Anime Parody Episode

>Anime Parody Episode
>Still thinks anime is Speed Racer/Astro Boy

By the time this aired Evangelion had already aired

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>Megas XLR
Also, Dexter's was cooler than FOP's

Cartoon Network had been airing speed racer at the time and it had a cultural resurgence. It’s okay for you to be a zoomer but stop seething about references that you don’t understand

Evangelion only became popular in the west by the late 00s.

>Hey how about I make a reference to japanese cartoons like the ones I grew up with. I'll check what they're putting out now
>Holy Cringe
>Nah ok I'll just go with what I remember and like

Didn't Dexter have one of the most accurate Bishonen parodies in all of Yea Forums? This complaint seems more applicable to Rick and Morty

What "west" is this exactly?

They mean the US, of course. M9st europeans got it in 96

Ah the west that matters, fair enough

You realize you're making fun of people who grew up on 60's anime, right?

Because yeah a 30-something in the 90's totally discovered Evangelion in the 70's.

OP you're so retarded as fuck I'd slap your face with the force of a million suns even Dexter in the screenshot would blush.


I think only Rick and Morty can be guilty of this because of their The Godfather/anime episode, maybe it was a joke that those animes aired roughly the same time?

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>maybe it was a joke that those animes aired roughly the same time?
No, they're just lazy writers nowadays.

The old West

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>It’s okay for you to be a zoomer but stop seething about references that you don’t understand

Speed Racer was still more widely known.
Also it’s a funnier source of parody.

Based nonseething nonzoomer

>The old West
Motherfucker, that's Spain.

They get a pass because Voltron gets remade enough times it became timeless.
We got the original japanese re-edit, the horrid 90s cgi remake, the 00s cartoon and the Netflix one.

So? This was quite specifically a Speed Racer parody, not anime in general.

If there's a version of this I can't stand it's Pokemon parodies where they make the voice acting sound like the Speed Racer dub. Like, Pokemon has it's faults but the voice acting was never noticeably bad.

Mock 5 isn't an "anime parody" arbitrarily applying Speed Racer qualities to anime as a whole, it's an accurate parody of specifically Speed Racer's plot, which was being rebroadcast on Cartoon Network in the same time period.

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>muh "relevancy"

For the Adult Swim crown(teenagers who's parents are footing the cable bill). Eva was huge in the early 2000's already, Toonami was airing two episodes as a special event

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This. I was in middle school around 97 and I discovered Evangelion and thought it was the coolest thing ever but none of my classmates knew about that nor got the appeal at the time. It was indeed by 2000 that explodes in popularity. I was weird robot anime kid for three years until the world decided NGE was cool.

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Do you expect boomer writers to still watch anime?

This, and also pop culture wasn't as disposable back then. So many 90's media had references to 40's/50's stuff from before even the creators of those shows were born. Media used to just plain run longer. The reason so many Gen X/early Millenial kids love Universal horror movies is because they'd still be marketed well into the 90's.

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>If there's a version of this I can't stand it's Pokemon parodies where they make the voice acting sound like the Speed Racer dub. Like, Pokemon has it's faults but the voice acting was never noticeably bad.

Because we grew up with it and got used to it. Pokemon dubbing, especially early on, really does feel unnatural and constant.

Well yeah but they wanted to parody anime that was good

This, the old Disney movies from the 40s and 50s used to be played in theaters every 7 years until videocassettes came out in the 80s.

So is SpongeBob referencing nosferatu bad?

>Why did they parody this extremely well known cartoon that's been running re-runs for decades and not this new niche genre subversion filled with biblical references and graphic scenes?

Dexter's lab of all shows was the most on point in terms of interesting references.

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>References to 70's/80's Marvel comics
>70's super robot shows brought over as Shogun Warriors
>A few 80's series here and there

Even now Genndy has a good job of capturing Ishinomori or Matsumoto aesthetics without being a direct copy.

Writers are usually around two decades behind in terms of the cultural zeitgeist, because they’re inspired by the stuff they watched when they were kids.
- cartoons of the 1990s like Dexter’s laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Ren and Stimpy, and Johnny bravo, were created by people who grew up in the 1970s (when animation was crappy) so there were a lot of references to Hanna-Barbera stuff like Scooby-Doo.
- cartoons of the 2000s like Megas XLR and Ben 10 were filled with 1980s references like Transformers, and He-Man/MOTU.
- Steven Universe came out in the 2010s, and is filled with references to 1990s anime like dragon ball Z, sailor moon, evangelion, revolutionary girl Utena, because creators Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey watched those as kids.
- hazbin hotel and helluva boss are inspired by edgy cartoons of the early 2000s like invader Zim (and other works from Jhonen Vasquez) and Happy Tree Friends, because creator Vivienne Medrano was a teen on deviantart then.

>good job of capturing Ishinomori or Matsumoto aesthetics without being a direct copy

Literally how do I get better at this bros? I want to include references in my own work but I don't want it to look like a shameless lame copy.

Its tricky, but the thing is not to oversell it. think about elements you like and implement those.

White hair elf guy feels very 70's anime, but you can't place it exactly. The sharp uniform and long hair echoes something but you can't just say he's any one character.

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It’s what the writer’s grew up on and Speed Racer was airing re-runs on CN at the time. A reference like that is fine if it doesn’t take up too much screen time or bridges the generational gap. Also Speed Racer kicked off a lot of anime tropes so it does deserve respect

SpongeBob is great because it barely has any pop-culture references and modern techonology, you never see them with Smartphones or flat screen TVs.

Anime that aren astro boy and speed racer werent a thing in mainstream until toonami. Theyre not referencing speed racer to reference anime, they do it because speed racer is beloved

100 percent. I grew up loving Gilligans island and I dream of genie because they’d come on after rocky and bull winkle in the morning, Brady bunch because it was on nick at night. Had the biggest crush on Marsha for years before my parents got it through to me that she was their age lol

Great post

well done

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based, fucking eva zoomers man.

>making references to your child vs. making a reference to something that you're currently enjoying and the kids can relate to
PPG > Dexter's Lab

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This, what do you think Genndy was watching as a kid? Speed Racer was still completely relevant in the 90s as a household name and classic.

Only weebs knew about Evangelion at the time.

>the teacher is in the biggest giant robot and chastises the children for being late

>zoomers unironically believe that anyone in the west gave a shit about eva im the 90s
>zoomers don't even realize that people cared more about speed racer im the 90s

Oddly enough, the episode also debuted during a Speed Racer marathon.

Culture was always disposable, it was Reagan republicans like Ted Turner trying to reestablish "good old fashioned values".

That's not odd that's intentional.

What’s so special about Eva anyways?
From everything I’ve seen it’s just a pseudointelectual “deconstruction” of the mecha genre.

This isn’t true at all, back in the 90s (Clinton years) there was a massive resurgence for 50s-70s properties the 80s was all about bounding into the future.

>it’s just a pseudointelectual “deconstruction” of the mecha genre.

Eva is the grand papi of that.

I binged the original series + eoe a few weeks ago, was entertained but didn’t get the hype. I guess its one of those things that you had to watch during its heyday

It's a real good one and isn't really particularly intellectual, instead it's the kind of enjoyable riff you get from a director who likes to dress like Ultraman in the office. He poured his heart in that show and it's full of love and hate and people resonate with that.

>OP's face when his ass gets wrecked
I fucking loved Speed Racer, I had no idea it was made in Japan in the 60s and none of that mattered anyway. The Dexter's Lab parody was fun and relatable to pretty much everyone who watched it at the time.

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I liked speed racer tho

OP eternal fag as always

Dont forget

>Deviantart tier Art

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it's hard to believe but TV actually used to show reruns of shows that were old. if you were a kid in the 90s you grew up on reruns of Looney Tunes, old monster movies, early TV sitcoms, etc.

nowadays networks wouldnt dare air any pre-digital cartoons or anything in black and white. and theyre right. most zoomers can't handle anything "old". It's why they have to make new Looney Tunes cartoons every couple of years instead of just playing the much better classics.

What the fuck is wrong with weebs? Who care about the cultural relevancy at the time of an anime parody from 20 years ago?

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