DC Rebirth

What the fuck happened? There was so much promise and potential.

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Johns left, he was spearheading it and the only who still loved DC characters at DC

Johns got too wrapped up with film and then Justice League was a disaster, so he lost power

Then DC made the two worst possible moves they could do and brought Bendis on board, and have King do Heroes in Crisis

Didio got jealous and Johns went to movies.

things looked so bright with rebirth. to think dc managed to get even worse then they were during new 52.

What was the last good comic from DC Rebirth before things went to shit, Morrison's Lantern run?

it was extremely problematic

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Didio and Lee were SEETHING and decided to have Snyder derail it all with Metal. After that wrapped up they brought in Bendis because they were angry and spiteful that people were taking to Tomasi and Gleason’s straight white wholesome family Superman after reeling from a trump win.

Johns is no better than any of them and DClock was turned into a political comic after November of 2016 which johns himself admitted in a THR interview saying basically he couldn’t remain hopeful and upbeat while such an evil meanie bigot was in power.

Three jokers more recently was pure autism.

Morrison’s forest season on GL was great then he and sharp both completely shit the bed in season two. Sharps art has never recovered, it’s still the same hideous shit.

Batman was terrible, so I stopped reading that shit eventually

First season*

You say this in jest but much of the big 2 are made buy and run by politically obsessed delusional fuck ups and so yes this run was absolutely derailed because it appealed to people who didn’t vote the right way whether or not Tomasi and Gleason were those types themselves.

Time for a second Rebirth?

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Honestly kinds first three arcs weren’t awful it wasn’t until after the swamp thing issue things went downhill fast with the engagement and the entire year after that which was only topped by the year after that for pure unmitigated shit.

The I AM trilogy and monster men and the button and that swamp thing was fine. Not great, much of it not really all that re-readable but not awful.

I don't think Geoffrey has that much power anymore.

God I miss this so much

A few people made a genuine effort to bring back old fans. Didiot then hired Bendis as a big fuck you to those people and chased away the old fans who gave DC a second chance. All DC has left now are the zombies and gimmick speculators. Few would mourn the end of the current floppies. More than a few would be relieved if they ended.

No one would give it a chance at this point. It took a lot to make the leap of faith to trust DC the first time around.

>Few would mourn the end of the current floppies.
Untrue. I just want the political hacks and shitty writers gone. Only you losers who never bought floppies and never will say this.

It hurts. I say this genuinely. I get a stomachache thinking of what they allowed Bendis and then Taylor to do.

How did Justice League screw over Johns?

(After the man of steel mini Bendis supes was fine.)

It really seems Yea Forums is just bizarrely, overly mad Jon isn’t 10

Didio was anti-Metal but it was a hit so he couldn’t do anything

The first two years of rebirth were the best DC since the mid 2000s. Real high point, fond memories of all that. No big 2 reboot lasts (in terms of quality) much longer than that. Rebirth was good.

The woke poison finally infected DC of course. I can't believe that those comicsgate faggots were right, in retrospect.

I really do get sad thinking about how badly comic books got fucked in their last years. It's a miserable and sad thing to know about.

Yeah I have my problems with Johns but it wasn’t fair him getting the blame for Justice League bombing. That movie was set up to fail from the beginning.

>defending Bendis
>obnoxious reddit spacing

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Not him but i haven't been keeping up with Bendis.
What did he do this time?

I remember having a lot of fun reading Superman, Supersons, Green Lanterns, Hal n Pals, and Titans even if, looking back, that Titans run was bland

there were a bunch of things he did on his Superman run that fans took issue with. The major ones are revealing his secret identity (making the Clark part of his life and the conflict of a double life unnecessary), and aging up Jon to the point where he could be a second Superman (not just magic aging up, but he fell in a black hole outside of time and was held prisoner by Ultraman [evil Superman] for like 10 years).
The status quo for Superman when Bendis came in was good, and people liked it. Clark and Lois were together and had Jon. You had good classic Superman style stories, as well as family stories and Super father and son stories. Also Jon was around the same age as Damian (Bruce's son) so they had Super-sons stories together. Things were fun, comfy and nice; but then Bendis had to shit it all up because he wanted to make his mark on the character.

Honestly sounds egotistical of him. I doubt any of that will even stick.

I can see them finding someway to undo Supes identity being public. But they already did to much with Jon to de-age him back to being a kid, and their relationship is already to messed up to get back to the comfy place it was before.

They tried to undo the reboot, but failed to have a plan. It's really that simple.

Look, I HATE the New52, but when Rebirth happened it had finally started to find it's footing.

How about him not being the real Jon but an alternate version of Konner pretending to be Jon as a plot by Ultraman to screw with the Super family.
Makes as much sense as what's currently going on.

The first part of Metal (until Wild Hunt or whatever) spells it out in typical Morrison fashion.
...I'm actually surprised /co doesn't have an image explaining it.

Didio was THE driving force behind metal wtf are you talking about?

Fuck you no it didn’t and it was never going to find its footing. Shit like the new 52 only works in OGNs and maybe a digital only universe.

The floppies should ALWAYS be some form of post crisis, pre flashpoint continuity. Less events would allow for very soft canon overall because writers would be able to just write stories a la Worlds Finest at the moment

>Didio was anti-Metal
Fuck no, he wasn’t. The entire Dark Multiverse and Dark Matter shit that came after was all his doing. He SUPER into Metal and it’s aftermath. What revisionist bullshit is this?

New 52 was doomed to fail due to the massive timeskip making the reboot pointless and replacing decades of comics lore for an alternate version of the story that happened off panel, WB always do that, they did it to Mortal Kombat as well.

I could fix it in 13 pages. Superman gets on the Cosmic Treadmill or even just says “fuck this” and flies back in time. Punches himself in the face and says “no fucking way are you two going off into space with this asshole” and we forget any of it ever happened.

Jon is still a kid, nothing Bendis wrote ever took place and we still have 9 pages for Superman to go back in time and hug his newly restored family.


>Superman gets on the Cosmic Treadmill or even just says “fuck this” and flies back in time.
Superman can't do that it's not silver age anymore, his powers were changed.

No it was doomed to fail because it would and will always be seen as an alt U. That’s all it ever could be. Which has no place. Being the setting for mainline releases.

DC is like coke. You don’t change the recipe. New 52 was like New Coke if the people in charge refused to admit their fuck up for the better part of a decade and kept doubling down telling customers they were wrong.

If you want a new coke flavor or a new DC square one it should only ever be on the side without replacing the original.

There's people that already like current Jon, doing that would alienate them as well.
You could actually do a super sons book that is set before Bendis' run, which is sort of what adventures of the super sons was. Except that sold terribly.

I still have no idea what the fuck Metal is about and have no intenion of reading it. I thought it was just gonna be some indulgent story for a bunch of old boomer fucks to try and make a corporate Heavy Metal inspired DC universe. Makign that book important seemed like such a misstep.

Superman broke reality in Tomasi and Gleasons run when max threatened Jon. He can do whatever the fuck he wants. Fuck off casual.

No there are people who tweet their support and don’t pay for comics.

Stop you fucking fool. Boomer comics are unironically what DC needs.

Snyder, Bendis, Didio, Lee and pals are all Gen Xers. Which is why they have so many dads issues and hated kid Jon.

That’s because it was digital only and nobody cares about prequel/lost adventures comics.

We want super sons back, kid Jon back and fuck anyone who gets in the way of that.

Are you talking about the issue where Mr Mxyzptlk is fucking with reality with his reality warping powers and Superman is summoned by him? Not a good example since it actually show Superman as powerless to do shit against someone who can actually do everything they want.

It was pure and empty fanboy hype.

He tanks a warped reality at the end of reborn user are you retarded? said fuck this I’m done and punched right through that shit to save jon after merging with superbro.

He can do whatever the fuck he wants and if it meant saving his son he’d fly right back in time or hop on the treadmill. Hell he knows the LOSH he can travel through time if he wants.

So it sounds like you don’t read comics at all considering you just vaguely mentioned what my does and don’t even know how the story ended.

That's retarded, they only thing he did was go through the reality changed by Mxy who straight up said he caused the whole situation. He was never able to do anything like that again since there was no Mxy around.

Oh ok you're just a shitposter and let me guess Hulk can do anything he wants as well

user go read reborn and stop acting like you have until then.

I don't understand how DC is still alive after fucking up their canon, is just so boring and messy to me without an actual timeline, I guess most comic readers are not lore fans after all.

Honestly, they should just make out of continuity Super Sons stories. Like, fuck it. Who cares if it’s canon or not? So long as it’s fun, that’s what matters. Give older Jon better stories and a better writer and give kid Jon his own book separate over there where he goes on adventures with Damian. There. Easy fix, easy money.

Rebirth did a lot well. Green Lanterns especially was great, and I'm kind of sad we didn't get to see Wally and Linda reform their relationship over time.

That would be retarded. Just give Jon a better writer that has him do actual cool shit instead of being a zoomer stereotype. I don’t care if he’s bi and taking it up the ass; I love Midnighter and he’s gay as fuck. I just want to see him so cool shit. He’s SUPERMAN… until his dad is back. He should be anything BUT BORING. That’s Jon’s actual fucking problem right now: his book is fucking boring. Nothing happens in it. It’s not even comfy slice of life shit; it’s just boring “Jon saves people and then complains to his bf who’s just boy Lois Lane, now they do a stake out and then get back home to dumb boring talks”. FUCK THAT. Bring in some asshole from space that will fuck his shit up. Bring back Kid Amazo. FUCK IT. Give me a story where Mongal or some other alien bitch tries to force him to marry them and shenanigans ensue. Fucking ANYTHING that’s even remotely cool, fun, goofy and/or badass to make Jon’s Supes books actually fun to read.

>. But they already did to much with Jon

Did what? Teen Jon is barely developed as it is because Bendis didn't think through anything and Taylor is building something on top of Bendis' weak foundation, which is bound to fall apart when people actually start thinking about the story so far.

It's easy to just make teen Jon a separate character and then finally take the time to work on writing something for him without the fear of people realizing "this shit makes no sense" when looking back at Bendis' stories for the foundation.

>they already did to much with Jon
thats just a nice way of saying, they made him bi and they dont want to deal with the blowback of undoing that

Just read both of these runs and kinda agree. Neither were that great, but the second season never really went anywhere. The Blackstars thing was kind of stupid, but at least there was a story there.

The only blowback would be from people on Twitter, which doesn't really matter at this point.

I understand that we, over here, think that. But literally every decision that DC and Marvel make is based on how it will play on twitter. For whatever reason twitter response has more impact on their editorial decision than sales or what we (ostensibly 'real' fans) think.

I don't really think that's the case anymore, even before Musk bought out Twitter.

No. Johns has failed comics.

This was my favorite Rebirth run. Why did Bendis ruin it?