Women sis...we won

Women sis...we won

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No more Lia Thomas

Are Laura must be protected

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i love how this shit only happens in cracker sports like swimming and cycling

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Don't worry, it will soon happen in popular* team sports too.

*=womens versions of.

I know this is a bait post but Serena Williams was walking around with more test in her system than the average man. Tennis is a cracker sport though

yeah OK dumb nog

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Heh, I heard the theme from Chariots of Fire but set to chimp sounds.
>ook ook oook oo ook eek ook

Trannys are 0.3 of the population in England and America, not sure of stats for other coutries.

Yet all the media coverage designed to generate outrage. Almost as though the elite are using us as a smokescreen whilst they destroy the global economy and enslave humanity.

And every step of the way the normies fall for it. Im one of the lucky ones, i managed to get surgery to look female. So i just keep my mouth shut. For other tranners their lives are a living hell.

Please be considerate

>Trannys are 0.3 of the population
not even that


Glad to see people are finally putting a stop to this insanity. These people need medical help accepting what they are rather than a society that buys into their insanity.

>this shit only happens in cracker sports

Nope, their fucking up the nigger sports too.

>Almost as though the elite are using us as a smokescreen

That's not what's happening at all. It's neo-Marxism where they want total control of everything on the planet, including narratives, governments, and trade.

They tried using the "class warfare" shit to create rebellions, but that didn't work. Now they're using "racism", "sexism", and "homophobia" combined with "wealth inequality" in an order to create enough violent unrest in a society so as to "justify" the use of more tyrannical measures from government in order to sieze total control and crush all dissent.

Hence the attack on free speech in the U.S., along with traditional values, families, and the celebration of degenerate scum, like trannies and homo's.

We're pusing back in the U.S., but it seems the U.K. is just completely fucked.

>"That's not what's happening at all"
>then proceeds to explain that is what is happening

>It's neo-Marxism
>we're pushing back in the US
Holy cope, its the US that's spreading it across the globe.

Celebration of scum?

Says more about you than anything. Its like me posting a reddit funko pop creator and saying "wow, look how YOU are".

As a transwoman i wouldnt be able to speak my mind, because I'd end up in prison if i did. But keep playing into the hands of divide and rule, im sure all that anger will help improve your life


Yea...fair enough.

Nah, you guys got infected first.

We don't get locked up for calling somebody a faggot on the internet, that's you guys.

Our states are in the process of passing laws barring tranny's from competing in athletic events against females, and their starting to pass laws against homo indoctrination, too.

Yes, the scum that think trannies should compete with women, and the scum that expect the rest of us to view homosexuality as anything other than the defect it is, that should be cured.

"Sigh, why do I even bother. It's all so tiresome"

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Nah im ok thanks, im going to live my life how i want. And thats the end of it. I couldnt give a flying shit what you or anyone else thinks.

Im trans, so fucking what.

>so fucking what.

So don't expect me, or anyone else, to buy into your delusion, that's what.

I dont need you to. I've been spat at, knife pulled on me, got attacked and put in hospital twice. It happens, it horrible. I dont expect anything from humanity but evil and negativity, but i feel so strongly about this i wont let it defeat me.

I'd be happy if i got left alone

they should just make another group for these people to compete in. just make a unisex group where women, men and everything in between can compete without crazy, weird, hormonal evaluations or whatever. that shit would be hilarious.

>I dont need you to.
Then talk to your peers and convince them to do the same.

It's not about "competition" and never has, it's about exploiting biology to achieve an unfair advantage over weaker / slower human beings.

No because they are insane, and a vocal minority within the community. Its like saying all women are feminists, actually no, most like the idea of having a boyfriend and going to nice places.

Squeaky wheel gets the oil and it serves a larger agenda of divide and rule, and demoralisation. I wish my gender dysphoria could be cured, i did steroids, went to the gym, grow a huge beard. Didnt help, suicidal. Transtioned and i felt happy. Lost everything but the alternative was suicide.

So now i face daily abuse walking to work, it happens, i have to be strong. But i can only speak for myself, the media would never interview someone like me

so it... is about competition then.

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Competition implies a level of equity that doesn't exist between men and women due to biology.

Oh fucking boo hoo, so are millions of other people in the world for a variety of different reasons. Pretending you're something you're not isn't going to help, and the statistics bear that out in late life suicide rates by trannies.

Fuck off you cunt. Never said i wanted sympathy, i said i go through shit, and im going to keep going because im not ashamed of who i am. And i dont care what you or anyone else had to say, im going to live my life my way.

What about Fallon Fox the nigger tranny in MMA?

>Transtioned and i felt happy
How long has it been? I fear that when the novelty wears off you'll go back to suicidal.

>Never said i wanted sympathy
You don't have the ability or integrity to admit you are the gender you were born as, so why would you admit to wanting sympathy from your "woe is me" garbage post from strangers on 4chins?

Rather than go down the same false "transition" road others have only to meet the same end, suicide, it would probably be a better course of action to try and unite a community of people together and call for research into curing the issue using medical science, the same way we do with every other human ailment.

Polio didn't get largely eradicated because people pretended it wasn't an issue, it got largely eradicated through medical research, trial, and error. Homosexuality and tranny issues are no different.

it would be funny if she actually was allowed to race. Laura is the darling of British sport. this dude in a dress would be unanimously booed to shit. we aren't talking about some little college swimming event like with Lia Thomas, and a few parents booing... imagine a whole stadium, with the globe watching, booing their own country's athlete.

>0.3 of the population

it won't be for long. the number of kids who think they're "LGBTXYZ" is growing rapidly; kids who if they were kids in the 1980s would have simply been New Romantics wearing make-up and using too much hair spray, now think they aren't male or female, or a bit of both.

>f*moid snowflakes need their safe space again

women don’t belong in sports, simple as

No, they absolutely do. Pretty tired of how coddled they've been throughout history.
Women should undergo extreme physical stress and be sent to wars, it's the only way for them to stop being useless sacks of meat.

Sex and gender are two different concepts. Please get educated.

maleness is simply stuff that men generally do on the macro level. if a man likes ballet, wears pink dresses etc, he is not behaving like the typical man and is therefore acting in a feminine way, but this doesn't mean he isn't a man. if enough men start acting like he does, then that become the societal norm and what he does becomes defined as masculine.

at no point does it make him a woman.

>Sex and gender are two different concepts.
Nope. One in the same.

Funny how the insane people in the world like to try and create new meanings for words in order to fit their stupid agenda. They can all drink bleach as far as I'm concerned.

>thread theme


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That being said, there is only one cure for fags in general and thats a bullet.

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>if they were kids in the 1980s would have simply been New Romantics wearing make-up

Even Contrapoints said something to this effect: If they grew up in the 2000s they'd have just been emo/scene kids

>only one cure for fags in general and thats a bullet.

I don't agree. I think the issue can and should be studied via medical research so that the cause can be identified and cured. There has to be some kind of genetic or hormonal issue that can be identified and corrected.

Bigots, the only cool things about trannies is watching them dab on women.

FUCK THAT , women can't get away with this shit. They must suffer.

Let the trannies play. You invaded the political scene and pushed trannies everywhere, we didn't want this shit. Fuck you

It's was studied and researched for decades. They put these faggots into mental asylums electroshocked and lobotomized them and almost nothing was of success. Looks like a waste of money. I think swedenbro is right.

He beat the women record by 2 minutes

go back to /pol/ faggot

>And every step of the way the normies fall for it. Im one of the lucky ones, i managed to get surgery to look female. So i just keep my mouth shut. For other tranners their lives are a living hell.
Why did you lay the bait on so thick here?

I don't think they've done any real research in the past 2 decades due to political pressure. Between MRI's that can examine the brain, chemical hormone testing, and examining DNA, I'm convinced they can find a cause and a cure for homosexuality in all its forms.

>It's ok if only a few people are allowed to cheat

What is more "controlling" to you?
Letting people do what they want or insisting every human only falls into 2 categories?
Like the other user said, they are such a small % of the population, and an even smaller % get hormone treatment, and an EVEN SMALLER % go into professional sports, with fucked up hormones and bones to boot
It's a complete non issue

As you say faggotry is mostly a mental issue, the problem is that fags breed by abusing and grooming children fucking them up from an early age and they develope repressed trauma. If you have ever seen people who grow up in a liberal hippie family the children usually turn to drugs and other sexual fethises because the parents dont discipline and structure in their kids.

This is so problematic
Why are women such chuds, bros?

This. Literally all the trans pushback has been from the UK. Establishment newspapers in the UK like the Economist and Times are leading the charge. New York Times literally branded Britain as TERF island and there are stories of British transgender people applying for refugee status in America

>A few women are slightly more famous than they should be (not even richer, most women's sports pay ass)
>this is somehow worse than thousands of people around the world not being able to live their life and being driven to suicide
Healthy society

Not to mention the most common groomers are religious figures and people with authority over children (teachers, relatives, coaches)

all you had to do was not cut your dick off, is it that hard

>It's a complete non issue

Why do you hate homosexuals and tranny's so much that you would deny future generations the chance at a normal life? I bet you want to see other birth defects, like Down syndrome, remain as well, don't you, you sick fuck.

War will come. And all this will be cleaned.

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I think people will eventually see transfags as just a third gender or some shit like that.
For me there are really only two genders, but liberals are going to cope somehow.

>birth defect
>he types this on a device that wouldn't have existed without Turing
It's only a defect if it negatively impacts your ability to contribute to society

>New York Times
Abject neo-Marxist trash.

Regardless, 10 states have so far passed legislation barring trannies from competing against females in sports, and that's just a start...

the word you're looking for is "gender dysphoria" i think it's in the dsm-v. the people should be allowed to play sports, especially if it is a neuropathological mental illness. social activities and exercise is good, why would you deprive a patient of that? its unethical

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