A West v East derby in the capital that could have a huge impact on the race for the Top 4.

Kick-off at 2:00pm UK time.

CHE: Mendy; Azpilicueta (c), Silva, Christensen; Loftus-Cheek, Kante, Jorginho, Alonso; Mount, Havertz, Werner.
>Subs: Arrizabalaga, Chalobah, Kenedy, Sarr, Barkley, Niguez, Pulisic, Ziyech, Lukaku.

WHU: Fabianski; Johnson, Dawson, Cresswell; Coufal, Noble (c), Soucek, Masuaku; Fornals, Benrahma, Yarmolenko.
>Subs: Areola, Fredericks, Alese, Rice, Kral, Lanzini, Vlasic, Bowen, Antonio.

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moyes resting for thursday I see

3-4-3/3-4-2-1 line-ups are so gay

how many for my bois TWernz and KHvz today??

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As a swedish West Ham fan, if I want to go to LOOONDON and watch a game, what area should I live in? What do I do?

just realised west ham are in the east

what area do I stay
stay at my house so I can pound your bussy 3 times a day
>what do I do
remain locked in my bussy basement as my sex slave

bro thats weird

kinda gay bro

>Declan Rice benched
What’s going on

benching their best players for europa league
this should be a cakewalk for chelsea

fuck anime

west ham fan tv here

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we got this

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both Masuaku and Yarmolenko have scored the winners against them, I'm expecting a meme result. 9-0 to chelsea or 3-2 to hammers, nothing in between

I don't like it, no sir. I would rather see Chalobah again, at least to give him a chance and shake off the rust.

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>rude n*gger gone
so much for muh passion

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kys srsly

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kys srsly

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Rudiger gone, Christensen gone, Azpi old, Silva old, Alonso old.
Chelsea need 2 starting cbs and 2 bench wingbacks next season. Changing the whole defence like this doesn't look inspiring desu

Also some money for the striker, some money for the midfield.
Let's say that hopefully the new owners will spend a lot to get off a good start.

>anime pic
>thinks Chalobah is good enough for Chelsea
Sarr is unironically better. Still though, Christensen must be really good in training to still be playing after these recent weeks and not wanting to extend.
It's strange since he's so good for our NT


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All Chalobah has to do to be good enough right now is to not pass the ball to west ham players.

RLC at right back......I dont feel so good chelseabros

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chalobah's just replaced christensen

Christensen is fucking garbage, hopefully he will suffer a career ending injury in this game

Which is too much to ask from him. His passing is shit tier

yes, wouldn't mind some young lads from cobham desu

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did he actually get injured again lmao, christ i cant wait for him to go somewhere else

I will now believe in Vietnamese juju.

>Hammers put out the reserve team
should i even have this on in the background as a neutral?

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Should I watch this or play fifa?

>playing fifa past the age of 12

having said that, rate my team

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Christensen is going to fuck Chelsea over.
I can feel it.

Good afternoon, fellas

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amerigay home of fags

would not want to play against you/10

>playing FIFA in 2022
literal mind poison designed to frustrate you into buying packs

is there even enough players in asia to find opponents? i thought they all played that f2p footy game

we're a Harohapi board here

>wake up
>See Chelsea starting lineup
>No pulisic
>Change the channel

too many people here there's bound to be some fifa fags

Bro, who is making all these anime chelsea girls?

based. i do the same with danish players.

>spending real money to win

thats what happens when you're a shit american player

nigga you can get that team playing for 2 weeks
they were made by different people, i drew the anzu ones

i suppose that's true, i forget how many people are there. i would assume it's not available in china, but 1 billion indians might fill the void

is david moyes the only good englihs manage

Moyes is scottish, there are no good English managers

>wingers as fullbacks
this is why i cant take fifa seriously

Embarrassing. WE DEM MOYES BOYS

I don't know what a anzu is, but thank you for your service lil bro

the last year i played was like 17 or 18 and at that point i specifically remember people using strikers as central midfielders, and somehow they were better than actual midfielders.
it's a tragedy that there isnt a good football game around anymore

loserpool and neverton

He got that

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sometimes wonder why nobodies made a realistic football game, but then i remember zoomers wouldn't like it unless it plays out like a back and forth ping pong game with 0 downtime where they can put 5 star skill players in every position to satisfy their adhd brains

if west ham and wolves win today, manure will be 8th?