The Bad Guys

>We gotta stop here. This is guinea pig country.

Movie's financially performing above expectations, the fans and critics love it, the 15th book is on the way, the autographed art books have shipped, and the internet is thirsting over the wolf boy.

Who else here has seen it? What'd you think? Got sequel ideas?

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Quit spamming this furry shit. Fuck you.

Dropbox links for stuff.

Art contest high res character graphics: Guys Character

Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

The movie looks like something I would really enjoy as a kid. It's a shame I'm not a kid but an adult browsing this place and aware all too well of the insane fandom around it. It's kind of hard to think of it as just a fun movie about cool talking predator animals when I know hundreds of people wanna fuck each character in hundreds of different degenerate ways.
concept designs
I do like broad shoulders Legosi-Wolf

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It’s here. Fucking incredible book too. So many nice details about how the visual style of the movie came together and how it works.

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So how much are you selling it for.

Damn, he even had an eye scar like Legosi gets later. Kindred spirits.

Show all srt of Diane pls

Sure, give me a minute.

I'm not.

I wanna see the original intention of the gala with other anthros

I guess they find scars a bit too much for kids so they swapped to eyebrow scars

This has fuck all to do with Bad Guys but I love these pictures (fear and loathing homages). And I just have to tell someone.

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why is it always a reptile
even Rango has that

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>and the internet is thirsting over the wolf boy.
Every artist i follow on twitter has made fanart of Diane only, not Wolf

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remember to hide and ignore boys
hide and ignore

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I think you're lying. Better post the best of art to prove me wrong.

First Diane sketch in the book compared to her book counterpart, Agent Fox.

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Diane's section, part 1.

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My personal fave

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Part 2.

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the piercing was a mistake

Mega god damn when!?

Part 3.

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>that election victory reaction on the right
I'd vote to preserve that smile.

Not from her section but from other parts of the book. Diane's fight scene in the prison and the design of her motorcycle.

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Diane's safehouse, part 1.

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What movie is this?

Safehouse part 2.

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epic, hope my copy ships soon.

I don't think it's healthy to base what you watch on what other people might or might not be doing online.

Easy 9/10. Only flaw is bean mouth on the human characters.

so is this dreamwork's next kung fu panda?

TBG3 should pander to spanish people


Do they mention anything about the change from originally an Anthro world to one now predominately populated by humans? Also requesting if you can dump the concept art for any that

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Unfortunately no, there's no mention of the early anthro world version or an explanation as to why it changed. There are still some images of it though. This, one other I'll post next, and this shows the police officers of SUCM as anthros.

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One thing that didn't make it into the movie regarding the meteor and crater: it was meant to be converted into a memorial park.

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could you show marmalade please?

>Animal of the Year

I love animator posts

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so the cat's anthro in the books. Not only is it no humans, its also no feral animals like the movie went with.

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>human form looks more asian than black

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Did they give Mr Wolf a human form too?

People really liked the cat scene

is it me or does her human form look like Fujiko Mine?

Sure. 1/3.

Nope. All the Bad Guys crew stayed anthro animals throughout their design process. Tiffany was made human immediately, and Diane had some human concept sketches but stayed a fox.

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I have many more but they're pretty nsfw so i can't post them

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I saw one review where the person said "it's kind of unrealistic that one social media post can change how people see hardened criminals". And yet, here we are, the exact scene of the movie playing out in real life.

Sounds like you're full of it. Certainly you wouldn't be able to take it to /trash/ because you're full of it.

Not really.

I agree with anons before how this movie is very sincere

thank you so much! he's so cute and round!

No problem at all.

I think that's this movie's strength. It knows exactly what it's wants to be and does it damn well. Like the start at the diner, the Reservoir Dogs-style oner, they don't do it as a parody, they do it sincerely. And that sincerity carries over when it comes to the character interactions, especially between Wolf and Snake. Their argument in the prison and the fallout at the beach hit me harder than I was expecting. Really great performances from Marc and Sam.

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why does Snake even wear clothes