/147/ - World Snooker Championship 2022

We have another exciting afternoon of snooker ahead at The Cru' (formerly The Cruce), with each match delicately poised. Young prospects Judd, Jack, Noppon and Kyren will be eager to progress and prove that snooker isn't just an old man sport, while Robertson and Bingham are itching to lift the prestigious World Championship trophy for a second time. Keep an eye out too for the Scottish Syndicate contingent as you never know quite who or what they'll rig next.
All the action is available on the BBC (online / red button), Eurosport and comfy illicit streams.

>14:30 (bo25)
Anthony McGill 4-4 Judd Trump
Neil Robertson 4-4 Jack Lisowski

Kyren Wilson 3-5 Stuart Bingham
Noppon Saengkham 4-4 John Higgins

>Full schedule:
>Tournament bracket:

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The Jester is gone, so it's obviously Yea Forums related.

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Why is Noppon acting like such a jobber? He almost knocked Higgins over.


>He almost knocked Higgins over.
Proof that Higgins isn't actually made of granite at all!

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just a clumsy thai boi

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Noppon somehow looks different every time I see him.

You can see he's a cool cucumber.

A very disagreeable young woman.

>Well, we've started late here at the Cruncible Spoon, because the women's rugby overran. Now we only have half the time to show you highlights of what you just watched and interviews you saw yesterday.
I understand not everyone is terminally loopy. I could even support occasionally explaining the rules again. But this, this just feels lazy.

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lel, a bit of argy-bargy!


p-pls delete this!!!

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I disagree!

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Hey! BBC2 is going to have another chance to get a webm of Noppon's brown! Hurry, webmchads!

anybody else checked in on the kabbadi on BBC while waiting for the snooker? no idea what is going on

Riggins up to old tricks on that brown

not now but I tried watching it some times, it's crazy

I take back everything I just said about endlessly repeating things!

first for Michael Portillo

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>that yellow jacket
wtf, Portillo is a zestchad??

What channel? I've got women's football here. I watched kabbadi once and it's actually really cool; it's like a cross between It/Tag/Tig/etc and dodgeball.

Certified Nonce

bingchow was only make joke

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Harry hill cosplay in winter gardens lol

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Very honourable

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Obviously. The postgame studios are autists for believing otherwise

I thought I saw Ringo Starr back there as well.

Deano music extravaganza


think it's only online, I found it under the sports section of iplayer. Just indian music right now though as its between games

Ah the famous Chinese sense of humour

Alan McAnus being the bigger man too

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Selbychads... how do we recover from this??


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what was the incident? i missed it last night

Oh no no no (but seriously, get him a constant translator)

Based Jargon Buster

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He released yet another pigeon inside the Crucible.


He asked to have the white cleaned as a joke after taking 4 mins on a shot he wasn't sure even went.

Yan asked for the cueball to be cleaned when it looked like he might been snookered and the cunts in the yurosport studio were saying he was trying to cheat even though it was clearly a joke

I, for one, will never recover.
Still, can't help but wonder if he understood the question.

a cool guy

the shot in question

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He should have doubled down

Poor guy. He is trying so hard to be respectful but can barely speak English. At the beginning he said I hope everyone knows it's not easy to play Mark Selby

>Clean the kubol, reffie.

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some talent is Yan


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kek, i wonder if he actually meant that, maybe they dont realise that exaggerated platitudes are considered polite and not taken literally in England

Pack it in, please.

>what's the kiss like
Stupid kissless virgin commentator

He may soon comment on it, when he finds out that people are talking about it for some reason.

Haha, completely unlike us, haha.

haha imagine kissing a girl!

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Are Judd and Jack the last of the deanos?

Tat's bottom

Be careful which Jack you're talking about.

Stop pal.

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Neyul pls start getting good

>nobody hits the ball better than Jack Lisowski
Stephen Hendry has been hanging out with Jimmy White for too long.

BuT iTs ToO sMaLl AnD cRaMpEd iN ThE CrUcE!!!1!

i wish i woz at home streming on twich

>BuT iTs ToO sMaLl AnD cRaMpEd iN ThE CrUcE!!!1!
That makes sense though. You all think he has autism.

Does Jedd really think he looks better with that pitiful slice of fabric over a bow tie?

Cue sports will always attract Deanos (Hendry, Judd) and criminals (Ronnie, Riggins). I'm more concerned that autists like Steve Davis and Neil Robertson will no longer pick up a cue with all the electronic distractions such as video games.

>when Tina asks you if balls were touching

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Said I'd drink beer earlier but ended up drinking white wine with the bf, what are we like?

It's call fashion, you wouldn't get it


>judd touching himself in the background

was that a FUCKING dog?

No that was my beautiful wife

does she sneeze like a dog?


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single table for quarters WHEN

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>It's call fashion, you wouldn't get it
t. rump

When selby's retired, so they can be sure the schedule will hold.

Come on cameramen show some Robertson bunda

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