraction of activities are covered by bending. Like, there'll be little non-bending construction jobs in Earth Kingdom, but someone would have to harvest crops or sail or, following industrial revolution, watch over power plants. But bring them all together, and you have lots of jobs covered leaving maybe only privileged white collar jobs free for non-benders, who can't all have it.
Beside that, most bending is shown combat-oriented, with benders see their ability to commit violence as their core identity and chimp out at people who train in techniques that would level the playing field.

Isn't that every Korra villain except Zaheer?(Which is why Season 3 and the first part of season 4 are peak Korra and the only time it equals Atla)

>Isn't that every Korra villain except Zaheer?
I would say Kuvira's problem was that things go from "she heavy handed" to "she's putting water and fire benders into internment camps" without much build up and it kinda seems like the writers didn't know how to make her seem more in the wrong without going full Hitler. As for season 2 I don't remember the villains end goal so I can't say.

Korra was written as an anti-Hero but never deals with the consequences of it .

She tried to murder a head of state in cold blood. Threatened to kill a judge if he didn't give a verdict she liked, tried to start an illegal coup of an international army so she could install her father in power and when that didn't work she tried to GET THE FIRE NATION TO ATTACK THE WATER TRIBE.

A better show would make that the point instead of just glossing over it.

Season 3 got close because it pointed out the Avatar Propping up the traditionalist status quo can lead to oppression and early Season 4 was leaning into the idea that the Earth Kingdom was being exploited by the URN and Fire Nation with a puppet king. But then it dropped that theme

Yes, I would also prefer a plot that had more then one season. And one that used that time well. I could maybe see a more episodic, DCAU style, anthology that focusing on Republic city as a whole. first 2 to introduce main players. Maybe 4 focused on Korra's story, a 2-3 episode finely, and the rest focusing on different characters and aspects of the city. That might have adressed the volitile possibility of subsequent seasons. Instead of trying to jam pack a new world ending meta plot into single seasons. though wanting ratings up may have caused the "high stakes" intent.

but cest la vie, at least we got good porn out of it.

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>Tell everyone benders are the ultimate evil
>Promise to remove all benders and make an equal world
>What he meant was remove all benders except HIMSELF
>Gets called out by his second in command on this and instead of being diplomatic fucking murders him for standing in his way and demanding answers
No they had every reason to doubt him and desert.
Especially when he got knocked into the water his first instinct was to make a huge water spout in the middle of the bay to get himself out when he could have atleast been subtle. The man is an idiot

But the bad guys in Korra were all leftists (except for season 2)

Kuvira was an anti-neo colonists stand in.

She was in a third world country with a brutal regime held up by foreign powers that used to colonize it all so they could profit off it's resources.

She then overthrows the foreign puppet dictator and nationalizes the resources so the Capitalist Ruling class of the west engages in military intervention.

Because he was LE CRAZY XD *holdz up spork*

in Season 2 Korra's uncle's main motivation is to open the spirit portals so man and spirit live side by side, and to merge with the dark spirit Vaatu to become the Dark Avatar(stupid name I know) because he felt that was the best way to bring true balance, and that makes sense sort of in a light and dark, yin-yang type way.
Then they went "DARK BAD, LIGHT GOOD!" and instead made him turn manically evil despite previously being rather level headed, and had Korra destroy him and the dark spirit, which just means in a couple thousand years its gonna burst out of the future Avatar's chest since it regrows inside the light spirit now.

oddly realistic, not gonna lie.

But the original Avatar was written by liberals too, user.

Direct quote from Bryke about this

>I saw a comment on my dashboard after the Barnes & Noble signing from someone who was dissatisfied with the fact that we didn’t continue the Equalist plot in Book 2 and wrote something to the effect that we were just keeping the bending oppressors in power and sweeping the plight of the oppressed non-benders under the rug. This is definitely not the case. Our idea was that the Equalist revolution forced the United Republic Council (Tenzin included) to face the fact that the majority of the population was not being represented. As a result, they disbanded the council and held open elections, and Raiko, a non-bender, was elected as the president of the United Republic. Looking back, I do think we could have made that clearer, but I think we were probably trying not to bog down the premiere episode with what we refer to as stuff that’s getting too “Trade Federation-y,” since there was plenty to pack into that episode as it was."

That's how modern media works. It's actually pretty sinister.
>Character brings up legitimate grievances they have
>Heroes have no rebuttal for it
>Character does something stupidly evil and wacky out of left field that doesn't agree with their prior statements
>This is used as justification that their grievances are incorrect

Each villain of Korra was based on a roughly contemporary political movement filtered through the setting.

>Season 1 was Civil Rights
>Season 2 was Religious conservativism/Radical Traditionalism
>Season 3 was Anarchism
>Season 4 was AntiColonial Nationalism

Before the Dark Avatar stuff Unalaq's goal was to unite the Water Tribes into his ideal Singular State and to purge secularization and modernization from the poles.

A. Firebender is a Waterbender

>What he meant was remove all benders except HIMSELF
this fucking stupid argument. Amon took it harder than anyone whose bending he stole, because Amon on his own didn't use bending. Imagine if you had a fully functional right arm, but you think it is unfair to handicapped people who lost a limp so you decide to never use your right arm again other than to cut off the arms of other people. Do you think it is easy to willingly never use your arm again? It takes huge amount of willpower.
The fact that he only uses his bending to take other peoples bending away shows he believed in his message.

Do you think if he had succeeded in taking everyones bending away, he would then go "Haha, jokes on you, I can still bend and now i will oppress you with my bending!"? Don't be ridiculous.

No she was very clearly a fascist stand in. I don't recall how the earth kingdom was exploited by foreign powers but I do remember the caste system and how much power the ruling class had. It's been a hot minute since I watched that far though.
>and then the King just gave everyone democracy because he's just a good guy. That's how monarchies are overthrown, they just give up their power.

>No she was very clearly a fascist stand in. I don't recall how the earth kingdom was exploited by foreign powers
Repiblic City only opposes Kuvira because they have a puppet king in mind, with no indication that this king is morally superior or anything. Nobody had any problem with Earth Kingdom authoritarianism until Kuvira stepped out of line.

Yeah I don't remember enough to properly argue this. I'mma refresh with this, wanna check it out yourself? youtu.be/RGX2rRAlNME

I'm also probably wrong and conflating fascism with nationalism.

>He thinks liberal means left.
Not sure if the other guy is retarded or not, but he is right. The best you can say is that modern liberals are comparatively "left" of modern conservatives, but both general parts are liberals in terms of political systems, as opposed to socialists or fascists or anarchists.

There is an essential difference between a liberal (ie liberty, negative rights being paramount, tacitly pro capitalist, may be for some degree of non radical distributionism and government control through institutional change) and being Left in a revolutionary sense (Active dismantling of negative rights for redressal of things, overthrough governments, etc)

The Earth Queen was a classic absolute oppressive monarch type who lived in luxury while her nation went to shit.

Kuvira was a nationalist. She overthew the new Earth King the URN set up because he was a weak puppet of foreign interests with no desire to run the government that had fallen into anarchy . While the uniforms took design cues from the Germans like every even army in fiction since the 30s, her policies were closer to those of Nasser or Mosaddegh than those of Hitler or Mussolini.

The closet was her Revanchism , which is pretty common across all political groups (even in Korra both Unalaq and the Earth Queen also wanted to reclaim "lost" territory) and the intenment camps, which while we're definitely meant to become Hitler aren't an exclusively fascist thing. (The US and the USSR both had them for example)

You haven't seen the A. Firebender memes?

The Waterbender named A. Firebender

>I don't recall how the earth kingdom was exploited by foreign powers
The entire united republic was former earth kingdom land claimed by the fire nation which Aang just decided to make it's own separate nation.

but my point being, the organization in season 1 is definitively NOT liberal, but could be seen as leftists.

Yeah I don't remember enough to properly debate it, but I did post a fun video if you wanna join me in watching it
It's very clearly a stand in for socialism, just done very poorly.

>fire nation does imperialist conquest for a full century
>earth kingdom are the only ones to lose territory
I mean it's realistic to how real life war crimes never get punished but did none of the writers consider how much of a short-sighted asshole this would make Aang look

tbf, they didnt DO anything there. as ba sing say was pretty cloistered and internal. Its also massive and varied greatly in cultures and nations and stuff. It was very much like china with its various levels of administrative control in places like korea or vietnam and stuff. Republic city is more like a Hong Kong or Taiwan, a podunk settlement no one was really using and was only under de jure rule of Be sing se. And it was in fact a place were firefags where living for generations. they hardly had a major claim to it. its a suprise the earth emperor ONLY had to give up that piece of land. And its not like the earth kingdom lost much capital there, most of its build up happened after it was an independent city.

It is one aspect that I like about the earth kingdom, it even seems as though Ba Sing Se wasn't always the head of the nation, at least if I'm interpreting the Chin the Conqueror map showing he took over everything but the city right.

>So, yes, Bending is a lot less spiritual in Republic City and the present
it's considerably less that, and more that benders have higher status, a real physical weapon with them at ALL TIMES if they wish to and the division of nonbenders vs benders.

>It's very clearly a stand in for socialism, just done very poorly.
I mean its definitly an influence, but it could be various issues of the time that inspired it. Like it also has some racial undertones as well, sufferage, eugenics, various labor movements (not all were just socialist) etc.

Kek, now Im think of Amon either bleaching or blackfacing new converts to stop racism.

they lost like 12 miles of land in their highly uncentralized multinational empire that still functions on vassals. Thats absolutely peanuts and extremely fair as far as territorial redistributions go.

>they lost like 12 miles of land
I wouldn't call it just that. There's a lot more than the city according to the maps shown in the series.

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No it's "literally" supposed to mirror the socialist ideology. Again, very poorly but the surface level topics are there just replaced by magic instead of capital.

Amon brings up modern benders lack of spiritualism to explain how he got the power to remove people's bending. It's part of his myth and justification

yeah it's especially prominent in capeshit

>villains - who are often disenfranchised in some way - want to deal with actual societal problems the heroes don't address
>heroes - who are usually powerful and often wealthy - stand with the establishment and put down threats to the status quo

true, but the gap is much further than that. I'd imagine it would tie-in to the general workforce. After all, if you owned a store and knew there was a legitimate risk of benders robbing you, are you gonna hire the guy with no bending skills whatsoever, not even the minor defensive moves, over the person who can use water or earthbending to defend themselves, thereby saving money on sickdays, damages to the store and eventual insurance (assuming such things existed at that state in time in Avatar)

Wait, thats ALL republic city? OK I might take that back then, id be pretty pissed too. But again, I dont remember the comic much, was just the city proper set up as an international zone, or that entire western coast? Or was that a development of vassals leaving Ba sing se's political orbit to Republic Cities.

That video explains it pretty well. The key writing flaw of Kuvira is that they grafted imperial nationalistic actions onto a liberationist nationalistic character. A better writer would use that as a critique of the concept of the "Great Liberator" concept (folks like Simon Bolivar and George Washington did a LOOOOOOT of fucked up shit in pursuit of their selective "freedom") but in Korra it either comes off as trying to make Nazis misunderstood good guys or as slandering a character with cartoon villainy because she makes the good guys come off as jerks.

...Like I said, thats definitly a major part, but there is obviously eugenics undertones to it as well, since its not sear property and wealth concerns, but also ones of inherent qualities.

The URN systematically used the Earth Kingdom for ore .

Korra showed how Capitalists Business (Sato and Varrick) exploit ex colonies (the Earth Kingdom) with the support of ex colonial militaries (The URN) in order to build wealth.

Korra spent the last half of the show as a superpower Kermit Roosevelt

>Thats absolutely peanuts and extremely fair as far as territorial redistributions go.
consider things from the perspective of an earth kingdom citizen and nationalist. Your country barely survived a war of conquest by an invading empire and then the Avatar comes along and declares that you need to give up some land to create a new independent country. This is how people like Kuvira rise to power in the first place.

It's natural way to write a story.
We have a nice thing -> Bad guys disrupt the nice thing -> We need to remove the disruption
Problem starts when your nice thing isn't nice at all.

It's also coastland, the most valuable land. The Earth King is mostly desert . And also notice how it's the closest to the North Pole and the Fire Nation, the two other most developed nations for trading .

The URN is a manufacturing hub with access to shipping lanes to multiple foreign markets . The whole reason it was able to be built up into a major metropolis is because it's a massive factory town that processes the raw materials of the inner landmass.

There is a reason way Boilvia still claims it's Pacific corridor and why the Palestinians rejected the 1940 partition plan despite it giving them technically more land. In real estate location is key.

Maybe everybody is able to bend, but some are just gifted at it. When your bending is only strong enough to stir your coffee, throw pop pops, light a fire as small and weak as a much with just the same level of difficulty, or blow out all the candles on your birthday cake, it's just better if you learn to use a sword or gun.

>anyone with a penis larger than average should have theirs surgically shortened, for the sake of equality!

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Pop pops for the uneducated

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