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You, OP, are a man of taste

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that's not a dragon

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Thats a kobold but her ass is massive, you get a pass

>mfw I know where I first seen this character
I feel both pride and shame

We all have, not like she is popular somewhere else

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Imagine the braps

Nice collar. Is she a slave? Or is it just a fashion statement?

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That's a kobold.

are for snuggles

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user that's a kobold not a dragon.

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Truly a national treasure.

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Now post the one where she's, uhhh... "hiding her treasure" in those clay pots.


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Who's she Yea Forums?

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adorable rascals

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I'd tell you to fuck off back to /trash/, but not even they want you there.

That kobold's a braphog with farts that make those cheeks clap and you know it.

You talking about that one spamfag?
Blame the mods who can't ban that fucker...

June Foray dragon

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Settle dilate cope and rope

You're giving me your to-do list?

Best noodle

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Evil dragon

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susy! :D

Stop posting kobolds and calling them dragons!1!!!

That's actually really cute. Solidly generic fantasy. The voice-work and audio is... eeeh. kinda amatureish. The animation likewise has has a lot of shortcuts here and there, but of course it's not a professional production. The sins of the animation are very forgivable. But the art style is very comfy. Known.

Get some better mics, works on the audio mixing. I'm positive the animation will progress if you just keep at it. And of course, make content. Flesh out the setting and world-building. Aim for that generic fantasy trope. Make a comfy story. Have them meader over towards stopping the lich or rescuing the princess.

It DOES fall under horrific furry shit that needs to be purged though. So get on your flame suit cause you're going to the stake.

made for body inflation pornography

make me you bitch!

They are just pocket sized dragons.

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blame the artist for drawing the braps in the first place

Can you really call butts of this enormous size pocket-sized?

Imagine the smell, ponder the aroma, pontificate the fragrancy... god I love all these braphogs

I was so happy when Netflix Animation said it was doing a Wings of Fire series. Finally, a kino animated show about dragons to discuss on Yea Forums.

...Now it's back to this "durr hurr, fatass OC looks vaguely like a dragon, this is a dragon thread" shite.

netflix is dead and that's a good thing

There's a brap thread on /trash/ rn

>"durr hurr, fatass OC looks vaguely like a dragon, this is a dragon thread" shite.
Stop being a fag and enjoy the thread you homo

>Less people making animation is actually good!


That's a kobold OP

Why do artists draw kobolds with such huge thighs and asses? I'm not complaining, just wondering.

Wouldn't you?

Reptiles store fat in their tails and hips

My weakness. I thought I would be safe on this board.

Garbage taste

Why is there barely any art of this character getting fucked despite their popularity?

Go be gay somewhere else.

Yea Forums is the gayest blue board.

Such a cutie.

Like my dragons bigger

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Sir, that's a kobold.

Because thats hot? Are you stupid or gay?

Because the creator is one of those 'I'd allow you to show off her ass but no sex' types

I wish that she was in a better movie...

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he sure is :p

That's good CGI for 2007.

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