Tfw we faced england in the world cup

>tfw we faced england in the world cup

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kys srsly

very reddit anime

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>Family series are Reddit now

We still control the Falklands, seethe.

>Reddit is... LE BAD

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How do you know if something is reddit or not? Do you browse there, is that a confession? You have to go back

reddit x family


>is not haremshit with entire female cast throwing their pussies at betalord MC
>i-it's reddit a-anime!!!

im so glad the anime lives up to the manga.

what’s wrong with it? it’s cute

And we still have the 86 cup, seethe, cope and dilate.

kys srsly

let's be real, this anime season is shit, lads

sorry, keep your normalfag shit to yourselves

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I'm not the only one who wants to start a family after seeing the ED, right?

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You don't have the 649+ killed though after your embarrassing invasion, do you?

>keep your normie shit to yourself
>posts psycho-pass
o i am laffin


SEXO with anime

anime is not for trannies, MOE is for trannies and modern anime is only moeshit

the only correct brit take ever made on Yea Forums

>a classic that will be rememberd for 10 years vs reddit:the anime
yikes, get better taste scrub

>le reddit anime is le bad
>psycho pass in the pic

nothing more cringe than letting reddit or the schizos from Yea Forums affect your enjoyments of things.
>i-i-i have to fit in

very happy that most Americans arent weebs on this board. it seems to overwhelmingly be germans.

World Cup!!!!!!!!

Now I want to watch it, give source now

nothing cringer than being indoctrinated to be a faggot because the only shit you like is moeshit

i dont watch anime lad

Reminder that Yea Forums is literally a japanese anime website

OP is dogshit

erm, this is 4channel


agreed, sister!
edit: do i look cute in my new pics? check my profile OwO

Looking forward to seeing Yor in an Argentina jersey

How is this anime cutr? She's a killer. The little loli can't lampshade that.

Reminder Aharen-san is the Yea Forums anime choice for spring

damn bratty spy................................ !!!!!!!!!!

Based Reddit x Family chad shitting up Yea Forums with off-topic garbage


i got permabanned for saying fag. fuck these cocksuckers

t. uses lelouch avatar on social media

>latin american
imagine my shock


Yea Forums is full of newfags not knowing the site origins and think they can dictate what is said in the threads.
The constant seething anytime an anime pic is posted is hilarious.


spy x family, idk about the anime but the manga is very good

Guyabros, we can't let this one slip

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no one fucking cares about psycho pass today bro

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aieeeeee nooo you cant post le anime le here what about my liverpoorino threads i HAVE to talk about emma and pissi nooooo

based Shinkabro

estos provinciANOS

>Psycho Pass
lmao, here's your >(you)

anya good loli

kill yourself