All comic book heroes are inherently Jewish

No exceptions.

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You do know after comic books became popular people besides Jews started making comic book superheroes yes?

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Funny how jews never look like them lmao

Well if there's one thing that Jews have taught us it's that we can just appropriate them.

All my life I looked up to Jews?

I'm sure there's plenty of Jewish professional athletes and Israel has over millions of Jewish soldiers.
>Jews have taught us it's that we can just appropriate them.

Jews wish they could look like Superman

>I'm sure there's plenty of Jewish professional athletes and Israel has over millions of Jewish soldiers.
Who all look like this? The fact of the matter is that most Jews/Isrealis all have a very common look among each other, show me 1 jew who actually looks like Superman (and with that I also mean the frame)

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Most everyone wishes they could look like Superman, be real.

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

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Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones

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>Jews have taught us it's that we can just appropriate them.
You know, like Jews have done with every aspect of our culture. Just take whatever you want and corrupt it, no big deal.

Because Jews have magical High minds and just want to destroy everything instead of you question tradition because they're encouraged to use them mines instead of being complete shape in Judaism ?

Paul Newman

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But we can, you "superior" "chosen" people can't

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Take your meds Joshua.

Even Doctor Nemesis? That guy was an actual Nazi in the war.

That's the history of every culture, be serious.

Zac Efron

You believe anyone who's not anti-semitic has to be controlled by jews?

C'mon now, we all know that no matter what, jews love playing something they can't be

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No use talking to trolls, user. They'll just keep going until you seem mad and this entertains them,

I believe what you said was so fucking insanely incoherent that you could only be a Jew mentally crippled by centuries of inbreeding.

That's what :"acting" means, child,

Just like anime.

Well atleast we are on the same page to agree that jews like to act that they are something they can never be

Scarlett Johansson. (she comes from an Ashkenazi Jewish family from Poland and Russia, originally surnamed Schlamberg, and Johansson describes herself as Jewish)

Silly boy, that's what comics are all about for everyone.

Yeah we learned how to spot them a long time ago bro.

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What's hilarious is everyone thought your generation would be smarter than Boomers, No such luck.

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Woah are you advocating for a first holocaust right now?

Helen Slater

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1. Holocaust happen before your dad was born he even during the Nuremberg trials the Nazis didn't deny it.

Wouldn't do any good. We're seeing Generation Dead End now. They have no future,

Seeing as how bad the writing usually is and how much black man-white woman fetishm is in it I don't think anyone would be surprised

Maybe for pathetic people, I for one don't consume any form of media simply because it's relatable but wherever it interests me.


Jean-Claude van Damme

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Running that through Google Translate, hold on a minute,

You'll understand when you're a little older. Sometimes experiencing life is the only way to learn,

Do you get your news from the Middle East or storm font? Because if you look up Holocaust isn't real you get nut job.

Daniel Day-Lewis, say we could cast an all-Jew Justice League with no trouble.

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Very typical for your type to write so smugly and condensing, if I wouldn't no better I'd bet you are just like Woody Allen

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What if they take the red pill though? Is jewiness too sticky?

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No, your sentence is incoherent, Put some punctuation in it.

You could just say Jew League lmao


"know" better. I actually look like Vince Gill at this point.

Great cast, it'd have to be better than that drab Snyder snoozefest.

>They have no future
Of course not, wealthy Jews stole it .

Han Solo was okay.

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You've fallen for the distraction. Jews aren't even in the top tier of the ruling elite.

"This thread again? I thought it was 2022."

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I am ESL, also it's near nightime here, and third

Sure thing Rotschild

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I'm sure you kids have never heard of Tony Curtis, or Kirk Douglas for that matter.

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No, I'm ESL. You're just plain retarded.

That's why your comments are hard to figure out. It's only fair to mention why people don't understand them,

I'm Cuban and Blackfoot Indian, son.

See, there are two coherent sentences, with punctuation and capitalization. Much better,

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Wrong thread, son. Backtrack and see where you went wrong,

Kirk Douglas. I mean, there's zero chance any of you guys know about movies more than ten years old, but what the hell.

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The problem isn't Jews. Jews are an absolute blessing to society. The problem is that Demonic Jews have infested the West Coast and taken control of free speech. Scientologist believe in what they do to try and kill the demonic Jew. The West Coast needs to be nuked to bring society to normal.

>Jews are an absolute blessing to society