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come and talk politics

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vote liberal

basedbane tbqh lads

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Who would he vote for?

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reality cunt on aborted narrative watch.

how many (((investment properties))) have you got mate?

>rich people bad
crisp cp

Why should that matter? Katherine Deves is campaigning against trannies in womens sport, and Warringah prefers a greenie cunt sponsored by dirty money.

Bunch of morons they are.

It's not going to be easy under Albanese

>I've seen enough, North will win

one of the smaller parties

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>it's another josh pretends to be a fucking spastic moron schizo again

wealth disparity in this country is out of control yes
considering our GDP, the average punter should have a bit more cash in their pocket

menzies literally said life wasn't MEANT to be easy.

because everything is just such a cruisy leisurely stroll under scummo, huh?

go live in venezuela if you love communism so much

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>opponent has miller C

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I see you know your Jewdo well sir.

"That was a test"

Rankine is shit, fuck off



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Future fatguts post:

yep, Bane finna get the hip this year

Literally who
Yes I've been having a good time, no complaints here.

Why am I supposed to think otherwise?

>Traded Rowell and kept Miller

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Rowell is a bust

don't forget i think just before finals hipwood should be available as well

Lads, Rowell just pointed

they'll finish 2nd and go out in straight sets again

got the c on oliver tonight :) maybe gawn


>hate poofs, women, trannies, enviromentalists
>still voting labour
simple as


based 6+ figure salary property merchant and/or banker who doesn't know (or care) how ordinary australians live and struggle.
fuck them, got yours - right?

Robert Menzies, dumb arse

>hate poofs. women

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just do
just am

do snus have real fans?

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yeah mate, see em every week

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poort trannies out in force today

might drink some of the lagavulin

Nice assumptions bro
But yes it's not my problem if other people struggle and a different political party isn't going to make those issues disappear

More like Robert loves Men-zies

bonjour lads

depression is back lads

bonjour, ća va?

get some vitamin d, get some sunshine, problem solved


it's not an assumption, it's an inference. the vast majority of australians are struggling or 'just getting by' with their finances. you said you've got no problems, therefore you must be earning quite a bit.


Life as a sub-8 male is a scam. Competing with 10 million other men for chad's sloppy leftovers is cucked. I therefore dedicate my life to hating women and wasting gov resources. I bludge on cenno. I've never worked a day in my life. I've never paid a cent in income tax. I'll never repay my HECS debt. I fake suicide attempts to waste gov resources. I've cost the state health department over 24k this year lone. I receive gov subsidised antidepressants and flush them down the toilet. I trash public bathrooms. I chadfish roasties and stand them up on dates. I've stood up over 100 whores. I've made them waste hundreds on fuel and ubers. I wank to gore videos of women getting tortured and decapitated. Is that normal?
Here are some videos about my chadfish adventures.
Part 1:
bitchute.com/video/u4sDthEnAk8F/ (embed)
Part 2:
bitchute.com/video/nr6hpqDFFSCd/ (embed)
And a new part 3:
bitchute.com/video/ZJaOO5XY588R/ (embed)
Pic related is an American whore I stood up last year.

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*a chilean flags pops up*

doin some big farts



>wow my house value is going up 10% every year, this is great
>wait, my food prices are also going up 10% every year!
>wait, if I try to sell my house I only make nominal gains because the value of everyone else's house is also going up 10% per year!
>what do I do? maybe constantly printing money isn't actually good after all?
>no, it's the zoomers that are lazy
>I'll just borrow against the value of my house to buy food
Reminder that boomer politicians will sacrifice everything on the altar of inflation before they ever let house prices drop.

Under 6 figures but I don't blame politics for that. Labour won't give me a pay rise.

By not being a complete retard I saved money since I left uni in 2015, started renting on my own and then bought a house 2 years ago. Hardly a privileged twat like you are making it sound.

If anyone is struggling it's not the fault of politics merely their own decisions and actions. It's not like Scomo is holding people back.

crisp and based!

Tired of renting? Just buy a house

Punishes lachie weller

poogle fagan was always gonna be a bust
fullwogs should have trade him last year

just an aussie battler here reckon i'll vote libs though

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Punished lachie weller

Legitly good advice

based josh fanning the flames, the true puppet master

people don't realise how easy it is to get into a house these days so many gov backed programs to get people into houses

not into capeshit but the batman was wicked.

Better advice is to buy an apartment, living in your own property is cheaper than renting.
But house prices are still too fucking high in this country, fuck boomers and chinks.

can richo tell his gf to be quiet

bit wet out there,

more like the gold coast rains


the problem isn't getting a house, it's the capacity to pay for one


>just be in debt for the rest of your life, bro

You only need a 5% deposit with all the programs but people still complain it's too hard.
If 5% is too much to save then you're just a dropkick anyway

radio link please


my girlfriend loves mabior chol, such a good footballer


wetter than the gf rn

nah you just need to buy one of those cookie cutter houses for cheap in a new development about an hours drive outside of the major centres

people don't realise that's what boomers did and worked their way up into better real estate as they climbed the ladder at work

obviously if your not skilled or learned and work at macca's you're not gunna be buying a house

now THAT'S more like it

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Who'll get more? Gold coast or Zac Bailey?

There's no way there are real people who vote liberal/labor right?

The Zac bailey show


might name my kid bailey. destined to be an elite footballer.

rayner having a pretty good game so far depsite missing that shot

>Gil rigging this in favour of Brisbane
What's he playing at?