Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2022) Storytime

I got my copy early in the mail. Dumping.

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Let's see it

please forgive the shitty scan job this is literallly the first time I have ever scanned a comic an I'm using a normal HP printer. The settings said it should be 300 DPI though.

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the spirit of scanbro lives on

bump if you're reading
here I go. obviously some of this already leaked but I'm doing the whole issue #1. I think an user already posted phone pics of this issue but they were really small.

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kek I'm not scanbro I'm not that based
may he rest in peace

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Correct, this is the second storytime of pain of this. Thanks though.

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I tried my best to join those spread pages but they're still pretty rough. by the way you guys better write to me when I'm in jail from the Marvel goons.

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wait what?

you may not be but thank you anyways

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Spit on Lowe's face for me.

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...Green Door? Who the fuck is even that? Are we Immortal Hulk now, bros?

Fuck Marvel.

>enough with the green door

It's at 1 AGAIN!?!

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>boo hoo hoo im traumatized
Why does every Marvel hero have the emotional constitution of an avocado-toast munching west coast zoomer these days?


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uh English poindexter?

>may i
may you what?

because the people writing comics break down over tiny shit. they don't know how to write properly functioning adults.

Oh, wait until you learn what he does the next issues.

Yeah, I’m not completely sure why honestly, maybe they didn’t like the anniversary issues being back to back?

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yes and they got JRJR back and are making a big deal about it. He probably won't even be here past issue 12.

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They already have issues lined up that he isn’t drawing, I believe that 900 is one of them

The getting a new from Norman ?
It stretches belief but I could see a 'do what needs to be done' scenario but why does he feel bad about letting him down.

What about Liz and his godchild? (and Stanley if he still exists)

That's literally who writes for Marvel these days.

Fucking A.

he's a real nigga

doubt it makes it past 12-15 it's been common now that these exclusive artists bail soon or on ASM mostlly and then get the shuffle then fans will get pissed and sales drop even more

It's pretty stupid because I've started to see that #1s now drive off readers just as much as they claim they're jumping-on points.

It's really there just to get speculator boosts but I think unless the book is really good it's going to get diminishing returns.

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But surely even fragile zoomers want heroes to be strong and heroic.

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Wells is a Gen Xer though

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Normie's busy being Carnage again.

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You should call White Rabbit Peter...

These 2 getting back together better epic and FUCKING WORTH IT

Fuck Marvel.

You know it wont last it's an awful dance but you have to tell a story and loss and love and redemption then it leads to make up sex

i hope the fags who assured me wells would be good on the book are happy with this shit

Randy looks like a muppet

Not my fault Wells had someone else write the first two Beyond issues.

I don't get why there were so many people shilling his work on here and also back during BND.

ah so the kids is the final reveal, going for a cuck ending to clickbait readers

yes Peter and MJ';s kids

At least Johnny still cares



Just a boring nothingsauce of an issue, all the teasing would be fine if we knew they'd deliver on something ever in their lives, or if it wasn't total misery porn. Only plus is they make #1 issues look nice (if JRJR is ur shit), I think JRJR's Spidey always looks great so there's that. The inking and coloring pair up with him well cause he's been pretty bad lately lol

what a shite story

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Remember when MJ was the rock in Pete's life a much more compassionate and understanding person?

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If I ever end up killing myself I'm going to make sure to include Nick Lowe in the suicide note

it's the mystery, but every daimon can forged again this one will be the toughest one

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comic writers found it too hard to write since they are either incels or completely whipped by their wives.

I can never tell what’s writer incompetence and what’s editorial meddling anymore.
I’m always willing to believe stuff with MJ is editorial bullshit and Lowe’s little message about it in the letters doesn’t help

>he thinks anything will be built up better
>under the Mouse

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The only good parts of this issue is where it tries to be fun with the Digger shit, the stuff about the green door and bringing him back and melting, getting tired out, eating the rose, that stuff is legit fun. Why couldn't the rest of it have that spirit?

wait mj and peter and vroken up again? lmao pick a fucking lane already marvel, the relationship is a complete joke.

the problem is they have to go back to MJ because there is not another woman out there that will be accepted except MJ so sit back and watch as she is proven superior

Spider-man is a NEET? He's never been more relatable.

>saved his kot
You a'ight, Tombstone.
I guess we're going for the Into The Spiderverse pathetic loser Pete vibe? But why though?

Why isn't he calling her Aunt May anymore?

im gonna become a feliciafag, this shit is so fucking stupid

You’re gonna set off the marywhorekek guy now

Felecia will be with the Thief queen and shilling her

she's his "mother" user and he's 30s something.

it was time to stop calling her "aunt" May like a fucking retard.

We shouold try White Rabbit. I've always was team Felicia but Rabbit could be very fun. Add Boomerang om Top and we have something fresh and fun.

>superior at anything other than being a whore and kekking peter

Americans stop referring to their aunts as aunts when they hit 30?

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>new Spider-Man run
>please read Fantastic Four and Daredevil to understand anything about Peter's life right now