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Liam Smith vs. Jessie Vargas
Austin Williams vs Chordale Booker

>April 30th ESPN USA SKY UK
Shakur Stevenson vs. Oscar Valdez

>May 7th DAZN PPV
Dmitry Bivol vs. Canelo Alvarez
Montana Love vs. Gabriel Valenzuela
Filip Hrgovic vs. Zhang Zhilei
Shakhram Giyasov vs. Christian Gomez

>May 14th Canal+ FRA ESPN+ USA
Tony Yoka vs. Martin Bakole

>May 14th Showtime USA
Jermell Charlo vs. Brian Castaño
Jaron Ennis vs. Custio Clayton

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Still no words from Whyte?

Hes usually pretty humble in defeat, i expect him to say fair play to Fury
I was hoping Wilder would say something cheeky on twitter


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Fury is the best HW of all time

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why is wallin so underrated? hes the only person who tested fury effectively

Fury, on resume, has advanced to the number 12 spot of all-time heavyweights, per Boxrec. He was previously 15th and has since surpassed Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier and George Foreman.

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>Floyd Patterson 4th
awful list

Fury has also advanced in his P4P all-time ranking, where he was previously ranked 99th of all time - he is now 64th. Beating the likes of GGG, Wilfred Benitez, Terrence Crawford and Erik Morales.

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Fury sisters? Our response? I can feel me mental elf slipping away whenever U*** is mentioned

where's dempsey?


Correct. Anybody saying otherwise is blinded by nostalgia. 6'1 205lb legally blind Joe Frazier is not competing with modern heavyweights.

He's too high risk low reward at this point.
Whyte openly ducked him to protect his title shot.

Yeah some guy who could make cruiserweight would never compete with heavies these days

Goddamn I'll be so fucking disapppointed if he ducks Usyk, just one more fight for undisputed

Uysk struggled with Chisora, he beat AJ because AJ is not good

>Athletes get better over time, not worse
With boxing I think this is only partially true. Boxers need to fight other good boxers to improve. They need good trainers too. Over time, there have been less and less of both, fighters fight less and dont get the same experience anymore. It’s a highly technical sport, and if that knowledge doesnt get passed down then it can get lost time.

Today’s boxers just dont have the same kind of environment of the past. The last of the “good” trainers are dying off, very few boxing gyms, guys fight as little as humanly possible.

Like a few months ago we had a good discussion about why you dont see guys who can fight on the inside like say, a Roberto Duran could. Sure he was extremely talented, but he had spent a lot of time and practice honing those skills, as well as having access to some great trainers. People these days are hyper defensive and hardly know how to fight on the inside like that anymore.

I think over time more of that boxing knowledge may be lost as I really do think the trainers and the fighters are in decline as far as numbers go. At least in America there used to be boxing gyms everywhere, but the culture has seriously declined.

If we're realistic, Fury just needs the rest of this year and next year to beat Usyk, Joshua and I'd hope Joyce. After that he can happily retire having truly proven he was the greatest to ever do it. I really hope the retirement talk is Mayweather-esque strategy to maximize as much profit as possible.

It's a long time being retired thinking about what could've been and if he knuckles down for just 1 or 2 more years he will literally be the greatest of all time.

Boxers needing to be good is a huge meme, almost all 'good' boxers are just big punchers who are also granite chins.

wallin is a fucking bum, sugarhill fury would take his head clean off

Not the most exciting style and he’s a punchlet. Last fight he went the distance with THE bumzeale

Fury has nothing to prove. He won those belts years before Joshua did. Removed from him on a technicality.

Let him enjoy retirement in the WWE

Wallin needs to fight decent people like Takam, Bakole and Helenius. He can't keep living off the one Fury fight forever.

yeah ducking the klitschko rematch & testing positive for cocaine

We're losing recipes

punchlet that sent fury to hospital to get 47 stitches

He literally tried to but Whyte pulled out

He should fight Whyte imo.

problem is no one wants to fight him, Ortiz and Ruiz accepted the fight then didn't sign the contract, Whyte pulled out a week before the fight. Only ones out of the top hw's i see that could potentially fight him next is Frank Sanchez and Helenius

you forgot to mention Klitschko was finished as well, matchroom shill

If that were true then Tyson Fury would have never beat Deontay Wilder. Just having a big punch can only get you so far. Technical ability is what allows guys like Lomachenko to dominate dudes who are twice his size.

Power by itself is essentially useless if you have zero fight IQ, shit footwork, no defense, etc.

>90 year old Takam

Wallin v AJ
Usyk v Fury

Fury v AJ
Wallin v Usyk

Just made HW boxing entertaining for the rest of the year

>Removed from him on a technicality.
you mean testing positive and getting a 2 year ban?

He tried and Whyte ducked one week away from the fight. If I were him I wouldnt even bother with Shyte, I’d still be pissed from the last time he blatantly ducked.

This dos not look that bad from the front but it is actually awful.

>AJ doing 2 fights in a year
Hearn won’t allow this. He won’t sell out Wembley if fans have 2 opportunities

Fury took next to no damage to the head from that Whyte fight, the only things that landed were 3 or 4 rabbit punches on the ropes and maybe a couple jabs to the face iirc. If CTE is his concern then I doubt he lost a single braincell from that fight. I hope he continues on.

AJ wallin at the o2, AJ fury at wembley

*gulp* imagine if one of those mitts flying out at you
i'd imagine my head would be voluntarily disconnect

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Fury knows any fight with AJ can not be in UK or KSA. Match will be fixed for Joshua to win if he can make it to 12 rounds

Fury is the GOAT, he doesnt need wins over bums like AJ or Uysk

then who else is there to fight

No one



so then he should just retire

Nobody and the way it’s controlled by Hearn is killing the sport.

Knocked out Whyte at Wembley in front of 94000 people

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He’s taken a lot of damage over his career, been dropped multiple times, and recently too. Yeah Whyte didnt get him, but guys like Usyk and Joshua pose a little bit more threat in that regard. Joshua IS still a top heavyweight, Shyte got sparked out by a dinosaur Povetkin. Usyk is dangerous. The older Fury gets, the more at risk he will be to take some serious damage as his body slows down. By quitting now he’d be saving himself of any future injuries.

Like I really think it’s silly how Fury can dispose of Shyte and then all of the sudden that means Usyk isnt dangerous. This doesnt change anything. Usyk is extremely precise, high volume, high IQ, can do a little of everything. He’s the most dangerous heavyweight active asides from Fury and will certainly be able to tag Fury more than Shyte or Joshua could.

pre 60s boxing should be ignored desu
marciano and his undefeated record full of 5'10 slaughterhouse workers would get demolished by

Shyte loves getting KO'd by uppercuts

Kek sure.

Uysk struggled with the physicality of Chisora though, Fury would just lean on him and beat him up inside

t. Froch

Marciano is an outlier as far as “golden era” boxing goes. He was more known for his toughness than anything. But his signature wins are all against dinosaurs who had taken L’s already. He’s cazzie bait. A great fighter dont get me wrong but yeah.

Did anybody catch the Fury in-ring interview live?
Top Rank cut his mic about 1 minute in when he's praising the ref for stopping the fight prematurely on their upload
Anybody know what they censored or have an uncensored link?

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Usyk is one of the weaker punchers in the division. Win, lose or draw it shouldn't take many miles off the clock. Fury is also frankly all wrong for Usyk too.

Usyk is also all wrong for Fury just listen to this also that leaning shit won't work on the best feet in the division

Usyk is going to lose to AJ.

For the first three round, yeah, and then he had him figured out. Admittedly one of Usyk’s worse performances, but it was a learning fight at heavyweight and he still dominated Chisora after the opening rounds, watch it back.

Joshua tried all that leaning and pushing Usyk’s head down and all the big man bullying tactics but got countered every single time, and I mean every single time. Joshua couldnt even get close to clinch Usyk that entire fight.

Fury of course is a smarter fighter than Joshua, but I dont think he’s on the same level of Usyk. You’re downplaying both guys skill by saying Fury could just go in there and rough him up. He would be much more careful. Notice how careful and precise he was against Shyte. It would be a high IQ match.

Usyk struggled with the physicality of chisora. Joshua is even bigger and stronger and will overpower him on the inside

Probably. They will make sure the decision goes to Joshua.

They wanted to do that in fight 1 but usyk was unrobbable cuz it was so 1 sided

Lol Usyk made sure they couldnt rob him the first time by dominating and not leaving any room for doubt. He’s going to dominate again and I believe he’ll KO him this time.

He skirted around GayJ the bum. Fury is too fucking smart, adaptable and has too many dimensions to his game to be comparable to him and lets be real: Usyk is 35. As I've said before, I can't name a single cruiserweight-turned-heavyweight historically that had career-defining wins at that age and past it. Haye was shot, Holyfield was shot, Adamek wasn't really able to do anything.

Believe me when I say Usyk will be an EASY fight for Fury.

The only things higher today are weight and height. What would these shuffling lanky kongs do against a boxer their size who actually moved like a fighter?