Genuine question

How come you always see African people playing for England, but you never see an English guy playing for Africa?

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Because of the Jews.

England is a country and Africa is a continent

Brazil has tons of white players nigga. Also Dan something plays for Chile.

Namibias brave Manfred Starke

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imagine the fucking smell

The South african national team had or has white peopel playing for them. And the south african rugby national team is majority white.

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So who's the whites on Brazil?
And that's an actual question and don't list any light skin mutts like Arthur

You get mixed guys like Caulker playing for Sierra Leone via a grandparent but for fully white Englishmen there's basically no reason you would move to Africa full time so wouldn't qualify to play for them

Anglo-Indian BVLLs won the 1936 hockey gold

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There aren't any. Brazilian whites are all spoiled brats who grew up sheltered in the gated community.
They don't play football at all, besides maybe on the playstation or FM.

Brazil is not an African nation.

There isn't a great deal of diversity on the continent of Africa.

Because England colonized Africa, but Africa never colonized England

>Brazil has tons of white players nigga.
no, you don't

Retard there are millions of negroes in the UK

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Because all English are niggers but not all niggers are English

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wtf man

italy never colonized nigeria, ghana, morocco, pakistan or china, and we have plenty of those beasts here.

Actually loads of english blacks represent african teams

alisson is the only one i can think of

That's the point, Abdul

Britain had open borders with the entire commonwealth for 200 years until 1962. We were a liberal empire.

We need to do something about this. All nations should be open


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this legend

>Brazil has tons of white players nigga.
The accounting staff doesn't count, nigger.

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Because England is rich and Africa is poor. If it were the reverse then English players would be incentivized to play in Africa because they can afford to take in talent from elsewhere

Africa is a shithole and nobody wants to move there, either to play football or in general.

Not sure why people struggle to get that. The #1 best way to reduce immigration has always been to be poor, and then people will want to leave your country rather than come to it

Easy to have open borders when none of them can afford the trip

Well loads of people did and could. Gandhi e.g. went to UCL to study law in the late 1800s and he wasn't from a that well-off family.

*be's the white yardie in your path*

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because you don't make a stand

Yeah the country was absolutely heaving with Indians studying at UCL

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African Anglos play higher class sports, like rugby

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Almost as if there's a planned ethnic replacement of Europeans or something

cuckoldry isn't virtuous in most parts of the world

Any member of the British Empire was allowed to live, work, and reside in any other part of the Empire. There was no legal barrier. Not sure what you're arguing, I'm just stating a fact.

That the vast majority of these people moves post 1962, making it irrelevant

no bitches?

>colonize 95% of the world
>Complain about immigrants

The state of Europeans

not white
ugly mutt with horrible skin

Go back Rajeet

Go back to Europe first

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Bongs never become a significant minority in Africa or Asia

Madagascar's brave Jérémy Morel

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What is south africa, what is Rhodesia

Trinidad and Tobago's Chris Birchall

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>Afrikaners are bongs now


How come you see mexicans in the USMNT but not white people in the mexican team?

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There is like 2 of them. Your team is all a bunch of Steph Curry and klay Thompson looking guys

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