Still no soccer edition

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Won a few hundred on UFC last night lads. Which NBA games are ripe today?

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who party with escorts here after winning a parlay every now and then?


They're all rigged

Denver ML

based green wave poster

forgot pic

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Live bet on Rayo Vallecano to win?
Up 1-0 vs barcelona.

Idk, I think the Warriors are sweeping it. I'm staying away from that game bud.

>Live bet on Rayo Vallecano to win?

Not sure about that, Barcelona just had a disallowed goal (sympton that is all over Rayo.)

Throw a checky unit on +0.5 goals first half on Racing Newells.

I did Rayo DNB

sorry, tons of chances but no goal. futbol is suffering.

Looking like I'm wrong so far


The refs tried to give barcelona that game.

Shits rigged to high heaven. 90% of the public and 90% of the $ were on GS -4. Of course the nba wants to prolonged the series too for revenue

Everything was built upon this. Also Ligue 1 was all obvious choices today. rip

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La liga is a cluster fuck to bet on

lol indeed

i had money on Barcelona to win too. when I saw they weren't winning I cashed out and put the cash out money on Vallecano.

I hopped on a live bet for Rayo/Barca. I knew that when Rayo went up they were either going to win or 1-1 that shit. I went with DNB.

I was surprised it wasnt a draw to be honest. I thought Barca were going to equalise a few times.

When will you guys realize all this shit is corrupted and rigged? Real competition is dead in the age of commercialized gambling

put a couple hundred on an NHL parlay, doubt I'll win but what the hell with these odds why not

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you're right but I try not to bet large amounts too frequently and I only do so when the odds really are in my favor, for example if the Tampa bay lightning have a 3 game losing streak and they will be playing an average-slightly above average team on home ice after a couple days rest, I would bet 2000+ on them winning. I've won $4800 on a single game before. I definitely believe this shit is rigged to an extent but the possibility to make some nice money to invest in other ventures like crypto/stocks is there. It's just that it's a high risk/high reward option and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Shall I go for anti-sweep tomorrow too?

Wait until the lines come out. Throughout the day tomorrow, watch for public betting/total money percentage combined with reverse line movement.
Ex: if the initial line tomorrow is set at Brooklyn -3.5, and throughout the day it moves to -2.5 or -1.5 despite 70/80/90% of public $ and total $ coming in on them, the safe bet is taking boston + the points. I've done this all nba season and it's worked so far. You have to keep in mind, nba fans are probably the lowest IQ (goes without saying) of all pro sports fans so they bet more on impulse and vegas murders them. You can do this with other sports too but I find it works best for the nba. I will say I'm all in on the Hawks +2.5 tonight

Yeah same, I thought it was going to happen but I wanted something to cover myself.

>Still no soccer edition
Is that... good?

I'm staying the fuck away from NSH/MIN. Then again I usually stay away from hockey. Anything could happen.

holy crap lois, im losing my money

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Apparently there was a fight at Sandown racecourse on Saturday, do any eurobros have footage of it?

Don't worry, I got it.

made 800 tonight, lost 600, then back up to 500, really hurt my brain, need to stop being emotional with betting how do I take away emotion from this shit?

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I try taking emotion away by having betting money that you dont care about if it loses.

With all these wins in picrel I went only just around even on Sunday, (after having gone down on saturday), so your situation also happens to me.
Maybe limiting yourself to x amount of games per day/weekend would force you to not make impulsive emotional bets?

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It happened again

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Muy basado

Where do you find this info

>calls nba bettors stupid
What did he mean by this

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scott foster is officiating game 4 nets @ celtics
this ref is a professional kevin durant and kyrie irving ball gargler. this is not only the most anticipated first round matchup but also the only first round series that COULD end in a sweep. NBA wants to make their money and have even more incentive to extend the series now that ben simmons won't play game 4.

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nothing presented here should be taken as fact

Think Toulouse will score some goals today after the 1-1 they just had with Socheaux

I was thinking to stay away from it unless it was drawn some way into the second half.
Did you do any pre-game bets on Toulouse?

Share UFC advice

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Is this retarded? I mean as long Juventus don't win I'm guaranteed profit. Double chance only pays 1.81 so this is better.

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Small on Toulouse to score over 2.5 goals. At home after two relatively quiet games this should be doable.

It's tough as a bettor at first. You need to follow it for about a year before you learn all the fighters.

If you're new use bestfightodds.com and you can find the best lines available for every fight. Listen to UFC Leaf in these threads. He wins more than he loses

And again. That sassuolo go is so bad lmao

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>real madrid is @6

and Real Madrid champion is @ 5

Go on a fucking heater and now I'm being investigated by Gemini

Mad 2 not tke this

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Couldn't agree more, especially since city are CL chokers

I'm on, as well as Real +1, benz + vini atts

yeah City are massive chokers while also being a bit short handed

Hey guys, OP here. Gonna reiterate the rules of STOP BETTING SOCCER


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its retarded because Juventus will win

Collier-Arlovski over 2.5 rounds. That will be the point fight to end all point fights. If there's a 'split decision' prop at better than +300, take it

No joke if you bet the Russian fighter every time you'll be profitable

picks for trmw, good night lads :)

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My advice:

Don't bet 'method of victory' unless someone is a huge favorite. You might be able to get a fighter who is -800 down to -150 by KO. That's the only time there's value.

It's tempting to bet unders and hope fights end by KO or submission but the market reflects that. More than half of fights go to decision in every weight class but heavyweight. Women's fights are like 70% decisions. If you can get anything near even money on over 1.5 rounds, take it.

Don't bet every fight. Avg UFC card has like 14 fights. Pick two or three you like and bet 3-5 units instead of 1 unit on 13 fights. Pick your spots like pic related (4 units).

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