>Results and livescores:


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i'm here for another next gen disappointment

Worried this third set is going to be an errorfest from both

Think we'll ever see Shapo in the top 10 again?

Serbs probably wouldn't mind a russian winning
Imagine if a brit lost the wimbledon final to a russian

Serbian cumguzzlers will probably cheer after Djokovic spoke out against Russia

Her name was Nina Stojanovic

Djokovic is barely breathing. It's over.

Best case scenario he throws the match for medical reasons.


Nolesisters its over.....

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It's over.

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>refs rigging it in Djovak's favor and he's still losing

The young Russian beats Nole agai-
Wait wrong one

We live in the best timeline where Nadal will win 22

Amen to that. I hate the antichrist.

I hope so but he's too inconsistent, he can go deep in the majors but also lose early

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while playing at 30% of his normal level. How good is tennis in 2022.

reminder: 4-0 is the most dangerous lead in tennis

>Russians burning Ukrainian war victim corpses
>Next civilian mass grave discovered

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7-6 (4)

I hoped the Serbian players would stop the occultist, but looks like Russia will save Serbia again.

This can't be happening

any1 got HQ pics of tennis women's tanned legs in sweat and clay dust?

how do you do fellow white men? how are we enjoying a day of tennis (white man sport)?

Hahahahah yes it can, Djokobros, yes it can.

Best Easter ever.

>bweh winning
Aussie user called it, based

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Where is that other Serb who really hopes we die? I want his delicious tears.

Could Djokovic bring more shame upon Serbia and be bageled in Belgrade?


Serbs are retards. Him worshipping Satan didn't even get them to denounce him.

imagine doubting nole


This wasn't in the script bros


Kek when was the last time Novak got bagelled?


Djokovic not even trying in the end

Novak in 5

kek based

>Ferrari in shambles in Imola at home
>Novak loses at home
G-great Easter

Monte Carlo

djokovic didnt win the match but he won the story..

He's just tanking, he only cares about RG

Ash Barty would never.

Busta in 3

2015 Rome was tanking, this is just sad

>novaxx choke-o-bitch bagelled in Belgrade


He won 2015 Rome though?

He deserves it, plus he is peaking this tournament and Alcaraz is subpar

16, my bad

>Alcaraz is subpar

He showed he can still play at high level during the tournment, just doesn't want to go 100% every game yet

He is showing his inner zoomer in this clay season.

kek cops a bagel in front of his home crowd against fucking Rublev. That's classic. Dw serbs he'll be fine by RG.

..play again

Lel he said some shit like "if the engine runs out of fuel, it can't work". He's coping hard. Ripe for the retirement.

He hasn't played 4 matches in 5 days since Tour Finals, which were extremely fast. I'm almost sure you're a falseflagger by this point

Duvaj kurac, sabane.

It didn't bother him before he got old.

Okej znaci samo si glup

so this is the true power of the gay

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>you're stupid for not agreeing with me on everything
Can you cope some more?

Yo when does Federer play again or is he done?

5 ATP singles titles won by Russian born men so far

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If he recovers from his surgery soon, we will get to see him play again. But it's not very likely.

Hope he cucks Djovak out of Wimbledon, that would be epic.