Homestuck Pesterquest - Roxy route now out

Writer: Lalo Hunt
Character Artist: Haven Daniels-Taylor
Background & Ending Artist: Courtney Brendle
Music: James Roach
Game Design & Programming: Andrew D. "Kohi"

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Is it shit or nah?

God I hate that sprite.

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Just gonna post this in case he's here. I hope this helps with your project.

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Alpha Rose.

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>just one character


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The art is still wonky but not as “fuck me up” as Roxy, and still hot

What does she say/do?

>Alpha Kids

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>Lalo Hunt

It's the same person who wrote Equius! There's still hope!

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Alright, playing it. Funnily enough, a friend got me the game for my birthday. So, this is how I'm spending my morning, I guess.

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Homestuck is a money laundering scheme

Did VintageFoods really trace over Mom Lalonde's sprite? Fucking hack

That pumpkin.

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Why is she so ugly?

Because shes a Ni-
The artist.

Vriska Serket!

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I hate bloodskin

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Who has the worse sprite, Roxy or Vriska?


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This is a no-brainer.

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Aradia is /fit/
Zebruh did nothing wrong
Pesterquest is a doomed timeline
And I wish Swifer was my gf

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She looks like a burn victim.

Have you guys heard of the Legend of Egbert? Whenever a session has a female seer, they mysteriously vanish and never come back...

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That was actually okay. Only thing that bothered me was the cloud hair, but I still enjoyed it in the end. Roxy is great and it's nice that they didn't fuck her up. I'm probably missing something, but I'm happy with what I got.

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But why

>they didn't fuck her up
The tranny shit was a meme all along and she just wants to satisfy her romantic partner by becoming the perfect wife or husband?

Scolds you on every occasion. Get's dunked on by Condy.

If you pretend the tear line is the outline of her face this actually looks pretty cool

Do not acknowledge past the tear line

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she does not say it perse. she says she wants to be with dirk but also implies that she wouldn't mind being him, and then proceed to say "do you ever think about what if you...."

He did the same shit with nepeta's face. The guy draws weird heads.

>"Hahaha! He's depressed and mean now! Isn't that so #relatable!!? "
Fuck every fan writer

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so gimmie the tl;dr on this route and any news on dirk?

Vriska. Hair aside, Roxy looked alright in my eyes. The wig-like hair combined with the overly-detailed arm on Vriska makes me see it as the worse sprite. The lighting doesn't help either. I tried fixing it, but I don't know if it worked or not.
It mostly focused on her isolation and need for friends. She was shocked when she saw you since you were the first non-carapacian she had met. You talk to her about how you met Jane and Jake and how you can time travel. Both of you consider going back to meeting Rose, but if you choose not to, Roxy is fine with it since you get to focus on being friends together. It's nice shit. Also, what said. Seems to be more along the lines of her being cool like Dirk than what you might believe. Overall, I'd say it was alright, though I only explored the good ending.

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Two best girls got two best tracks in the game. Noice.

>alpha rose bronzed a vacuum for some fuckin reason
Knowledge of/testament to her beta mom?

which song did they use for Roxy and how bad is the remix roach is a fucking hack that ruins everything he touches which is amazing considering how good the music is in homestuck for a bunch of literal whos

>any news on dirk?
delayed until april 1st

>even in death if you go visit alpha rose with roxy

Even in death. It ended up being pretty badass, with violins and everything.



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Happy birthday user

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Mods when?

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i can't
why her?

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Yeah, and this pose looks like that one for Gamzee. Pretty similar.

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this one doesn't seem so bad

>Even in death
but thats a rose song.... why the fuck didn't he do one of his lofi memehop remixes for assault it would sound better at half tempo

That actually looks a lot nicer. It keeps the cloud hair, but it's more kempt and the bangs don't look like they're fusing with the eyelashes. Also, the swirl looks more correct. I always saw it as something on the side instead of the front.
And this just makes me wish the choice of artists were more consistent. It looks weird to have characters who are related done by artists with radically different styles.

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That's my favorite track and one of the things that finally convinced me to give Homestuck a chance. This route sounds like it panders to me specifically, aside from the weird art choices.

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>thats a rose song
It played during Roxy's sleepwalk. Also in the end of the comic for some reason.

>implies that she wouldn't mind being him
Roxy Strider time?

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Waiting for a reply to you.

If you look at the track art it's shown to be a Rose song, I hate it when characters get robbed of their themes

Spritewise it could've been better, storywise it coud've been much worse.

Real shit?

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Is she still an alcoholic?


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Yeah, right. Next thing you'll say is that Megalovania belongs to Vriska and Moonsetter is Dirk's song.


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You bet.

Next you'll be saying Do You Remem8er Me is a VrisJohn song