Amazing Spider-Man

>kick Patrick Gleason off the book
>replace him with the boomer JRJR
Why the hell did Marvel think this was a good idea?

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JRJR's comeback was planned a whole year before beyond was even a thing.

what even weider is gleeson has an exclusivity contract with Marvel right now and outside of Varaint covers he has very little work for them

I like them both, part of the reason Marvel probably got JRJR is cause he's associated with Spider-Man and it brings built in authenticity to the proceedings but it'd help if the story wasn't shit

JRJR sells comics with his name alone. He's comic royalty regardless of quality.


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A based user posted the full issue here

Why is Mary Jane such a slut?

Gleason is probably still on ASM since he designed the Oscorp Suit
Perhaps he's on Dark Web?

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She's a slut and she still won't fuck an incel like you. Yikes

It doesn't looks like JRJR's version at all lmao.
Tired of corp Spider-man, but at least its a company actually related to his mytho.

Fuck Abrams for coming up with the concept of it and the people who use it

Is Oscorp still a thing tho? I honestly can't remember the last time Norman did anything with his company.

it's alchemax now

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What a cuck!

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JRJR is very iconic and closely associated to Spider-man artist. He's way bigger deal doing the book than Gleason, whose work has been entirely mediocre and forgettable.

Based Jhonen Vazquez.

Norman isn't involved with that in any way, right? Because like, I get Norman's always been a crafty dude (before Lowe/Spencer retconned him into a drooling retard who needed Mephisto to do anything), but as of right now, does he have the resources to build stuff for Peter? Or is he going to use his yet another Goblin hideout to give him stuff (while we wonder why Peter still trusts the man)?

I love JRJR's art on certain characters, I think his Punisher and Thor really lend to that style, but it always looks so awkward with more acrobatic characters.

>Even bleeding cool shit on it
They fucked up real bad lmao

wonder if Wells will reference the fact that reformed Norman is part of a secret organization called Janus

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J anus

>george washington bridge is still being used
What is this from?

This is a fakeout you utter retards.

the Ravencroft mini from 2020

so? I'm angry at a fakeout

Its funny because Lowe basically admits it in the issue.

No shit. We’re not mad that MJ might actually have kids we’re mad because we keep getting fucked around for no reason

still shit writing

Still doesn't give us confidence it'll go anywhere enjoyable lol

IIRC norman owns alchemax, so he gets all the profits

Not her kids but what are the chances that she fucked the guy she's now living with?

I have accepted that Moira was right in doing it.

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He looks like a monkey


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What the fuck is this

It's still a stupid stunt to pull after the previous arcs were so focused on Peter and MJ's relationship.

The ending of this week's amazing Spider-Man

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why is Marvel so obsessed with cucking Spider-man?

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>boomer jrjr
Man's one of the best artists in the big 2 rn

What is a mystery box story?

You put a timeskip, put in a "storychanging" event and make every character aware of it, but the reader. So the reader has to read on to find out and eventually be underwhelmed or disappointed.

Gleason’s art sucks and his fanbase is fucking annoying

I don't know that that's true anymore. Gleason has quickly developed a huge fan base that pays a lot of money for his variants.

itt contrarians and Spencer fanboys

it's a fun comic and I like it

>t. Lowe

how long until Felicia gets ruined again?

I asked this in a previous thread and got no answer: what is fun about the first issue?

go back to cates' shilling

Soon probably. They're already made her bi so they probably give her a proper girlfriend

The big two may be starving for talent, but don't be ridiculous.

No he isn't

I wish this Spider-Man would end, too convoluted and no progression

I wish Spider-Man would end, Night Monkey and Semen Demon included.

Wells is a hack, he was a poor mans Paul Jenkins 20 years ago and is still a C tier Spider-Man writer today. Cop out or not this is still trash

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I wish my favourite hero catfishman would end as well

still wasting ink with marywhore? God so much stupidity instead of just killing off her useless ass

We waste our earth's oxygen on you too, wasting ink is nothing in comparison


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So the reviewers don't care that the story is garbage, they're just concerned that readers might consider calling MJ a whore. And Gwen was entirely in her rights to get GREENED apparently? So glad this board is my only contact with comics.