/nba/- T wolves uprising edition

Previous T wolves/Celtics/Jazz/Raps win yesterday.

Bucks/Bulls Nuggets/Warriors Suns/Pelicans Hawks/Heat Today

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We aint ducking no smoke

Bucks taking that 3-1 lead, leave that to the GOAT GIANNIS

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I see it's the mental illness happy hour on /nba/ again. This is what happens when your brain can't process Curry winning another ring and exposing LeShit as a fake fraud by default.

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He didn't fly so good

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For me, its Maxi "im gonna shoot 10 threes" Kleber

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I really hope people are memeing about GSW being "Back" lmao. You arent impressing anyone by beating nuggets

>man levitated by the sheer force of dawg still cannot overcome refball

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>Yo Drayboon, it's KD. Got a spot for me?

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It doesn't take a genius to see that the Dubbies have the most talented roster in the league with the most playoff experience, user.

So beating your precious VORP champion isn't impressive anymore? Funny how the narrative energy has changed since we became the heavy favorites again....

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It look like a kilt to you but when you do that when theres the biggest push in history to put men in dresses you are doing some bad bad shit. The people in his ear before he put that on really fucking got him and now hes done. "The assumption that men shouldn't wear dresses/kilts is a construct trying to limit your wardrobe for no good reason!" they probably said

>The Timberwolves haven’t made it past the 1st round since 2004

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For me its Celtics, Suns, and lalatheislandgal on IG

did you watch them try absolutely everything to lose today? There are powerful cosmic forces keeping those retards out

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At this point, trade Beal, blow it the fuck up for my wizzies. In fact rebrand the whole team, change the logo, uniforms, court etc. make our new goal to pull a Hinkie/Presti and to just tank and find the hybrid.

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Joel is the best player in the league, and I applaud him for playing through yet another injury. But he let the noise get to him today like he did when the Sixers got destroyed by the Nets at home

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is he a superstar now?

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Kek drake is pretty funny. Did any of yall see this


can't believe he's only 19

the king of /g/

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>hey embiid! what's it feel like beating us three games in a row and then not being able to beat us a fourth time?

How can anyone argue that Kevin Durant is currently better than Tatum? Durant doesn't play defense and is getting clamped by Tatum.

It is a kilt not a dress. The reason why you can't wear kilts especially in the fashion Westbrook did is because those are what users of Black Magick wear and it's a long story but it has resulted in many civilizations and lands becoming infertile, and is generally a sign of the collapse of society. The "dresses" you see are kilts. Why do you think Scotland and other places where they wear kilts are desolate shitholes? God is punishing them. Westbrook tried it and him and his team got smited by God himself. Don't play with that.

hes coming

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A couple of months ago I wouldve said fuck no. But now, Yes. The dude is locked in and absolutely deserving of 1st team NBA.

Just saw a clip of Blake getting 2 3s at 4th quarter. Why didnt Nash let him play the first two games especially if he could’ve helped with defense

Use half the season to fuck around trying new things, spends the other half putting it all together and peaking at the right time for the playoffs. This lightskin brother got it figured out :)

Youd think that sitting on the bench the way he has, he’d think to not dress in the most painfully obnoxious manner possible, dumb motherfucker looks like hes on the Suns

The dude has approximately 5 minutes of gas in his tank and looked like he was about to die every second he was on the floor.

Morantie schizo, your boy has been ass. I hope you realize that

Probably because he wasnt given any minutes this whole playoff series.

No. He's not.

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Jordan poole, Donovan Mitchell, Nikola Jokic


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I'm not sure how much conditioning he's going to get in two extra games for a dude who is 32 and couldn't be more washed if he was actively taking a bath

he played like shit all season
I dont think he cares about basketball anymore

Congrats to the Golden State Cripples for beating a team that's been a garanteed first round exit for the better part of its entire existance.

Well, he looked fine in the regular season. I dont know whats different now, unless a finals game puts more pressure on him which it should. I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt expect him to make 3s. He never really had an excellent rhythm this season.

Why did the Nets trade Harden

>painfully obnoxious
he's wearing haute couture you fucking plebian

you need someone better

>wanting Mitchell to hog the ball with Jokic around


Mitchell, KAT, and van Fleet would be a pretty Knicks move. Would be fun watching Thibs have an aneurysm before he's fired

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So is KAT a #1 option again...

does he do this every game?

>Sam Cassell once injured his hip doing his big ball dance during the 2004 playoffs
The Minnesota Timberwolves' best chance of reaching the Finals with Kevin Garnett came in 2004, but Sam Cassell injured his hip before the start of the Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.
The Lakers defeated the Wolves and played the Detroit Pistons in the Finals.
"All the time," said Flip Saunders about Cassell's injury. "It was his hip. He made a shot out of the corner against Sacramento in Game 7 [of the conference semifinals], and he did his little Big Balls dance, and from that, he created a little avulsion fracture in his hip. No question, I think about that dance all the time. But that’s the NBA. I went to four straight conference finals in Minnesota and Detroit, and we had injury issues in each one. The team that wins the title is usually the healthiest team."

That dance is now a fineable offence if performed in today's NBA

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Oh, goodie, we've reached the part of the postseason/offseason where the Knicks fans start getting delusions of grandeur, which will only be brutally crushed when the hard reality of their terrible ownership and management comes crashing down on them as soon as free agency actually opens.

I love this time of year. The delusion of Knicks fans is like crack cocaine to me. It makes me feel alive.

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Can he join LeMickey in LA?

>Street Clothes
Yep. This team is unstoppable.

Would have been cool if he just lost and let it be, but to lose one game and throw a temper tantrum is kind of sad coming from someone who wants to be MVP so badly.

we finna get SGA

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Tomorrow I will be nice to nobitches

>i'm good right now

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fuck you

Netsisters.... Do we still want Boston?


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uhhh is that you nobitches? why the hostility....

That wasn't me buddy

Today I remind them...


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it'd miss his tissue and hit some innocent creature instead even IF his dick decided to shoot

Deandre Ayton > Rudy Gobert

And now Williams is back!

Harden is washed friend. Or playing with an injury no media is talking about.

So true

>joel is the best player in the league
by what fucking measure lol.
>worst regular season stats than Giannis and Jokic
>0 MVPs, will likely never win an MVP
>never gotten past ECSF
>put up 18 points of 53% TS against raptors in 2019
>swept in 2020 by Celtics
>first seed in 2021 and lost to the fucking 5th seed hawks (LMAO)
>will lose to the heat in 6 this year

For purses of youth for sure, but I'd really like to see Gobert on a team that's even mediocre on defense to see if he has an impact.

I wanna see him on the Mavericks. That would be crazy


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